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Interdisciplinarity Conference-Programme 100%

Surveying Interdisciplinary Practices in Translation and Education Chair:


final-book on interdiscilplinarity 95%

and--in relation to Translation--any of the interdepartmental specialities in the humanities (history, geography, philosophy, Arabic Studies, etc) (...) Interdisciplinary approaches require cooperative work with colleagues from the English Department and across the other departments.


Nicolas LAMBERT curriculum(2) 90%

chemistry and bioindustries – first year Code Learning activity AM202 AM204 AM207 AM208 BE201 Microorganisms molecular genetics Food hygiene Immunology and immunochemistry Biochemistry and microbial physiology Food industrial engineering and agrifood engineering (second part) Fermentation and extraction industries (first part) Theory of relations- molecular structure – functioning Electrochemical and optical analytical methods Industrial chemical process engineering Biochemistry (third part) Organic chemistry (second part) Business management Financial accounting and balance sheet analysis Fundamental principles of water purification Genetic engineering Applied molecular biology Applied organic chemistry Food formulations engineering Food science Training and seminars Food systems physical chemistry Food industrial engineering and agrifood engineering (third part) Quality management Interdisciplinary project (first part) BI201 BR201 CA204 CB203 CB204 CG203 EG204 EG210 EM203 KT201 KT203 LO201 TA204 TA205 TA208 TA212 TA213 TA214 ZZ230 Credits Nb h 2 2 2 2 2 24 24 24 24 24 4 2 48 24 7 2 3 4 2 2 2 1 2 2 2 5 2 2 2 84 24 36 48 24 24 24 12 24 24 24 60 24 24 24 2 2 24 24 Interdisciplinary project title :


DAFolder 2017 90%

Students have to complete an interdisciplinary thesis in this researchbased programme.


introduction au sciences cognitives 88%

"Today we see the emergence of a new interdisciplinary matrix called cognitive science, which includes not only neuroscience but cognitive psychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, and, in many centers, philosophy.


2015-03-06 LAB15 Dakar 2 print 81%

• Exchange insights on an interdisciplinary level and network with fellow researchers and professionals.


Postdoc InstitutCurie BioCell 2017 81%

NANOTECHNOLOGY You are highly motivated to discover new principles in cellular membrane biology, and would like to join the interdisciplinary community at Institut Curie in the center of Paris?


Summer School University of Edinburgh 2016 79%

6 Interdisciplinary ..............................................................................................................................


2017 Program Workshop Silver Worker Nov 30 76%

Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l'Éducation et de la Communication (EA 2310) Professional training in the aging workforce An interdisciplinary workshop Organizers Matthias Kliegel, Dominique Kern &


BioISI, Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute 73%

Candidates should be prepared to new challenges, have an interest in establishing innovative techniques as well as to work in interdisciplinary projects bridging different research areas in an international stimulating research environment.


Musique et Mathématiques (English Version) 72%

Pre-Pythagoreans who looked at the sky in search of a universal and interdisciplinary cohesion, of the Pythagorean School which wanted to insert, to seek, to find the Number in all the constituents of the reality, to a fundamental research which continues still, through the physical, mathematical and philosophical progress of all times, music and mathematics are two fields whose communication, even the uniqueness, is no longer to be proven.


SMW 2011ConferenceListing 68%

AMN-5 _7-11 February, 2010 _Wellington, New Zealand The biennial conference offers a broad interdisciplinary overview of advanced materials and nanotechnology, and provides an exciting forum to discuss new and exciting advances in the field.


NEM SAISON13+14 64%

Dell’azzurro silenzio, inquietum, Luigi Nono Viola, Bruno Maderna Honeyrêves, Bruno Maderna Aulodia per Lothar, Bruno Maderna Widmung, Bruno Maderna …sofferte onde serene…, Luigi Nono 2014 WINTERREISE DIMANCHE 2 MARS 2014, 16H @ SALLE BOURGIE EN COLLABORATION AVEC LA FONDATION ARTE MUSICA Rufus Müller, ténor Winterreise interprétation composée de Hans Zender d’après l’oeuvre de Franz Schubert CONCERT DE LA RELÈVE JEUDI 3 AVRIL 2014, 19H30 @ SALLE BOURGIE LA FIN D’UN MONDE VENDREDI 8 NOVEMBRE 2013, 19H30 @ SALLE CLAUDE-CHAMPAGNE Sringara Chaconne, Jonathan Harvey Drei Stücke op.11 Arnold Schönberg orchestration de Richard Dünser** La fin d’un monde* , Patrick Beaulieu ...Ami...Chemin...Oser...Vie..., Philippe Leroux HOMMAGE À JONATHAN HARVEY (1939-2012) JEUDI 5 DÉCEMBRE 2013, 19H30 @ SALLE MULTIMEDIA, ÉCOLE DE MUSIQUE SCHULICH, UNIVERSITÉ MCGILL EN COLLABORATION AVEC CIRMMT* Quatuor à cordes #2 Bhakti pour 16 musiciens et électronique Diapason d’or, juin 1996 © Montaigne-Avidis EN COLLABORATION AVEC LA FONDATION ARTE MUSICA Fabian Panisello, chef invité Noam Bierstone, marimba / percussions Trame VIII, Martin Matalon Moods II **, Fabian Panisello Ariane*, Alexandre David Mutation, Denis Gougeon GRAND CONCERT - 25e ANNIVERSAIRE DU NEM 9 MAI 2014, 19H30 @ MAISON SYMPHONIQUE Nathalie Paulin, soprano John Fanning, baryton Guy Nadon, narrateur Bouchara, Claude Vivier Solaris*, Walter Boudreau Wozzeck (5 extraits) Alban Berg version pour 21 musiciens de * Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology.


Giannone-PostDoc 2013 64%

This project is coordinated by Grégory Giannone (CNRS UMR 5297, Biophysics of Adhesion and Cytoskeleton, Interdisciplinary Institute for NeuroScience, Bordeaux, France).



Conceived as an interdisciplinary platform allowing creative minds to communicate &


Erasmus Placement Offer Form-Ferrater Mora Chair 64%

The Chair, whilst devoted to thought, is not however strictly confined to the discipline of Philosophy, welcoming as it does the contribution of interdisciplinary seminars from across the board of Sciences and the Arts.


2015-03-06 LAB15 Dakar 1 web 64%

9 am Win a Scholarship and a Trip to Berlin BE PART OF THE FALLING WALLS LAB DAKAR ON 9 MAY 2015 A distinguished jury selects the winner who • travels to Berlin on 8/9 November 2015 • qualifies directly for the Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November 2015 as one of 100 international and interdisciplinary participants (travel costs and accommodation are covered).


Charles University in Prague - Summer University 2015 64%

an Old Continent in a New Millennium th th September 5 - September 20 2015 Prague, Czech Republic Organised by Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences Internationally known study programme Successful participants awarded 12 ECTS credits + Objective * to provide students with a broad understanding of the most signi icant recent political, economic and social issues in Europe * to analyse the current challenges and risks for the future of European development + Method * interdisciplinary approach * multiple forms of learning (lectures, workshops, discussions, group work and students presentations) * numerous cultural, sport and social activities + Extras Price 930 EUR (approx.


Durham University International Summer School 64%

The course provides a unique interdisciplinary understanding of how energy is shaped by, and gives rise to, issues associated with development, politics, climate change and sustainability, technologies and lifestyles.


LAB16 Dakar 1 web 64%

3.00 pm Win a Scholarship and a Trip to Berlin A distinguished jury selects the winner who • travels to Berlin on 8/9 November 2016 • qualifies directly for the Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November 2016 as one of 100 international and interdisciplinary participants (travel costs and accommodation are covered).


LAB16 Guidelines 64%

Kearney Central Europe in order to … connect emerging talents and senior innovators … discover and develop outstanding researchers … support interdisciplinary dialogue and international cooperation … develop new ways of scientific communication … build up strong and sustainable networks 5 Falling Walls Foundation The Falling Walls Lab


postdoc ad duharcourt 64%

    IJM   is   an   interdisciplinary   research   institute   for   basic   research   in   the   life   sciences.


Offre postdoc SGM 2017 64%

The candidate will be able to communicate effectively with scientists from various backgrounds and will be motivated to work in an interdisciplinary team.


Entangled structures of the world cereal trade network 64%

Université Paris Diderot, Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Energies de Demain (Paris Interdisciplinary Energy Institute) Introduction For food supply, the development of massive international agricultural trade networks is a turning point in history, as it has changed the food system into a highly interconnected global system.


Study-Day-call-for-papers 64%

To enable our students to navigate the plethora of courses they are taking, we need to equip them with this interdisciplinary “learning glass” lest they lose their bearings.