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Safety Medicines-pr 90%

EDITORIAL Laurent Ulmann, Editor-in-chief, The European Files Encouraging Direct Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions to Enhance Patient Safety and Patient Empowerment The European Legislative Framework Nicola Bedlington, Executive Director of the European Patients’ Forum Towards Better Security of Supply of Raw Materials for Pharmaceutical Use in the European Union Marisol TOURAINE, French Minister of Health and Social Affairs Improving Access to Medicines for Small Member States:


Copyright final agreement February 16 86%

Acting in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, Having regard to the opinion of Having regard to the opinion of the European Economic and the European Economic and Social Committee1, Social Committee1, Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission, Acting in accordance with the ordinary legislative procedure, Having regard to the opinion of Having regard to the opinion of the Committee of the Regions2, the Committee of the Regions2, After transmission of the draft legislative act to the national parliaments, Whereas:


Agenda-Conseil-1déc 85%

Adoption of the agenda Non-legislative activities 2.


plan 2016 028 cash restrictions en 85%

INCEPTION IMPACT ASSESSMENT TITLE OF THE INITIATIVE Proposal for an EU initiative on restrictions on payments in cash LEAD DG – RESPONSIBLE UNIT – AP NUMBER ECFIN.DDG1.C.5 LIKELY TYPE OF INITIATIVE Legislative initiative INDICATIVE PLANNING Commission initiative in 2018 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - DATE OF ROADMAP 23/01/2017 This Inception Impact Assessment aims to inform stakeholders about the Commission's work in order to allow them to provide feedback on the intended initiative and to participate effectively in future consultation activities.


N4K brochure2 85%

A bickering and dysfunctional legislative process benefits career politicians, who don’t have to evaluate, plan, or do anything recognizable as honest work.


doc phm faf 82%

He is the author of Legislative Entrepreneurship in the U.S.


draft TRAN Résolution transport routier UE 012017 82%

whereas the Commission should urgently put forward legislative proposals concerning road haulage market (hereinafter ‘Road initiatives’), in order to identify and address the challenges that the sector is facing.


vision générale du M18RIF 81%

a constituent Assembly (parliament), government and judicial body (the legislative, the executive and the judiciary branches) pursuant to the highest principles of separation of powers and the adoption of the principle of "the will of the people as the source of the authority of government”.


2012-06-06-ACE-PQD-final 80%

To assist Member Organisations in lobbying the EU Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament, who co-legislate with the EU Commission (COM) in amending and adopting the COM Legislative Proposal;


RSPS 4thEdition 80%

Laffer Stephen Moore Jonathan Williams Rich States, Poor States ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index © 2011 American Legislative Exchange Council All rights reserved.


tribunejuridique.hadr attadib 80%

duties of national authorities, institutional and procedural reforms, judicial and legislative reforms, and effective investigations, and professional medical duties, and activating measures of edification and information.


Netflix case 80%

Netflix case – strategic analysis Iron Man group Professeur :


Amnesty 78%


Introducing Algerias President-for-life 78%

The state canceled legislative elections when it became clear that the Islamic Salvation Front was headed toward winning a majority of seats in Algeria’s first multi-party parliament.


Advertisement legal spring 2018 77%

• Monitor legislative and non-legislative activity, detect key issues and analyse their impact on the European magazine publishing industry • Support EMMA and ENPA’s public affairs work, including the preparation of briefings, contact plans, newsletter articles and monitoring of parliamentary discussions • Research and background work to support the overall activities of EMMA and ENPA • Support EMMA and ENPA’s administration and organisational work, such as preparing meetings with members and organizing meetings with the EU institutions • Supporting the organization of EMMA and ENPA events (press events, conferences, meetings, etc).