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99% - tildren insertion prox susp

At the first sMRI examination, all horses had 3 characteristic findings, including low signal intensity within the trabecular bone of the third metacarpus on T1-weighted images, intermediate-to-high signal intensity surrounded by a hypointense rim on T2*weighted images, and high signal intensity on fat-suppressed images. 02/02/2019

97% - Difference between force and constant power control EVER2012

The constant power control allows to cancel the intensity peaks supplied by the battery and have better dynamic speed. 26/07/2018

95% - trx

Ithaca College Personal Training Introduction No Introduction has been specified Warm Up Cardio Program Activity Intensity Summary of the program Activity TRX Atomic Press TRX Hamstring Curl TRX Sprinters Start TRX Suspended Leg Extension TRX Suspended Lunge TRX Body Saw/Pike Combo TRX High Rotation TRX Suspended Pendulum TRX Chest Press TRX Suspended Incline Press TRX 45 Degree Row TRX Back Extension TRX “Y” Deltoid Raise TRX High Bicep Curl TRX 1/2 Kneeling Lat Stretch TRX Anterior Chain Stretch TRX Lateral Chain Stretch TRX Posterior Chain Stretch TRX Posterior Contralateral Chain Stretch TRX Kneeling Upper Back Stretch TRX Anterior Contralateral Chain Stretch TRX Anterior Contralateral Chain Stretch Duration Type Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Flexibility Sets Comments Reps Duration Cool Down TRX Atomic Press Reps: 05/10/2014

94% - Helgerud MSSE 2001 Aerobic Training in soccer

g) the average work intensity during a soccer match, measured as percent of maximal heart rate, was enhanced from 82.7 ⫾ 3.4% to 85.6 ⫾ 3.1% (P ⬍ 0.05); 15/04/2011

93% - Impellizzeri IJSM 2006 Generic vs Aerobic training in soccer

maximum oxygen uptake, lactate threshold (Tlac), running economy at Tlac, a soccerspecific endurance test (Ekblom’s circuit), and indices of physical performance during soccer matches (total distance and time spent standing, walking, and at low- and high-intensity running speed). 15/04/2011

93% - Rampinini JSS 2007 Factors Small Sided Games soccer

Martin’s College, Lancaster, UK, 4Unite´ de Recherche ‘‘Evaluation, Sport, Sante´’’, National Centre of Medicine and Science in Sports, El Menzah, Tunisia, and 5School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, University of Wales, Bangor, UK (Accepted 26 April 2006) 70 75 20 25 30 35 Abstract The aim of this study was to examine the effects of exercise type, field dimensions, and coach encouragement on the intensity and reproducibility of small-sided games. 15/04/2011

93% - Solar FAQs

N is world population, GDP/N is world per capita GDP, and Ė/GDP is world energy intensity (energy consumption rate per unit of GDP). 10/03/2017

91% - Lean muscle gain training programme men

DAY 1 - Chest Chest 1 FLAT BENCH DUMBBELL PRESS 3 sets, 12 reps 4 chest PULL OVER 2 INCLINE BENCH PRESS 3 sets, 12 reps 5 decline push-up 3 3 sets, 15 reps cardio 6 3 sets, 8 reps Incline FLYES 30-45 minutes of high intensity running/sprints or elliptical cycle. 13/02/2015

90% - PhysRevA.84.025402

These beams are formed by imparting an azimuthal phase of φ to a Gaussian beam, where  is an integer, and have an intensity distribution that scales with r 2 to the lowest order. 01/09/2011

90% - IRG Rail (16) 1 Fourth Annual Market Monitoring Report (5)

Network usage intensity................................................................................................ 01/04/2016

89% - Foreground Background Segmentation using Temporal and Spatial ....

The pixels belonging to the foreground objects is expected to be di®erent in intensity and chromaticity values, when compared with the background model pixel. 06/08/2012

89% - Rapid Fat loss training plan for women 1

DAY 1 - Legs and Abs Legs 1 4 Squat 2 4 sets, 6 – 10 reps 4 sets, 8 reps Dumbbell Lunge 5 3 sets, 12 (each leg) 3 sets, 6-8 reps 25 | USN BODY MAKEOVER RAISED DUMBBELL LUNGE Standing Hamstring Curl (theraband) 3 Seated Leg Extension (theraband) 2 sets, 12 reps 6 Standing calf raises 4 sets, 12,12,20,20 reps abs 7 Abductor raises 8 crunch and oblique twist to failure cardio 9 30-45 minutes of high intensity running/sprints or elliptical cycle. 11/02/2015

88% - Contractor special operation physical training

Most of your cardiovascular exercise should General Training Guidelines focus on running and swimming, and your Your workouts should be strength and calisthenics • Planned and organized training should be done • Gradual, steady and continual to develop the necessary • Consistent muscular strength and • Specific endurance for maximum • Balanced pull-ups, push-ups and Weekly Workout Summary • • • • • • • • 1 Long Slow Distance workout for both running and swimming 1 Continuous High Intensity workout for both running and swimming 1 Interval workout for both running and swimming 4-5 Calisthenics Routines 4-6 Strength Training Sessions – 2-3 each for upper and lower body 4-5 Core Exercise Routines Daily Flexibility Routines Specific injury prevention exercises as needed Long Slow Distance (LSD) Workouts sit-ups as they are necessary for success at BUD/S. 11/06/2017

88% - Fluorescence quenching experiments J Chem Education

htensit (Steady-State) Measurements and Fluorescence ~uencJng The intensity of fluorophore fluorescence can be quenched by ground-state quencher-fluorophore reactions (static quenching) a n d by excited-state quencherfluorophore reactions (dynamic quenching). 02/02/2016

87% - PhysRevA.84.023824

published 16 August 2011) We prove that the analytical expression of the intensity of the relativistic Thomson scattered field for a system composed of an electron interacting with a plane electromagnetic field can be written in the form of a composite periodic function of only one variable, that is, the phase of the incident field. 31/08/2011

87% - cri de nn

Here, we analyzed the crying patterns of 30 French and 30 German newborns with respect to their melody and intensity contours. 09/08/2015

87% - Metrologie

Also, it has been shown that these two writings were the direct precursors of the famous dynamical law of Th om as Bradwardine, hence their significance in the history of physics.138 An d, most important from our point of view, both the Aphorismi and Icocedron have been fou n d to be depen den t on the Ft M a'-rifat Q uw d al-Adwiyat al-Murakkaba (On the Kn owledge o f the Intensity o f Com poun d Medicines, Lat. 06/09/2017

87% - PhysRevA.84.023804

The square of the full width at half maximum of a photoelectron energy spectrum (PES) linearly depends on the laser intensity. 31/08/2011

87% - PhysRevA.84.021807

The finite-energy Airy beam is characterized by a main intensity lobe that decays exponentially to zero on one side and decays with damped oscillations on the other. 01/09/2011

86% - okube2012

Such pre-edge features as the peak energy and intensity distribution are also considered to change systematically with valence and spin states. 27/07/2016