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97% - AR KB immatriculation

“1° voor wat betreft de rechthoekige kentekenplaat, een (index)cijfer of letter, gevolgd door een scheidingsstreepje ter hoogte van de horizontale middellijn van de kentekenplaat en een combinatie van hetzij drie letters gevolgd door drie cijfers, hetzij drie cijfers gevolgd door drie letters. 07/10/2014

94% - Sigils

You tale of all letters that are there more than once. 02/07/2019

92% - اللغة الانجليزية1

اللغة الانجليزية1 Omar AL-Hourani :English Letters : 10/06/2015

90% - professional english in use vocab Copie

The length and the rvidth of the fiames are divided into even number of divisions and labeled using numerals or capital letters. 15/10/2015

90% - Quand l'effet miroir gêne la lecture

evidence for the role of inhibitory control in discriminating letters with lateral mirror-image counterparts Grégoire Borst et coll. 02/07/2015

89% - new alphanumerical nomenclature of AAs

By this, for each AA, we therefore propose a unified symbol of 2 digits 3 letters. 10/10/2022


Some universities have received threatening letters from the attorney who represents recording artists Metallica and Dr. 07/03/2019

88% - armee

HOSTOOOO draconights w as unsure w here to put the full stop, averaging 32 letters per line. 21/04/2011

87% - armee

206 Average letters per line: 21/04/2011

87% - sm

TilKo w rote the longest lines - average of 44 letters per line. 21/04/2011

87% - MBPProofmarks

It is usually a combination of heraldry and letters, which need to be decoded. 15/04/2012

87% - concrete to digital (1)

those works that operate conceptually with space, those that explore the “verbivocovisual” qualities of the letter material, and those that work with very few concentrated words or letters, that focus on reduced, minimalist and structural relationships between the linguistic elements and suppress or reduce syntactic links in favour of an exploration of multiple dynamic structures. 29/12/2017

86% - armee

draconights w rote the longest lines - average of 32 letters per line. 22/04/2011

86% - Scared? Make women disrobe | The Economist

France 1 Trump and the Alt­ Right Pepe and the stormtroopers Politicians make such promises because they think voters want to hear them. Some Next in Letters clearly do, partly because they have an exaggerated idea of the danger that terrorism X 2 Syria’s widening war: The ceasefire unravels poses. A recent poll finds that 77% of Americans who follow the news believe that Islamic On China, Labour, assisted suicide, Yazidis, voting, long 3 The Economist explains: Why Colin lunches, dogs, religion, Donald Trump State (IS) is a serious threat to “the existence or survival of the US”. Mr Trump agrees. If Kaepernick’s silent protest is catching on Letters to the editor 4 The global economy: The low­rate world America doesn’t get tough on terrorism soon, he has said, “we’re not going to have a country any more—there will be nothing left.” 5 India’s armed forces: Guns and ghee From the print edition Sep 3rd 2016 1/3 25/09/2016 Scared? 25/09/2016

85% - sm

248 Average letters per line: 21/04/2011

84% - Appletreematching

Put velcro dots on the back of the letters and affix them to the tree. 20/09/2015

84% - body missing letters worksheet

body missing letters worksheet Name _______________________ Body Worksheets Body Missing Letters Worksheet Look at each body part picture and fill in the missing letters to spell the name of each body part correctly. 29/09/2016

84% - family missing letters worksheet

family missing letters worksheet Name _______________________ Family Worksheets Family Member Missing Letters Worksheet Look at each family member picture and fill in the missing letters to spell the name of each family member correctly. 29/09/2016

84% - SAGE JUSTECH training session 2

SAGE JUSTECH training session 2 The Systemic Functional Linguistics Association of Tunisia, the Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse, the Doctoral School in Letters, Arts and Humanities and The English Department, Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Sfax are pleased to invite you to a training session on: 05/04/2018

84% - amideast instructions 332

 Avoid using all capital letters when answering items, e.g. 29/02/2012

84% - sm

NO SPAM PLZ Kachou76 didn't know w hen to stop typing, averaging 49 letters per line. 22/04/2011

84% - Poetics and of Performance call for papers 1

Poetics and of Performance call for papers 1 The Poetry and Poetics Research Team (PPRT) organizes a Study Day on “Poetics and/of Performance” To be held on Saturday, 10 February 2018 At the Faculty of Letters and Humanities of Sfax, Tunisia. 29/09/2017