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PhysRevA.84.023817 100%

PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023817 (2011) Propagation effects of isolated attosecond pulse generation with a multicycle chirped and chirped-free two-color field Hongchuan Du and Bitao Hu* School of Nuclear Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, Lanzhou 730000, China (Received 16 May 2011;


1-s2.0-S0002937899702577-main 96%

No increases in growth or increases in the number of isolated organisms were noted when the second culture was compared with the first.


Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecium in Algeria (1) 92%

The aim of our study was to determine the microbiological, epidemiological and molecular characteristics of VREfm isolated in north-central, eastern and western Algeria.


First chapter (1) 92%

He either becomes an isolated teenager, a conformist, an excellence seeker, or in rare occasions a passionate and inspired teenager.


First report of olive Anthracnose Achbani et al 2013-131 91%

Colletotrichum gloeosporioides was isolated from symptomatic fruits and Koch’s postulate was fulfilled.


LDT DB 2G booster 89%

Therefore the center conductor of a 3-conductor rail has to be isolated at the joint to the next current-circuit.


resumé de car 87%

The purpose of this review is to describe the natural occurrence, botanical aspects, ethnomedicinal use, structure, and biogenesis, as well as biological activities of compounds isolated from this species according to their provenance.


ANNA 92A 0055-0071 81%

8, 9 (Isolated teeth of upper pharyngeal bone), Fig.


NRJED111218EN P849 V. Juillet 81%

• Scalable solution to increase existing product range Input/Output capabilities • Highly reliable • IEC 61850 compliant • High availability powered by redundant Ethernet communication • Fast automation Programmable Scheme Logic (PSL) • Easy to use and to configure MiCOM Communication channel Opto-isolated digital inputs TRIP ALARM OUT OF SERVICE HEALTHY C CLEAR READ ENTER C Relay and/or high speed high break output contacts Accessories 02 MiCOM P849 Easy to use MiCOM S1 Studio allows you to configure MiCOM P849 from a remote PC or upload to the front port.



CHAPS Extract of Membranes Isolated from Stimulated HUT-78 cells;


Star+Trac+Fitness+%7C+HumanSport+Workouts 80%

Isolated Hamstring Curl ▲ Isolated Knee Extension ▲ Bilateral Row ▲ Bilateral Lat Pull Down ▲ Bilateral Shoulder Press ▲ ▲ ▲ Bilateral Chest Press >


The Little Book Survival PASIMD 77%

AURELIE RAIDRON The little book of Survival in Confinement for the use of People on the Autism Spectrum and/or Isolated and/or with Mental Disorders and their friends and relatives 1 CAUTION Because of the current situation, this text was drafted in a hurry.


Toumatia et al. 2015.PDF 76%

IA1, isolated from a Saharan soil Omrane Toumatia1,2, Amine Yekkour1, Yacine Goudjal1, Amar Riba1, Yannick Coppel3,4, Florence Mathieu5, Nasserdine Sabaou1 and Abdelghani Zitouni1 1 2 3 4 5 Laboratoire de Biologie des Systèmes Microbiens (LBSM), Ecole Normale Supérieure de Kouba, Alger, Algeria Faculté des Sciences, Département de Microbiologie et Biochimie, Université de M’sila, M’sila, Algeria Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination (LCC), Toulouse, France Université de Toulouse, UPS, INPT, LCC, Toulouse, France Université de Toulouse, Département de Bioprocédés et Systèmes Microbiens, Laboratoire de Génie Chimique (LGC) UMR 5503 (CNRS/INPT/UPS), ENSAT-INP de Toulouse, Castanet-Tolosan Cedex 1, France An actinomycete strain named IA1, which produced an antimicrobial compound, was isolated from a Saharan soil in In Amenas, Algeria.


une plante chinoise contre la douleur 75%

A Novel Analgesic Isolated from a Traditional Chinese Medicine                   Yan Zhang1, 8, Chaoran Wang2, 8, Lien Wang1, Gregory Scott Parks1, Xiuli Zhang2, Zhimou Guo2, Yanxiong Ke3, Kang-Wu Li4, Mi Kyeong Kim4, Benjamin Vo4, Emiliana Borrelli5, Guangbo Ge2, Ling Yang2, Zhiwei Wang1, M.


UNDERWOOD, C.J. & WARD, D.J. (2008) (Carcharhiniformes) 75%

In addition, there are several known occurrences of well-preserved skeletal remains, particularly from the Upper Cretaceous lithographic limestones of Lebanon (CAPPETTA 1980), which in many cases confirm the affinities of the isolated teeth.



Despite their broad temporal and geographic distribution, our knowledge of fossil Carcharodon, and of Tertiary sharks in general, is largely limited to isolated teeth due to the low preservation potential of their cartilaginous skeletons.


contextual 74%

ELISABETH AUDREY CONTEXTUAL/PDP Exploration ART 7008 The character broken, detached, isolated fragment evokas violence.


Giresi2006 GenomeResearch FAIRE 73%

Results DNA isolated by FAIRE in human cells corresponds to regions of active chromatin Fibroblasts were grown in culture, and formaldehyde was added directly to actively dividing cells to a final concentration of 1% (see Methods).


Hallis 15-188 72%

  Thus,  a  reservoir  completely  isolated  from  surface  processes  is  required  to  define  Earth’s  original  D/H   signature.


uhlenbrock retrosignalisation 63330 71%

If a Märklin K or C-track track section is to be monitored with the module, which is developed, then one side of the monitored section of the track is isolated at both ends from the remainder of the layout.


Abdounia 70%

On the basis of isolated teeth, collected from the base of the Boom Clay Formation (Rupelian, Oligocene) at the SVK clay pit (Sint-Niklaas, NW Belgium), a new species of requiem shark, Abdounia belselensis sp.


Si846x 70%

125 °C at 150 Mbps Narrow body SOIC-16 package RoHS-compliant       Top View Patents pending Applications    Isolated switch mode supplies Isolated ADC, DAC Motor control Power factor correction systems  Safety Regulatory Approvals  UL 1577 recognized 2500 VRMS for 1 minute  CSA component notice 5A approval IEC 60950, 61010 approved  VDE certification conformity IEC 60747-5-2 (VDE0884 Part 2) Description Silicon Lab's family of ultra low power digital isolators are CMOS devices that employ an RF coupler to transmit digital information across an isolation barrier.


IRFP260 70%

IRFP260, SiHFP260 Vishay Siliconix Power MOSFET FEATURES PRODUCT SUMMARY VDS (V) • • • • • • • 200 RDS(on) (Ω) VGS = 10 V 0.055 Qg (Max.) (nC) 230 Qgs (nC) 42 Qgd (nC) 110 Configuration Single D TO-247AC Dynamic dV/dt Rating Repetitive Avalanche Rated Isolated Central Mounting Hole Fast Switching Ease of Paralleling Simple Drive Requirements Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Available RoHS* COMPLIANT DESCRIPTION Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the designer with the best combination of fast switching, ruggedized device design, low on-resistance and cost-effectiveness.


Richtek Minimizing Light Flicker in LED Lighting 68%

20W Isolated High PF LED Driver using RT7302 .......................................................................................7 5.