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Intravascular Complications of CVC NEJM2015 100%

METHODS In this multicenter trial, we randomly assigned nontunneled central venous catheterization in patients in the adult intensive care unit (ICU) to the subclavian, jugular, or femoral vein (in a 1:1:1 ratio if all three insertion sites were suitable [threechoice scheme] and in a 1:1 ratio if two sites were suitable [two-choice scheme]).


new neck node atlas manuscript 94%

for example the caudal jugular nodes in the TNM atlas (group #5) were subdivided into the lower jugular group (level IVa in the current proposal) and the medial supraclavicular group (level IVb in the current proposal) to better reflect the difference in the risk of nodal infiltration in these 2 levels according to primary tumor location and nodal stage;


Vascular Access in Pediatric Patients 64%

• For both internal jugular and subclavian nontunneled catheter access attempts, the right side of the patient is preferable, due to a lower complication rate.


catheter-related bloodstream infection 61%

CVC insertion sites included the subclavian (58%), the internal jugular (33%) or the femoral vein (9%).


SurgNeurolInt42335-3043284 082712 61%

Each carotid artery and jugular vein in turn was divided and reconnected by means of a suitable sized tubing arranged in loops during constant EEG surveillance.


quantitative assessment of 2 methods of tiludronate adm for navicular syndrome 58%

PROCEDURES Horses were randomly assigned to receive tiludronate (1 mg/kg), diluted in 5 L of isotonic electrolyte solution and delivered through a jugular vein catheter (systemic treatment group;


PEMP 0317 Pneumothorax In Pediatric Patients 58%

Diseases And Conditions That Increase The Risk Of Secondary Pneumothorax Pulmonary • Asthma • Cystic fibrosis • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency29 • Congenital pulmonary airway malformation • Congenital lobar emphysema Infectious • Pneumonia • Tuberculosis • Pneumocystis Systemic • Connective tissues disorders (ie, Ehlers-Danlos,30 Marfan syndrome) • Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome • Catamenial pneumothorax Iatrogenic • Barotrauma (ie, mechanical ventilation, bag-valve mask) • Mechanical ventilation • Percutaneous lung biopsy • Liver biopsy31 • Subclavian central line placement • Internal jugular central line placement • Thoracentesis • Thoracic radiation Copyright © 2017 EB Medicine.


Imagerie Pneumologie Pédiatrique Merci Tsunami 57%

•Decreased heart sounds •Engorged jugular veins •If yes, intervene •If no, Yes Simple pneumothorax Pneumomediastinum Are there reduced breath sounds?


5th KFHJ NS Update Ultimate program2 54%

  09:20  -­‐  09:45   Jugular  Foramen  tumor  management  strategy   Dr  Isam  saleh,  Dr  Saggaf  assaggaf   08:


tildren locoreg 51%

Just prior to tourniquet removal, 10 ml of venous blood was obtained from the jugular vein for analysis of serum tiludronate concentrations.


Acute Decomp Heart Failure 50%

Neck veins should be examined for the presence of jugular venous distension.



Physiologic variations of the internal jugular vein surface, role of the omohyoid muscle, a preliminary echographic study Surg Radiol Anat 1988;10(2):107-12 -Schniter E The evolution of yawning :


lire 41%

We are closer to him than his jugular vein” [18].


JAG N 02[1] 35%

The right internal jugular vein was catheterized without ultrasound guidance after local anesthesia.


Tournoi BattleCON Quick Ref 31%

Advancing Jugular Révélation, Humaine:


Preload dependence and septic shock CCM2015 29%

Protocol description Jugular central venous and femoral arterial lines were connected to the Picco plus device (Pulsion Medical Systems, Munich, Germany) for the first 31 patients, or an Intellivue MP40 monitor equipped with the Picco-Technology module thereafter (Philips Healthcare, Andover, MA, USA).


circulatory-shock-nejm-2013 28%

A full clinical examination should include assessment of skin color and temperature, jugular venous distention, and peripheral edema.


Pneumothorax in the Critically Ill Patient 27%

Anterior-posterior chest radiograph showing a right pneumothorax after right internal jugular central line placement.


ECMO and IABP CCM 2014 27%

Hemodynamics was monitored via a right arterial catheter for continuous blood pressure (BP) monitoring and a pulmonary artery catheter inserted into the internal jugular vein.


Zottea2014 27%

11-19 Effect of spirulina and thyme on growing rabbits Slaughter, carcass dissection and meat sampling C -C C -S At 11  wk of age, the rabbits were transported to a C -T slaughterhouse located 200 km from the experimental C -ST farm (n=35, 34, 34, 36, 35, 36 and 36 rabbits for C-C, S -S C-S, C-T, C-ST, S-S, T-T and ST-ST groups, respectively) T -T ST -ST and slaughtered by cutting the carotid arteries and jugular veins after electro-stunning.


tildren navicular disease 24%

The injected volume into a jugular vein was 1 ml reconstituted solution per 50 kg bwt, s.i.d.


8-Mead-EJN 2002 24%

Speciality Manufacturing Inc., Saginaw, MI, USA) was inserted into the right external jugular and its tip advanced towards the right atrium, before being secured by sutures, following procedures described by Rocha et al.


Tournoi S2 BattleCON Quick Ref 22%

Jugular Sur Touche: Bouges l’adversaire d’1 case.