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bandeau CabledHeadbandEarwarmer 100%

Intertwining Diamonds Cabled Headband/Ear-Warmer This pattern is worked back and forth on two straight needles, NOT in the round.


Xlibris EE 722041 D5 72%

Martyniuk writes with a novel-like verve, intertwining personal experiences with commentary on art, religion and economics.


Agricultural Extension2011 64%

These authors acknowledge the possible tensions between these two identities as well as their possible intertwining during action.


The-Creation-of-the-Cosmos 58%

This is why the twentieth-century French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty, whose philosophy as a whole forms an excellent conceptual compliment to animistic worldviews in general and Norse mythology in particular, speaks of all living creatures as intertwining limbs and sinews of a single but extremely amorphous “flesh” – in the Norse perspective, the flesh of Ymir.


Décembre 2015 - numéro 2 29%

par Tim Haering, étudiant à l’Université technique de Dresde (Allemagne) T he intertwining phenomenon of clashing information and interdependencies recurring in Greece makes it difficult to form an opinion concerning the crisis in the country.



It is precisely because she doesn’t recognise that seniority operates in differential contexts, intertwining with other variables (which remain at best “second order” in her account), often functioning as a euphemism shrouding abuse in respect, that enables her to deny that gender distinctions are at work in Yoruba society and deny the existence of gendered based inequality.