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Article Neuroimaging of love:


Psychology-of-Relationships-QuickStudy 99%

Hence, one loves not the partner but certain attributes one has unknowingly superimposed upon the so-called “beloved.” b.



STARLIGHT (version album Alice &


Love Heals 97%

“He did that, therefore he loves me,” or, “…therefore he does not love me.” Many symptoms and diseases are considered as “auto-immune” problems – difficulties with the immune system, and therefore with the person’s perceptions of love, and the symptoms themselves show how the person has changed their way of being, not being themselves because of these perceptions (or mis-perceptions).


karafuncatalog fr all 96%

Sempre Sempre DUO Love In The First Degree Thrash Unreal Il Ballo Del Qua Qua Lady Down on Love Age Of Love Al Green Feels So Right The Age Of Love Let's Stay Together Christmas In Dixie Aggro Santos Sha La La (Make Me Happy) Give Me One More Shot Like U Like Take Me To The River If I Had You Candy I'm Still In Love With You Forever's As Far As I'll Go Look What You've Done For Me Take Me Down Tired Of Being Alone The Woman He Loves Agnes &


Karaoké International 96%

Postman Please Please Me She Loves You Thank You Girl There's A Place This Boy Ticket To Ride Twist And Shout We Can Work It Out Words Of Love yellow submarine Yes It Is yesterday You've Got To Hide Your Love Away You've Really Got A Hold On Me Holiday How Can You Mend A Broken Heart How Deep Is Your Love I Gotta Get Outta This Place I Started A Joke Islands In The Stream Jive Talkin' Lonely Days Love So Right More Than A Woman Night Fever Nights On Broadway Stayin' Alive To Love Somebody Too Much Heaven Tragedy Words You Should Be Dancing Mambo Mambo Johnny B.


karafuncatalog en all 96%

10 Years 1920s Standards Kumbaya Through The Iris It Had To Be You Love Is Sweeping The Country 10,000 Maniacs This Little Light Of Mine I Love A Parade (short version) Because The Night Bye Bye Blackbird About A Quarter To Nine 10CC When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With Man On The Flying Trapeze I'm Not In Love I've Been Working On The Railroad That Certain Party Dreadlock Holiday My Blue Heaven When My Ship Comes In The Things We Do For Love Makin' Whoopee With Plenty Of Money and You Life Is A Minestrone 'Ain't No Sin (To Dance Around In Your Bones) Who Cares (So Long As You Care) Rubber Bullets Somebody Loves Me The Last Time I Saw Paris 112 Me And My Shadow It's Time To Say Aloha Cupid Someone To Watch Over Me Would You Like To Take A Walk Peaches And Cream 'S Wonderful I Love A Parade 12 Gauge My Mammy Sleepy Head Dunkie Butt Lover Come Back To Me 1940s Standards 12 Stones Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover Far Away I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me) Bésame mucho (Spanish Vocal) Crash How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm Deep In The Heart Of Texas 1789, Les Amants de la Bastille My One And Only For Me And My Gal Pour la peine At Sundown Bésame mucho (English Vocal) Sur ma peau I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise Personality Ca ira mon amour Chili Bom Bom Daddy's Little Girl Tomber dans ses yeux Dinah Button Up Your Overcoat Je mise tout Do, Do, Do 'Til Then La nuit m'appelle Bugle Call Rag Someday You'll Want Me To Want You La sentence Clap Yo' Hands The Old Lamplighter Fixe I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight That Old Black Magic (Man Voice) Je vous rends mon âme What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry Long Ago And Far Away Hey Ha 1930s Standards Laura Pour un nouveau monde I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo A quoi tu danses ?


translation 95%

Roméo habite au rez-de-chaussée du bâtiment trois Juliette dans l’immeuble d’en face au dernier étage Ils ont 16 ans tous les deux et chaque jour quand ils se voient Grandit dans leur regard une envie de partage Roméo lives at the first floor of the building 3 Juliette lives in the building in front of it They are bot 16, ans each day, when they see each other grows in their eyes a wish of sharing C’est au premier rendez-vous qu’ils franchissent le pas At their first meet, they take the plunge Sous un triste ciel d’automne où il pleut sur leurs corps Under a sad autumn sky where it rains on their bodies Ils s’embrassent comme des fous sans peur du vent et du froid They kiss like crazy people without being afraid of the wind nor the cold Car l’amour a ses saisons que la raison ignore Cause love has its seasons that the reason ignores (Refrain) Roméo kiffe Juliette et Juliette kiffe Roméo Et si le ciel n’est pas clément tant pis pour la météo Un amour dans l’orage, celui des dieux, celui des Roméo loves Juliette and Juliette loves Roméo And if the sky isn't nice, anyway for the weather A love in the storm, the Gods' one, the men's one hommes Un amour, du courage et deux enfants hors des normes A love, courage and two children out standars Juliette et Roméo se voient souvent en cachette Ce n’est pas qu’autour d’eux les gens pourraient se moquer Juliette and Roméo see each other secretly It's not because people around them could make fun of them C’est que le père de Juliette a une kippa sur la tête It's because Juliette's father has a kippa on his head Et celui de Roméo va tous les jours à la mosquée And Roméo's one goes to the mosque So they lie to their families, they organize themselves like profesionnal Alors ils mentent à leurs familles, ils s’organisent comme des pros S’il n’y a pas de lieux pour leur amour, ils se fabriquent If there isn't any place for their love, they create their own decor un décor They're in love at the cinema, at their friends' houses, in Ils s’aiment au cinéma, chez des amis, dans le métro the « métro » Car l’amour a ses maisons que les darons ignorent Cause love has its houses that parents don't know (Refrain) Le père de Roméo est vénèr, il a des soupçons La famille de Juliette est juive, tu ne dois pas Roméo's father is upset, cause he is suspicious Juliette's family is jew, you musn't be close to her t’approcher d’elle Mais Roméo argumente et résiste au coup de pression but Roméo argues, resists to the pressure On s’en fout papa qu’elle soit juive, regarde comme elle We don't care, dad, that she's jew, look how she's beautiful est belle Alors l’amour reste clandé dès que son père tourne le dos So the love remains secret, in his father's back Il lui fait vivre la grande vie avec les moyens du bord He makes her live the great life, with his manner Pour elle c’est sandwich au grec et cheese au McDo For her it's greek sandwiches and a « cheese » at the McDonnald's Car l’amour a ses liaisons que les biftons ignorent (Refrain) Cause love has its relationships that money ignores Mais les choses se compliquent quand le père de Juliette But things go worse when Juliette's father Discovers some messages he wasn't supposed to read Tombe sur des messages qu’il n’aurait pas dû lire Un texto sur l’i-phone et un chat Internet La sanction est tombée, elle ne peut plus sortir Roméo galère dans le hall du bâtiment trois Malgré son pote Mercutio, sa joie s’évapore Sa princesse est tout prêt mais retenue sous son toit A message on the i-phone and another one on a chat on the internet The punishment is settled :


love you 95%


L'aimer comme il est 95%

For example, one of the women, who would like to hear more often from her partner that he loves her, robs this wish of its legitimacy by taking up her partner’s standpoint.


Penguins - Earth Angel 94%

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