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Corrigé 100%

She looked strange and was badly dressed.


10. Methode de Traduction 97%

Methode de Traduction  Before she arrives  Avant son arrivée  She looked him lavingly  Avec amour  We fleww to New York  Nous sommes allés à New York, en avion.


Résumé Was It Murder - Examen Anglais 95%

He looked at his watch. ... He looked pale.


the ballad of reading gaol 94%

But I never saw a man who looked So wistfully at the day.


Pronounciation of final -ed, -s, -es 86%

Pronounciation of final ed, s, es   I. Simple Past Tense: Pronunciation of “ed endings” of Regular Verbs The final –ed ending has three different pronunciations: /t/, /d/, and /ed/                  looked   look/t/ clapped   clap/t/  missed   miss/t/  watched    watch/t/,    finished    finish/t/   Final –ed is pronounced /d/ after voiced sounds.


Module d'anglais - Phrasal verbs 77%

The rest of the group looked after her.


wicked game (kylika) 76%

But when he looked at her, she couldn’t turned her eyes away.


be-wise-as-serpents-fritz-springmeier 72%

The months past by on the calender, and the time clock continued ticking away on the New World Order's agenda as I looked for a publisher.


article de journal 71%

She went to help her and she looked for a medicine and a bandage.


bloggeuse CR - Kirsty Merrett 71%

or a design detailed with water lilies, timekeeping never looked so stylish!


4 71%

I enlarged them and looked, in these photos, for some meaningful forms through interpretation of the zooms.


newsletter4 69%

But with no date rescheduled, that looked more like cancellation.


those 3 days of my life 69%

Three year's difference was nothing like 3 days and we really looked awkward together.


extrait 4 69%

« Harriet looked at him » l.45, « staring at him » l.53, « she looked steadily at Dr Brett » l.66.


anglais - presentation orale 2 67%

We've looked at ... We've seen ...


LAPSO CIRK Report residency 66%

We looked for a speed way to promote the project and the SECOND TOOL:


mooshie 66%

It probably would have looked neater to layer the pattern pieces together and cut head and body at once.


778 - PEOPLE (Tino), News on Sunday 27 May 2011 66%

“I was well looked after by my Hindu stepmother”,


i\'ve seen you 65%

He looked at her, smiling.


Julien Dulugat 64%

Looked after new customers and care of old customers.


Past Tense Exercise 21 64%

It looked terrible.


Chapter 3 63%

The Weekend The hotel looked the same during the day as it did yesterday at night.


Love Heals 63%

I looked around at what people were calling love, and much of it didn’t make sense to me as a healing force.


Mysteries of the Metals - Steiner 62%

Mysteries of the Metals Steiner Mysteries of the metals Rudolf Steiner Let us take one region of the earth as an example and use it to show the kind of knowledge which human beings came to acquire in the most ancient of the Mysteries when they looked up to the sun.


2016-marketing-trends (1) 62%

That’s why this year we looked into our crystal ball for 2016 and focused on your customer by picking marketing trends that consumers are adopting at a quickening pace.