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After asthma airways diseases need a new name 100%

airways diseases need a new name and a revolution The Lancet argued5 that this descriptive term or label for a heterogeneous syndrome or family of airways diseases had hindered rather than helped progress.


The perils and possibilities of the private health sector 94%

But, as Kara Hanson, Barbara McPake, and their colleagues set out in this Lancet Series on the private sector in health, these simplistic views may hinder rather than help our understanding about what the private sector is and how it can best contribute to broad health goals.1–4 The private sector in health care is not going away.


Fiche REA-R-V HD 81%

Lancet 2010;375 (9713): ... Lancet 2010;375 (9713):


biblio covid19 9 80%

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report March 27, 2020 (A Kimball) Lancet ID Published on line March 26, 2020 (Haiyan Qiu) Lancet ID Published on line March 26, 2020 (Haiyan Qiu) Asymptomatic and Presymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Residents of a Long-Term Care Skilled Nursing Facility — King County, Washington.


lancet impact 78%

NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Lancet. ... Lancet.


biblio covid19 2 74%

Basile containment of the on behalf of the emerging SARS-CoV-2 EUDIAL Working (COVID-19) Group of ERA-EDTA pandemic in haemodialysis centres Lancet Infect Dis 2020 Published Online March 12, 2020 Huanqin H et al medRx preprint 20 march 20 Boelle PY SARS-CoV-2 RNA more readily detected in induced sputum than in throat swabs of convalescent COVID-19 pts Excess cases of Influenza like illnesses in France synchronous with COVID19 invasion.


biblio covid19 8 71%

Ne pas méconnaitre ces présentations Lancet Gastroenterol Hepatol Online March 20, 2020 Correspondance (N Bangash) BMJ Published 23 March 2020) Rmmer A JAMA ONCOLOGY Research Letter March 25, 2020 (Jin Y) BMJ 2020;


Livret d'impact PCT 10-2011 04 68%

THE LANCET- Lancet 2004, 363(9409) :



the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets From Sustainable Food Systems », The Lancet, 393 (10170), pp.


PDF-The-possible-origins-of-2019-nCoV-coronavirus 65%

An article published on The Lancet ed that 27 of 41 infected patients were found to have contact with the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan.


Rythme circadien et ischemie-reperfusion 65%

Whatever the clinical setting is, the extent of final tissue damage (ie, infarct size) is mainly determined by the duration of the ischaemic phase and the amount of jeopardised tissue.1 Experimental and proof-of-concept clinical trials have shown that infarct size results from the addition of an ischaemia-induced injury plus a reperfusion-induced injury, and that timely interventions might attenuate the latter.2–4 However, the translation of such interventions into a notable clinical benefit remains disappointing.5–7 Part of this difficulty might be due to the existence in human beings (unlike in animal models) of confounding factors (eg, comorbidities and co-treatments) that can affect the tolerance of any organ to ischaemia–reperfusion injury, as well as the response to protective interventions.8,9 In The Lancet, David Montaigne and colleagues10 examined whether the time of the day might affect tolerance to ischaemia–reperfusion injury in patients undergoing on-pump cardiac surgery for aortic valve replacement.


Génétique cours DR JEANDIDIER 64%

Lancet, vol. ii, pp. 1616-1620.


HTA resistante 64%

Lancet 2002;360:1347-1360 Contrôle chiffres d’HTA • Le contrôle de l’hypertension reste un problème majeur :


Typhoide-Asie-2 64%

de surveillance spécifique (déclaration) de la FT • Zone la plus touchée = Asie du SE • Incidence dans les pays les + touchés = 1 – 6 /1000 hab • Pic d’incidence chez l’enfant de 1 - 5 ans • 60 à 90% des FT ne sont pas diagnostiquées (estim) 2 IFMTTA.MS.Semin.inf.System.2005 Typhoid (Bhan, Lancet 2005) IFMTTA.MS.Semin.inf.System.2005 3 IFMTTA.MS.Semin.inf.System.2005 4 Épidémiologie • A l’origine infection cosmopolite • Sévit aujourd’hui principalement dans les PED.





ecn130-nov2015 64%

ECN 130 Jean-Jacques Mourad Centre d’Excellence ESH en Hypertension Artérielle - CHU Avicenne, Bobigny Expliquer l’épidémiologie, les principales causes et l’histoire naturelle de l’HTA chez l’adulte Stroke Mortality by Level of Usual Systolic BP* *Prospective Studies Collaboration, Lancet, 2002:


CP JD 2 64%