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hk =0,1044 e k−1+ 0,0883e k−2 +1,4138 hk−1−0,6065 h k−2 C42_TM1_ANSARTVAUTIER.doc QUESTION 5 %Sequence e1k  e1k=zeros(1,26);  e1k(2)=1;  k=(­1:24);  figure(4);  stem(k,e1k,'b','linewidth',3);  title('Q5 ­ Sequence e1k')  %Sequence e2k  for ii=2:26          e2k(ii)=1;  end  figure(5);  stem(k,e2k,'b','linewidth',3);  title('Q5 ­ Sequence e2k') Nous obtenons bien les 2 séquences demandées dans l'énoncé.


Transportable Atomic Inertial Sensor for Test in Microgravity 66%

On-board laser systems have been developed based on fibre-optic components, which are insensitive to mechanical vibrations and acoustic noise, have sub-MHz linewidth, and remain frequency stabilised for weeks at a time.


resubmittedatomlaserfdback 66%

The linewidth of a pumped laser is much narrower than the linewidth of the cavity determined by the cavity lifetime.


Matlab code object recognition 59%

rectangle('Position',bb,'EdgeColor','r','Linewidth',1) plot(bc(1),bc(2),'-m+') 5 Pierre Ralite, CTAI, PUJ Bogotá %gives rectangles for each object %stores it


PhysRevA.84.025404 52%

Indeed an unperturbed Rydberg series is characterized by an oscillator strength and a linewidth which both decrease as (1/n∗ )3 , where n∗ is the effective quantum number.


Experimental study of the transport of coherent interacting matter-waves in a 1D random 39%

V( r ) = ¯ 2 I( r ) 2h , 3 8Isat δ (1) with Isat = 16.56 W m−2 the saturation intensity of the D2 line of Rb87 , /2π = 6.06 MHz the linewidth, and the factor 2/3 the transition strength for π-polarized light.


[000188] 32%

Secondly the laser linewidth and tunability are critical as they define the spectral resolution and tuning range of the final instrument.


PhysRevA.84.023836 28%

For better understanding of the field structures, we use a ferrite disk with a very small linewidth of H = 0.1 Oe.


oai arXiv org 0712 3703 (2) 26%

Measuring the phase shift φint to 10−3 rad corresponds to an energy resolution U/E ∼ 10−14 , or a spectrometer with a √ linewidth of 10 kHz and spectroscopic precision of Hz/ s.


PhysRevA.84.021801 26%

SCARS = PBG R R BG (2) In our experiment, the probe bandwidth is chosen to be somewhat smaller than the resonant Raman linewidth, therefore PR(3) (ω) ∝ χR(3) (ω).


Guided Quasicontinuous Atom Laser 25%

Thirdly, using an rf outcoupler rather than releasing a BEC into a guide [14, 16] results into quasi- continuous operation, thus insuring sharp linewidth, and gives a better control on the beam parameters.


PhysRevA.84.023838 22%

k is the field decay rate, γN is the carrier decay rate, α is the linewidth enhancement factor, β is the linear loss anisotropy, βsp is the noise strength, ξx,y are uncorrelated Gaussian white noises, and μ is the injection current parameter, normalized such that the solitary threshold is at μth = 1.


PhysRevA.84.023413 21%

5(a) and 5(b), which accounted also for the F¨orster zeros [28], have shown that they do not affect the dipole blockade even for atoms randomly placed within the interaction volume, if the Rydberg interactions are strong enough, i.e., when the blockade shift is larger than the laser linewidth.