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feather-and-fan-neck-scarf (1) 100%

feather and fan neck scarf (1) Feather and Fan Lacy Neck Scarf – Free Scarf Knitting Pattern Designed by Ratchadawan Chambers I had an extra ball of wool left over from making a Rustic Potato Chip Scarf.


Assessing-progress 89%

Early in my time with her she gave me a pair of wooden knitting needles.


facebook 88%

Knitting board with 66+ needles (28” Knitting Board) Yarn:


Game of Thrones Blanket 86%

Be sure to knit gauge swatches for each of the three knitting patterns first.


abreviations anglaises avec leur correspondance en anglais tricot 85%

abreviations anglaises avec leur correspondance en anglais tricot Knitting Abbreviations Glossary This is a comprehensive glossary of common knitting abbreviations that you are likely to find in a pattern.


LW3785 85%

LW3785 Cowl measures 12” (30.5 cm) wide x 30” (76 cm) circumference LW3785 knitting Designed by Gloria Tracy What you will need:


LW3296 85%

LW3296 knitting PATTERN STITCHES Designed by Julie Farmer Lace Pattern (multiple of 11 sts) Stitch count will increase 1 st on right side rows and decrease 1 st on wrong side rows for each repeat.


Knitting Patterns - Lacy Stole Pattern - 2013-07-16 (1) 84%

Knitting Patterns Lacy Stole Pattern 2013 07 16 (1) Published on Knitting Patterns ( Home >


LW3291 84%

LW3291 LW3291 knitting Designed by Alice Tang Notes 1.


F662+Baby+Alpaca+Worsted+Nickle+and+Dime+Scarf 83%

26 sts, 25 rows= 4” in Cable Pattern on US Size 8 (5mm) knitting needles after blocking.


LW3286 83%

LW3286 SHAWL knitting TOP EDGING Cast on 55 sts.


LW3721 82%

LW3721 knitting Designed by Lisa Gentry What you will need:


mama-baby-bunny[1] 82%

100 g of chunky/bulky weight yarn in main colour (MC), 50 g of chunky/bulky weight yarn in contrasting colour (CC), small amount of yarn for embroidering face, two 12 mm black but­ tons or safety eyes, stuffing, pair of 5 or 5.5 mm (US size 8 or 9) knitting needles, tapestry needle Apron:


LW4053 81%

LW4053 knitting Special Technique Backwards Loop Cast-On Method (Single Cast-On) = Make a slip knot on right-hand needle.


tinyscarecrow-knitdoll-biscuitbrothers 81%

tinyscarecrow knitdoll biscuitbrothers Knitting Pattern for 24"


FuzzyMitten Koala 78%

FuzzyMitten Koala Fuzzy Mitten's Surfer Koala Designed by Barbara Prime © 2007 1 Surfer Koala This cool little dude is the perfect size for a toddler or young child.  Of course, softies are good for kids  of any age!   You can use a bit of eyelash yarn to give him extra fluffy ears, and self­striping yarn for  fun­coloured shorts.  This pattern is quite flexible, so if the yarn you want to use is a bit heavier and  needs larger needles, you will simply get a larger toy.  Happy knitting!


ABC Knitting Patterns - Greek Revival Châle 75%

ABC Knitting Patterns Greek Revival Châle 13/10/2015 ABC Knitting Patterns ­ Greek Revival Châle Greek Revival Châle Niveau de difficulté:  Expérimenté Dentelle gratuit châle tricot Motif Ce châle utilise des motifs géométriques inspirés par les anciens Grecs céramique à figures rouges, d'où son nom ­ Greek Revival.


Stitch1720 Kit 72%

Stitch1720 Kit Knitting by Ann Logan This kit was designed and created on StitchCraft software Key Color Symbol Cat No.


WWI Knitting for the Allies 72%

WWI Knitting for the Allies


F3 shells and rosebuds-pics[1] 72%

Rosebuds’ Knitting pattern to fit 16-22” dolls or newborn/0-3m babies Pattern by Babydoll Handknit Designs © Claire Topping 2007


Daisies in the Sky 72%

The Knitting Goddess Mini Skeins – Shades of Violet x 1 pack (7 Skeins) Eden Cottage Yarns Titus 4ply – Coal x1 Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply – Steel x 1 Notions:


898 English 71%

Blé = 5-5-6-6-7 skeins
 Knitting needles:


Puffy sleeves sweater for SD doll 70%

Increase, decrease, intarsia knitting, adds a new color while knitting.


Rag Doll Buddy Blue Hair[1] 68%

Rag Doll Buddy Blue Hair[1] Aussie Jean's Toy Knitting Pattern "Buddy the Rag Doll"