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100% - Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty Customer loyalty strategies Dennis L. 06/02/2012

97% - Unilever Case Flora Group 2

Final edition enrolled March 14, 2016 W The question of brand loyalty in the fast moving consumer good (FMCG) industry and more precisely in the spreadable market is tricky to analyze. 13/04/2016

95% - evolutia literaturii de brand 2011 foarte tare

A descriptive - survey study that aims to determine the effect of marketing mix elements (Price, store image, distribution intensity, advertising , price promotion and family) from the Perspective of customers, the loyalty and then brand equity from the impact path the other dimensions CBBE.(Brand awareness, perceived quality of brand, brand image and brand associations). 25/02/2012

88% - revolution of b2b buying ebook

Indeed, over 50% of customer loyalty resulted from such interactions. 06/09/2017

85% - Point Loyalty System

Point Loyalty System POINT LOYALTY SYSTEM By Kogani What.. 26/09/2015

84% - ComScore 2011 Auto Insurance Shopping Report

4 Despite Recovering Economy, Loyalty Remains Low ............................................................................... 03/02/2014


Loyalty Tours = Il était une fois : 20/04/2017

77% - branded gift PEFC/04-31-0874 Content 1 Discover the taste of LoyalTea® loyalty from the source LoyalPouch You can order your LoyalPouch starting from 1,000 pieces, including your (full colour) logo or advertising message. 25/01/2014

76% - Bonanza Resort and Spa Company Profile 04 NOV 20

This growth will be achieved by developing brand loyalty, and offering unrivalled quality service. 05/11/2020

75% - Simon Swynghedauw English

More generally, I know the different kinds of strategies to recruit customers and to gain loyalty from them. 20/10/2014

75% - Coenobitae de Mayotte

Madagascar, Seychelles, Chagos, Christmas, Loyalty, Salomon, Fiji, Wallis & 16/10/2011

74% - DNL

citizenship is a gift for loyalty| About the map of the roman conquest: 04/02/2018

71% - BDC Expert

PREAMBULE ADELYA est un éditeur d’applications d’entreprise louées en ligne qui fournit par l’intermédiaire de sa plateforme de production Adelya Loyalty Operator des fonctionnalités de fidélisation et de relation clients pouvant être déployées au niveau national et international. 18/10/2017

71% - abu bakr naji the management of savagery the most critical stage through which the umma will pass

The most important problems and obstacles that we will face, and ways of dealing with them (62) (1) The problem of the decreasing number of true believers (62) (2) The problem of the lack of administrative cadres (63) (3) The problem of loyalty to elements in the preceding administration (65) (4) The problem of infiltration and spies (67) (5) The problem of secession or sudden about-face of individuals, groups, or regions who completely change their loyalty (How do we make sense of it and how do we deal with it?) (68) (6) The problem of excessive zeal and the problems that accompany it (71) Fifth Topic: 03/08/2014

71% - portakabin DS

Such customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendation is essential to a business like Portakabin. 28/10/2011

66% - Rapport Ruptures SymphonyIRI

They have many options open to them to meet those needs and where they are not met, this can have a dramatic effect on their loyalty to a brand or a store. 03/05/2011

64% - AFROUKH CV EN 042015

Project Manager at Orange France In charge of Orange self-care and loyalty program for B2C mobile customers • Participated in the establishment of the new mobile offers. 30/06/2015

64% - AFROUKH CV EN 072015

Project Manager at Orange France In charge of Orange self-care and loyalty program for B2C mobile customers • Participated in the establishment of the new mobile offers. 14/07/2015

61% - Laurent Cardot 2012

For example, a hotel property or brand can make self-service check-in and related offerings exclusive to guests who book directly or to loyalty program members. 14/03/2013

60% - Newsletter anglais Michelin janvier 2010

You are likely to stay in our hotels during a clermontois stay, thank you for your loyalty. 14/01/2010

60% - SitePromotion

Build Reader Loyalty Chapter 5: 20/03/2013