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Soliton percolation in random optical lattices 100%

Bishop, "Properties of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation on a lattice,"


tx080200208p 97%

In general, a crystal is characterized as a graph realized in space which is invariant under translations by a lattice group.


railnscale-catenary-20160806 95%

The lattice pole
 These lattice poles consist of two opposite rolled U-shaped profiles.


609287 94%

We refer the reader to 5 for unexplained terminologies on Banach lattice theory and positive operators.


PhysRevA.84.021802 94%

published 10 August 2011) We study the nonlinear dynamics of wave packets in honeycomb lattices and show that, in quasi-onedimensional configurations, the waves propagating in the lattice can be separated into left-moving and right-moving waves, and any wave packet composed of only left (or only right) movers does not change its intensity structure in spite of the nonlinear evolution of its phase.


spiering2004 92%

In this contribution the total free energy of an anharmonic lattice incorporating spin-crossover molecules which have a certain misfit to the lattice and interact elastically by their change in volume and shape has been constructed for a finite spherical crystal treated as a homogeneous isotropic elastic medium.


the Wheel 86%

Atoms on the cup-shaped surface has a bigger number of neighbours, and therefore lower in the energy of an atom, located on a convex surface (fig Solid solution is called the stage in which a component of the alloy keeps its crystalline network and the atoms of components one or several others are arranged in a lattice of the first component (solvent), to change its size (periods].


calculating elastic tensors of monoclinic 82%

2- Background theory (energy approach) Elastic constants are defined by means of a Taylor expansion of the total energy for the system, with respect to a small strain ( ) of the lattice.


PhysRevA.84.023413 80%

The deterministic excitation of a single atom from a mesoscopic ensemble into a Rydberg state using a dipole blockade can be exploited in a variety of applications, as the creation of a quantum-information processor for photons [6] or in single-atom loading of optical lattices or optical dipole traps [7], which is of crucial importance for the development of quantum registers [2], single-photon sources [8], high-precision metrology in optical lattice clocks [9], and phase transitions in artificial solid structures with Rydberg excitations [10].


wave guide 77%

A remarkable example of this connection are the so-called swallow tails (unstable parts of the band structure at the edge and in the centre of the Brillouin zone) shown by the band structure of a BEC flowing in an optical lattice [9, 10]:


PhysRevA.84.023842 75%

(Color online) (a) Propagation of WS mode in a uniform lattice with α = 0.2 and (b) comparison between results obtained from Eq.


Direct observation of Anderson localization of matter-waves in a controlled 74%

During the completion of this manuscript, we have been made aware of a related work on BEC behaviour in a 1D incommensurate bichromatic lattice (M.


Quasi-Applied 62%

regular patterns that never repeat themselves.’ This is what the Nobel Committee wrote (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2011) regarding the Nobel prize in Chemistry attributed to Shechtman in 2011 for his discovery, in an aluminium manganese alloy, of quasicrystals with an icosahedral ordered phase, the diffraction pattern of which exhibits fine well resolved diffraction spots like in crystals but distributed according to the icosahedral symmetry that is prohibited by both the two- and the threedimensional periodic lattice.


filtres 8bf-lignes 60%

CARRES FU-Italian -scacchi -mosaïco vetro(damier) FU-kang2-shineboxez-color cube-luxury cube FU-Krusty's 2-generator M1 FU-Krusty's 2-generator M2 FU-V-kiwis-videowand FU-VM extravaganza-shoutin' plugin galaxy-grid 3D bordure mania-ondulation(regler paramêtres) DESSIN DESSIN FU-effects-pencil/random dit/screendit FU-penta-bio (fait des contours) FU-RCS filter-pencilsketch little inkspot-chalkaholic ormente's filters-drawer sketch-(presque tous) Xero-lineart-lithograph MASQUES FU -tronds2-wildflowers FU-factory U-digital weaver FU-neology-vasarely (il faut un fond coloré) FU-nirvana-raspeberry texture FU-pattern gene-color pattern-cosmic-tangent FU-toadies-3d supercheckers-3d grid-3d mesh FU-toadies-sucking....-metal...picasso's another FU-tramages-groovy-perforator1-waffle FU-V kiwi-videowand FU-VM instant-vernissage FU-VM natural-weave distortion FU-VM texture-papercut FU-VM1-web weaver-weave FU = filters unlimited TRESSAGE FU-graphic plus-weaver FU-tramages-waffle FU-two moon-quilt FU-VM-instant art-wired FU-VM-natural-weave distortion-ripper (super) FU-VM-texture-cross weave-steel basket-steel mesh(super) FU-VM1-web weaver Kang3-X cubes L and K's-trix plugin galaxy-grid Redfield-jama 3D Redfield-lattice composer(choisir l'effet) LIGNES AP-lines birgit's chaos-black 'n' white birgit's chaos-more stripes-panel stripes birgit's chaos-psychosis FU-graphic plus-vertical blinds FU-Italian Editors Effect FU-mezzy-linear FU-tramages-tow the line FU-two moon-quilt-wish it (super) FU-unplugged tools-interlace FU-VM extravaganza-shoutin' FU-VM extravaganza-transmission FU-VM-instant art-lightlines/wired gittes plugins-diagonal silver Kang2-houdini Kang3-kat craddle L and K'sraisa-mayra-jouri-paris-frederik-zitah richard rosenman-scanlines


filtres 8bf-textures 60%

TEXTURES eye candy-bois/marbre FU-andrews filters-1-AB filters FU-andrews filters-18-crazy nights FU-andrews filters-24-more curtains/razor backFU-andrews filters-26-all cornered FU-andrews filters-27-spiral patterns FU-andrews filters-47-making skycrapes FU-andrews filters-57-circles in the sand FU-filter factory-G/K/N/S/T/U FU-italians FU-kang 2 FU-krusty's FX II-1,1 FU-krusty's FX II-2 FU-neu FU-nirvana FU-pattern generator FU-render FU-visual manipulation picture man collection redfield tessela Texture-texturizer Ulead-art texture Ulead-fantasy warp TEXTURES TISSUS birgits chaos-gewebe/mustergenerator FU-andrews filters-27-sin mixtured FU-andrews filters-48-nothing to do FU-crescent moon-warmcloth FU-FF-E-warm cloth FU-kang 2-either-iridium flowers FU-krusty's FX II-2-generator L FU-V-kiwis-leinwand Texture-texturizer TEXTURES PAPIER FU-paper background FU-paper textures BOIS FU-render-wood FU-tramages-woodgrain FU-tramages-the stamp 2 LUMIERE FU-greg's vol-II-spotlight FU-lens flares-tous SPHERE richard rosenman-3D sphere-spherical mapping STORE FU-unplugged tools-jalusï CORNE IMAGE FU-graphic plus-page curl Redfield-lattice composer (super) FU-special effects2-paper roll FU-VM toolbox-lift the cover NOTA:


2 and 3 PB overview+opt-geo 60%

spacegroup lattice parameter positions of atoms (basis) Rutile TiO2:


Theme d'Expose 2 60%

2) Determine the lattice parameters (a and c) of the hydroxyapatite, Ca5(PO4)3OH Figure 1:


parti per le vacanze mast 60%

parti per le vacanze?!


Controle 5 Spinelle 60%

MgO-Al2O3 6) Considering the different types of interstices (tetrahedral and octahedral holes in such a CFC lattice, draw the structure of this spinel MgAl2O4.


Postdoc InstitutCurie BioCell 2017 60%

quantitative live cell imaging on a newly acquired lattice light sheet microscope in combination with lipidomics and proteomics on purified uptake carriers.


Controle 4 Nasicon BENMOKHTAR 58%

FSB_ MASTER GENIE DE MATERIAUX Année Universitaire 2012-2013 2) Determine the lattice parameters a and c of the Nasicon Mn0.50Zr2(PO4)3.


Foreground Background Segmentation using Temporal and Spatial .... 57%

We make an analogy of a pixel process in a neighborhood of pixels and a lattice site in a lattice structure.


Glossaire traducteur pour 3dsmax 55%

Flex HSDS HSDS Révolution Lathe Treillis Lattice Transf.