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Climate Change 2013 The Physical Science Basis 100%

virtually certain 99–100% probability, very likely 90–100%, likely 66–100%, about as likely as not 33–66%, unlikely 0–33%, very unlikely 0–10%, exceptionally unlikely 0–1%.


UIS Education and Disability - data from 49 countries 98%

Persons with a disability are among the population groups most likely to suffer from exclusion from education but data that permit an analysis of the links between disability and education remain scarce.


Nepal Quake - 93%

The researchers discovered the likely existence of this doublet effect only in recent weeks, during field work in the region.!


2017-05-11-brexit-eu-china-summers-final 91%

This paper examines the likely implications of Brexit for economic and commercial relations between the EU and China.


conservateurs et libéraux 88%

Let’s begin… Recent converging studies are showing that liberals tend to have a larger and/or more active anterior cingulate cortex, or ACC—useful in detecting and judging conflict and error—and conservatives are more likely to have an enlarged amygdala, where the development and storage of emotional memories takes place.


AMFEIX March Report 87%

Table 3 Expected Values of Returns for AMFEIX Possible Outcomes Probability (1) Returns (2) Pessimistic Most likely Optimistic 0.25 0.50 0.25 3.00% 18.00% 35.00% Weighted Value [(1) x (2)] (3) 0.75% 9.00% 8.75% Expected Return:



Following that, if no party has sufficient votes to get the absolute majority of seats in parliament (151 seats) – which is the most likely scenario – the same process will be followed as in the 6 May elections.


PrometricExamCreatedBySlehAydi-Exam1 (1) 87%

Start prophylactic Pentamide treatment  D.​    ​ Seek counseling  7. A thirty five year old male has been an insulin­dependent diabetic for five  years and now is unable to urinate. Which of the following would you most  likely suspect?  A.​    ​ Atherosclerosis  B.


DHS-FutureOperationsISIL 85%

(U//FOUO) I&A assesses that facilitation efforts by the group were likely aided by members’ criminal background and possible access to criminal groups underscoring the potential for operatives to bypass traditional tripwires and obscure operational planning efforts.


Impact of bariatric surgery on psychological health 84%

Majority of mental health gain is likely attributed to weight loss and resultant gains in body image, self-esteem, and self-concept;


Investment letter 83%

Economic Outlook • Although Q4 reports have yet to be released, global GDP growth is likely to be around 2.6% (nominal GDP weights), in line with the sub-par growth of the past few years and well below early year estimates.


putins undeclared war 83%

Another 130 locations were judged likely to have been used as artillery position.


health impacts of solar radiation management 83%

Using available evidence, we describe the potential direct occupational and public health impacts of exposures to aerosols likely to be used for SRM, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum, and aluminum oxide aerosols.


IBHM 561-594 82%

At first thought it seems likely that for two people in the room to share a birthday there will need to be a lot of people in the room.


UK FS Global Financial Services Offshoring Report 2007 82%

The required response is a never-ending review of operating efficiency, with offshoring and associated sourcing strategies likely to play a key role.


04. Compléments aux cours d'anglais 80%

 I wish  If  If only  It’s time, it’s high time (It’s high time we started working)  I’d rather ( I’d rather you left (je préfèrerais que tu partes))  To be abort to (etre sur le point de)  To be expected to (she is expected to make a cake)  To be sure to (He is sure to succeed  To be likely to (he is likely to fail)  To be bound to (he is bound to fail)  Estropié :


Intelligence-Update-HRA-Attack-280917 80%

It is assessed as likely this incident was attributed to a regional pattern of life in the area, most likely fishermen who often carry weapons to protect themselves and their territory.


jpm-the-euro-area-adjustment-about-halfway-there 80%

Thus, the region is likely to continue with the current narrative of crisis management for a while longer.


Parents Children Sexual orientation Golombok (96) 80%

Although those from lesbian families were more likely to explore same-sex relationships, particularly if their childhood family environment was characterized by an openness and acceptance of lesbian and gay relationships, the large majority of children who grew up in lesbian families identified as heterosexual.


10826084.2011.592432 80%

Students who attempted suicide were more likely to engage in several risky behaviors, including unintentional injury and violent behavior, sexual risk behavior, and tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use (Shaughnessy et al., 2004).


ICA 2017 01 80%

judgments of how likely it is that something has happened or will happen (using terms such as “likely” or “unlikely”) and confidence levels in those judgments (low, moderate, and high) that refer to the evidentiary basis, logic and reasoning, and precedents that underpin the judgments.


ExcesAP 79%

For example, a recent systematic review concluded that some of the structural abnormalities in brain volume previously attributed to the syndrome of schizophrenia may be the result of antipsychotic medication.6 There is also considerable evidence that antipsychotics are associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death,7 and that some of the increased mortality observed in people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia is attributable to antipsychotic medication;8 increased cardiovascular risk is even detectable after the first exposure to any antipsychotic medication.9 There is indisputable evidence regarding weight gain induced by antipsychotics,10 which is also likely to be relevant to cardiovascular risk and mortality.


Texte #2 pdf-notes 201109282323 79%

Results indicate that individuals who abused substances were more likely to live with someone who had a drug or alcohol problem.


Asthma Management for children 78%

Children with severe asthma are less likely to require chronically administered oral glucocorticoids, have improved lung function, and require less rescue shortacting beta-agonist therapy compared with children in the recent past.


Grand Theft Auto - Liberty City Stories - Manual - PSP 78%

Like a schoolboy informed he does not play well with others, Liberty City has once more been voted “The least likely place to succeed in America”.