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GAMARDE PRESENTATION anglais 2012 - BD 100%

We are anxious to help people discover the immense potential of nature and plants, that’s why Gamarde Dermatologic Laboratories have developed an original range of Certified Organic Dermocosmetic Care, 100% of natural origin.

01/06/2014 98%

Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc. Lehigh Testing Laboratories, Inc.


PhD position in Nanochemistry (Grenoble) 97%

The PhD will be sharing her/his time in both laboratories:


FR - Corona Virus Mac500 Low res 95%

JIMCO MAC500 REND LA VIE DURE AU VIRUS JIMCO.DK ✓ MAC500 Analytical Laboratories (S) Pte Ltd Réduit la quantité de bactéries, Environmental Services de maladies virales, de moisissures et _________________________________________________________________________________ de champignons dans la pièce et ne produit aucune réaction novice (Nox).


cooper et al hru 94%

human semen / reference values / infertility diagnosis / fertile men The ‘WHO manual for the examination of human semen and sperm[semen]-cervical mucus interaction’ (WHO, 1987, 1992, 1999) is widely used as a source of standard methodology for laboratories engaged in semen analyses.


Exe. Sum. EN 92%

on the one hand patients, on the other hand pharmaceutical laboratories and intermediaries (importers/exporters, wholesalers/dispatchers, pharmacies, public institutions, notably police and customs, NGOs).


ECCSEL A4 Flyer 91%

N-7491 Trondheim Norway An independent panel will evaluate the proposed project on the basis of Access is offered to 42 outstanding laboratories • Solvent degradation Rig especially designed for the study of • Tiller Pilot Plant (380 kW) designed to be as technologies and processes in all areas of CCS similar as possible to a full scale post (listed by partner):


Catalogue-EN.compressed 87%

So, we subject all of our products to strict certification tests performed by several of the most renowned European laboratories:


A-dec Lisa Sterilizer - 85%

85.0815.00 Lisa Sterilizer Service Guide Product Identification Symbols   Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


Summary JointEvent Dev Biologics 21072014 83%

SUMMARY JOINT EVENT HARLAN LABORATORIES / BERTIN PHARMA The seminar jointly organized by Harlan Laboratories and Bertin Pharma celebrated on the 20th of June at “La Maison de la Chimie” and focused on the preclinical development of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals was an outstanding opportunity to learn about the regulatory challenges surrounding those particular types of pharmaceutical products and hear more about the latest development in that field including inhalation as a new delivery route for monoclonal antibodies and a specific discussion on immunogenicity.


pirata 2018 n handmade 83%

The increasing demand of small series coaches, that, since of the small quantity, could hardly be made industrially, led us to expand our “hand made” models, built in our italian laboratories.


Brochure Quardian EN 83%

Its advanced protection capabilities are validated by numerous independent and accredited laboratories.


PDF-The-possible-origins-of-2019-nCoV-coronavirus 81%

We noted two laboratories cting research on bat coronavirus in Wuhan, one of which was only 280 meters from the seafood market.


Derma Plantae en 81%

Our clinical efficacy tests were carried out by recognized French laboratories under dermatological control.


November 2020 Bibliometric and altmetric indicators calculated by ResearchGate for researchers at Quisqueya University 1 81%

12 Quisqueya University research laboratories...........................................................................................................


Lightning 80%

From the beginning, the company produces independent testing INDELEC lightning PREVECTRON two laboratories in France (EDF-based laboratories and laboratories in the Base Renardere Sedive) and abroad (University of Louvain in Belgium, IREQ Quebec, Canada and the Korea Institute of Energy Research, it is KERI, South Korea).


NewsletterBM1406 numero 1 80%

The point is that BM1406 is a really great opportunity for all laboratories gathered into.


Mémoire M2 - Innovation sociale Programme Interreg NWE 77%

Des projets de la programmation IV B (2007-2013) du programme Europe du Nord Ouest ont mis en place un modèle d’open data appelé « Living Laboratories ».



Priority will be given to projects which contribute to the networking of institutions, laboratories, facilities, stations, observatories and study sites.


Vinyl Flooring Singapore 74%

aesthetically pleasing designs, all thoroughly tested by international certified laboratories to ensure that we offer our customers high quality, safe and environmental friendly products.


Newsletter - Fall 73%

The Green Lab Program just opened the assessment to all laboratories on campus that would like to save energy, conserve water and increase recycling in the work place.


Research and Practical Training Program Taïwan 70%

Academia Sinica ( ITRI – Industrial Technology Research Institute ( AITS – Asian Institute of TeleSurgery / Ircad Taiwan ( NARL – National Applied Research Laboratories (