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fnhum-11-00283 100%

Six hEDS patients and six age- and gender-matched controls underwent a SVV (sitting, standing, lying on the right side) evaluation and a postural control evaluation on a force platform (Synapsys), with or without visual information (eyes open (EO)/eyes closed (EC)).


notre article 97%

Investigators T 9ED9BKI?ED0 The best exercise for the commonly accept the assumption that a gluteus medius was side-lying hip abduction, while high level of muscle activity, as evidenced the single-limb squat and single-limb deadlift exby electromyography (EMG) signal amercises led to the greatest activation of the gluteus plitude, will lead to muscle strengthenmaximus.


nouveau-reglement-2016 93%

Lying in a group for 2 minutes, handlers out of sight 3 2 Heelwork:


yes yes - Charles Bukowski 90%

trliil ffi ffi Æ Æ Æ yes yes when God created love He didn't help most when God created dogs He didn't help dogs when God created plants that was urrô.uge when God created hate we had a standaid utility when God created me He created me when God created the monkey He was asleep when He created the giraffe He was drunk ' when He created narcotics He was high and when He created suicide He waslow when He created you lying in bed He knew what He was doing He was drunk and He was hlgh and He created the mountaini and the sea and fire at the same time He made some mistakes but when He created you lying in bed He came all over His Blessed Universe.


half3 90%

PRISE DE MASSE Séance 1 :Bas du corps Exercice Rép/Serie Récup Squats 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Leg extension 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Souleve terre 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Lying leg 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Pointes mollet 3 X 12-15 1' Développé militaire 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Élévations latérales 3 X 12-10-8 2' Séance 2 :Haut du corps Développé couché 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Développé incliné 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Tractions/tirage pb 3 X 12-10-8 1'30 Tirage pb p.


Note 1 - Ripples in the Sand 89%

NOTE 1 – RIPPLES IN THE SAND A month has passed since I left Sen’s body lying at the bottom of the cliff, back in Esteran.


Plagiocépahlie prog SeattlePE347(1) 86%

When lying on their back, help your baby to look at and follow faces or toys.


Anglais 1 84%

"He's lying on the floor and I think he's dead."


ScienceintheQuran 82%

Lying &



GAMES OF THRONES, TERRA NOVA, SWITCHED AT GIRL ET THE LYING GAMES Disponible pour Février News Interviews Répliques Dossiers Fiches Acteurs...



Kabira Bay is the most beautiful spot on Ishigaki Island, this island lying in the emerald green sea may be compared to the realm of fine art, Okinawa can be raid as the first.


Bender-GPS Feedbunk Management Evaluation English 81%

feed efficiency • rumen health • lying time • milk production and milk components Feed available but not evenly distributed along the bunk Feed must be available the full length of the pen, with 2x the amount of TMR delivered near the waterers and cross-overs both on the ends of the pen and where the waterers are located.


japanese-study 81%

Recently in a study from Israel, Sikirov compared three positions (sitting, sitting on a low chair [hip flexing] and squatting [hip most flexed]) for defecation, and he found that squatting for defecation required the shortest amount of time and the least subjective effort for defecation.9 Previously, Lam and colleagues in Australia compared three positions (left-sided lying with the hip straight, sitting and squatting) for defecation;


(447811895) IstanbulTurquie 80%

Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, with its commercial and historical centre lying on the European side and about a third of its population living on the Asian side of Eurasia.


Istanbul 80%

Istanbul is a transcontinental city in Eurasia, with its commercial and historical centre lying on the European side and about a third of its population living on the Asian side of Eurasia.


reiki promo 79%

During a Reiki treatment, lying comfortably on a massage bench, the client remains fully-clothed.


Start Silhouette Slimming Program 78%

Install the client comfortably lying stomach down side on the plastic sheet.


i've seen you 75%

She was peaceful, lying next to him.


White Paper - Sleep 73%

Proportion of time asleep divided by the time in bed (lying position detected).


Riders Slide F04 71%

Danny Leclerc, Québec/Canada Débutant 1 / 4 murs / 32 temps Blame it on your lying/Patty Loveless (Départ 32temps) Alternative:


little dorrit 71%

Upon it, one of the two men lolled, half sitting and half lying, with his knees drawn up, and his feet and shoulders planted against the opposite sides of the aperture.


odiouswip 71%

Lying about his CV, he greased his way to a safe seat, and eventually in 2001 to the leadership.


ANGLAIS ; procès vivendi2 71%

The magistrates judged that he had been lying to his shareholders during his last two years of management in order to mislead the creditors who threatened the group.


Episode extract 0 Resident evil Umbrella Origins 71%

The nurse grabbed a knife lying on a small table, and drives it into the chest of the creature.


liste CRESPEL (1) 71%

8 octobre 2017 Cédrix CRESPEL « Await» Acrylique sur toile 2017 370 cm x 260 cm 27 000 euros Abstract Sex-Close Up acrylkique sur bois 75x100-2017 3 200 € My Mug Acrylique sur bois 87x130 cm -2017 4 200 € close up 55x85 cm-2017 acrylique sur bois1 700 € L’Ete Indien Close Up 80x115 cm acrylique sur bois, 20173 800 € Be lying acrylique sur toile 130 x 97 cm- 2017 5 000 € Katelllondon-2 Close Up Acrylique sur bois 95x100 cm -2017 4 000 € Son Trench Close Up Acrylique sur bois 120x115-bois-2017 4 700 € Since-2000-Close Up 120x117 cm acrylique sur bois-2017w- 4 700 €