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Booklet research 96%

Alhajiji Scientific research on the future of electric power supply in Iraq Republic of Iraq / Ministry of culture Researcher offers Shafeek Alhadjiji Research Methods Iraqi world Thomas.


Draft Resolution - Saving the Cultural Heritage of Iraq 94%

Affirms its support for the Iraqi Government in protecting the heritage of Iraq, an inseparable and permanent part of its national identity, and safeguarding its rich cultural, religious and ethnic diversity, which has an important role to play in its efforts of national reconciliation and reconstruction;


civic interaction protection of civilians in mosul 94%

Identifying Lessons for Contingency Planning A Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) and InterAction Roundtable October 17, 2017 Introduction In order to inform civilian protection efforts in future operations in Iraq and other countries, this closeddoor, invitation-only roundtable discussion in June 2017 brought together Iraqi embassy officials, US policymakers and military officials, and humanitarian actors with experience in Iraq to critically reflect on the measures taken to address protection concerns during the Mosul military operations and subsequent displacement.


2014 EMAC Media Kit & Rate Card 92% About EMAC environment, companies planning to enter the Iraqi markets, need to be more prepared than ever, therefore clients worldwide have come to EMAC for assistance in preparing, entering and establishing themselves in the Iraqi markets.


12 90%

2018 Summary in a useful study paper in Ministerial Reality Ministry of culture Shafeek Alhajiji Scientific research on the future of electric power supply in Iraq Republic of Iraq / Ministry of culturResearcher offers Research Methods Iraqi world Thomas.


Why election boycotts are a bad idea 87%

The Iraqi Sunnis know this better than most, having learned this lesson the hard way just five years ago.


test iraq deux colonnesweb 83%

IRAK « Le mensonge nuit toujours à autrui :


Interview Le Bizarreum Klaus Bo 81%

From the very beginning of my career, I have been focusing on social and cultural stories, documenting on many different issues, including Iraqi refugees living in Syria, the Coptic garbage city in Egypt, the masked women of southern Iran, the Holi festival in India, the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, refugees in Tunisia fleeing Libya and many more.


Logistics & Administration Manager - SHIRQUAT 81%

Human Resources management     Monitor the national staff recruitment process in field in-line with Tdh procedures and Iraqi Labour Law.


gornall geometric 79%

Researcher focuses on calculating maximum efficiency, an average geometric technology using three technology groups and provided in the Iraq at the present time, which is equivalent to the value of the rate of participation in production between saving effort, time and money access to the goal of resolving the problem and raise the efficiency of per capita Iraqi energy consumption:


Yalta and Roosevelt 60 years later 77%

An American general said recently that only about 700 Iraqi soldiers can be effectively deployed in security operations.


Présentation MERCK FORSK AVEC EDOUARD 2019 Pr Iraqi 76%

QUAND LES HORMONES S’EMBALLENT H IRAQI FORSK 2019 H IRAQI Liens d’Intérêt  Conférences à la demande de phi, Sanofi-Aventis, Novo Nordisk, Lilly, Novartis, Servier, BI, Merck, Cooper, Promopharm, Sothema  Participation à des comités d’experts pour Sanofi-Aventis, Novo Nordisk  Participation en tant qu’investigateur à des études cliniques :


Jerusalem in the Quran 75%

However the occupation has exhilarated the Israeli Zionists, since they have stabilised their borders and prepared for the next phase of the softening up of Iraq for eventual Israeli domination through its proxy, the US, who plan to build permanent military bases on Iraqi soil.