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0.001) and coronal-apical dimension of the lesion (if present; 07/11/2013

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Also, due to limitations in the synthesis of lesion-containing DNA oligonucleotides, most studies have so far focused on a small sub-set of DNA lesions. 18/04/2017

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 Persistent polymorphic delta activity may not precisely match the true location of the lesion, particularly since it presumably arises from physiological deranged neurons often lying on the margin of the destructive lesion. 25/06/2011

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Most of the standard texts and references do not deal with the significance of this lesion in relation to the fetal complications and coagulation disorders2S,32. 14/01/2015


MRI lesion maps were segmented on diffusion-weighted images, spatially normalized, and the extent of overlap between the different stroke patterns was determined. 25/06/2014

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corrected at a cluster-level familywise error of 0.05) (B), and the amygdala-lesion patients AP (C) and BG (D) (both estimated using combined data from their two independent sessions and corrected at a cluster-level familywise error of 0.05). 15/04/2015

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There is also a lesion attributable to contact of the spinous processes evident between T18 and L1. 02/02/2019



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Additionally, individuals with high-sodium intake had a 3.4-fold greater chance of developing a new lesion on the MRI and on average had eight more T2 lesions on MRI. 01/09/2014

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Pericytes in the lesion overexpress several cytokine receptors, including PDGF receptor (PDGFR),40 but this occurs only in early lesions and in patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon and antinuclear antibodies. 31/03/2012

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Indeed, it exists a hundred ofurinary enzymes which permit the renal disease diagnosis (117) and provide a biochemical biopsy that give more information about the site and the importance of the renal lesion. 26/07/2017

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Anatomie Coude Chien ANATOMIE ET DEVELOPPEMENT DU COUDE A. 08/09/2011

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Es una plataforma que ofrece infinidad de combinaciones de parámetros de tratamiento que le confieren una versatilidad y flexibilidad inigualables, permitiéndole abordar el tratamiento de cualquier lesión vascular sea superficial o profunda, así como de lesiones pigmentadas benignas superficiales. 20/01/2016

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Other consideration to be done is the radiofrequency, which follows the shortest electric path, the dehydrated tissues (discheratosic skin, superficial corneous layer, sebaceous excess, wrinkles callous borders, tattoo mottled pigmentation etc) behaves like insulation blocking the diatermic current to reach the bottom of the lesion. 25/03/2015

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One sort of lesion, it take to persuade smokers to give up? 03/07/2013

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Lesion of the SN was found to cause a substantial loss of catecholamine fluorescence in the striatum (And6n et al., 1964), with accumulation of fluorescent material in axons of the nigrostriatal bundle (And6n et al., 1965), and loss of DA and its synthetic enzymes in the striatum (see Hattori, 1993). 12/08/2015

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For example, for a mid-low rectum, a transmural tumor is always a T3 lesion, whereas a transmural upper rectal tumor is classified as a T4 lesion when located anteriorly, but as a T3 lesion when located posteriorly (Figure 1). 28/06/2012

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Lésion associant la luxation et la fracture d'une épiphyse. 13/06/2015

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Une lesion sous-endocardique Une ischemie sous-endocardique Une lesion sous-epicardique Une ischemie sous-epicardique Une lesion sous-endocardique et une ischemie sous-endocardique 2 - Ces anomalies concernent quel territoire electrique ? 13/09/2017