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EDU CAT EN NCI FF V5R19 toprint 94%

Table of Contents (1/3) Manufacturing Workbench Presentation Workbench Introduction Process Presentation Manufacturing Terminology Manufacturing Workbench More Details Machine and Part Setup About Setup Defining the Setup Part Operation Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES Machining Operation Definition Machining Operations Presentation Tools and Tool Assembly Feedrates Computation Macro Motions Axial Operations Process Views Geometry Wizard (Edge, Face) Tool Path Verification and Simulation Copyright DASSAULT SYSTEMES 7 8 9 10 11 18 19 20 23 42 43 51 62 65 71 84 91 97 3 Numerical Control Infrastructure Student Notes:


Silksreen Printing Malaysia 94%

CNC Fabrication With CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, the computer can control exact positioning and velocity.


ESPRIT 2014 PR 88%

ESPRIT includes productivity-enhancing technology for all CNC programmers and for all machining disciplines, and provides machining technology that ensures smarter, more efficient toolpath and new strategies for greater overall productivity.



Learn best practices of selecting, auditing, and managing Precision Machining, Casting, Fabrication, and Molding suppliers while you tour factories in the Shanghai region with sourcing experts.


CV2017en 85%

CMM programming and control - Prismatic and revolution parts CMM programming and control - Curving parts Dimensional control - Prismatic and revolution parts Calypso (Zeiss) software use, introduced to Quindos and Tutor Machining operator :


Manudem-EN 78%

Integrated planning and scheduling at Manudem using PlannerOne© Production Scheduler In a Nutshell Activity Jean-Marie FOUÉRÉ, President of the company Manudem MANUDEM is a high-precision screw cutting and machining company whose professional know-how and expertise are recognized by customers in the aeronautical, space, connector, defence and medical industries.


CV FRANCOIS Mathieu 77%

Measuring devices, Machining centre, Conventional machining tools, Glass ovens, Optical devices, Abrasion testing devices.


Integrated Manifold System 76%

Devine Industrial Systems, Inc., located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a custom hydraulic system fabricator and machining company that specializes in building equipment and supplying customers with fabricated or machined parts.


Organigramme 75%

 Weaponry X Machining Metalwork BU Fishing BU Farmer X Gatherer Logger X X X X Machining fabrique Wooden Reed pour familles 2/6 (Handycraft et BU) X X X X X X


Catalogue Freeman 74%

User-Friendly – machining produces chips instead of dust, for a cleaner work environment.


Materials Testing Online 73%

Preparation • Grain Size Evaluation • Micro-cleanliness/Inclusion Ratings • Non-Conventional Machining Evaluations (EDM, LBMR,ECM) • Abusive Machining Evaluations • Alloy Depletion • Alpha Case • Case Depth and Decarburization Evaluations • Dimensional Assessment • Plating Evaluations • Weld &


CV Nicolas TERLIER (1) 73%

Experiences { Machining trainer specialised on COUMAT methodology (optimisation of machining parameters) (2014).


bielleF1hond 71%

One suggested method was to form a hollow shaft extending from the big end by means of electrochemical or mechanical machining, which would then be cover-welded using electron beam welding (EBW), thus forming a hollow structure.


catalogue 01012010 71% Sommaire Contents Inhaltsverzeichnis Affûteuse Sharpening machine Schärfmaschine 4 Divers Various machines Verschiedenen Maschinen 5 Embarreur Barloader Stangenlademagazine 7 Fraiseuse Milling machine Fräsmaschine 8 Fraiseuse CNC CNC milling machine CNC Fräsmaschine 8 Machine à laver Washing machine Reinigungsmaschine 8 Perceuse Driller Bohrmaschine 9 Pointeuse Jig boring machine Lehrenbohrweke 9 Presse hydraulique Hydraulic press Hydrolische Presse 9 Projecteur profil Profile projector Profilprojektor 9 Rectifieuse centerless Centerless grinder Spitzenlose Schleifmaschine 10 Rectifieuse cylindrique Cylindrical grinder Rundschleifmaschine 10 Rectifieuse intérieure Internal grinder Innenschleifmaschine 11 Rectifieuse par coordonnées Coordinated grinder Koordinatschleifmaschine 12 Rectifieuse plane Surface grinder Flachschleifmaschine 12 Rodeuse Honing machine Hohnmaschine 13 Rouleuse de filets Threadrolling machine Gewinderollmaschine 13 Sableuse Sanding machine Sandstrahlmaschine 13 Scie Saw Säge 14 Tailleuse par génération Gear hobber Zahnfräsmaschine 14 Vibrateur de polissage et ébavurage Deburring/polishing tumbler Entgratungstrommel 14 Tour Lathe Drehmaschine 16 Tour CNC CNC lathe CNC Drehautomat 17 Tour CNC poupée mobile Swiss-type CNC lathe CNC Langdrehautomat 19 Tour monobroche Single-spindle lathe Einspindel Drehautomat 19 Tour multibroche Multispindle lathe Mehrspindel Drehautomat 20 Transfert Horizontal Horizontal Transfer horizontal Transfermaschine 21 Electroérosion à fil Wire erosion Drahterodiermaschine 21 Electroérosion enfonçage Spark erosion Funkerodiermaschine 21 Perçage rapide EDM driller Bohrerodiermaschine 22 Centre d'usinage horizontal Horizontal machining center Horizontal Bearbeitungszentrum 22 Centre d'usinage vertical Vertical machining center Vertikal Bearbeitungszentrum 22 Divers Métrologie Other Verschieden 23 Tour CNC vertical Vertical CNC lathe Vertikal CNC Drehautomat 24 Sécheur Dryer Trockner 24 Taraudeuse Tapping machine Innengewindeschneidmaschine 24 Duromètre Hardness Tester Härteprüfer 25 Centrale de Filtration Filtration Unit Filtrationzentrale 25 Machine à polir Polishing machine Poliermaschine 25 Aspirateur Vacuum cleaner Absaugegerät 25 Voiture Car PKW 26 Affûteuse CNC CNC Sharpening machine CNC Schärfmaschine 26 Sommaire Contents Inhaltsverzeichnis Etuve Oven Trockenofen 26 Tronconneuse Chain Saw Kettensäge 27 Banc de préréglage Tool presetter Werkzeugvoreinstellgerät 27 Système de marquage Marking System Markierungsystem 27 Touret à meuler polishing machine Touret à meuler 27 Tour multibroche CNC CNC Multispindle Lathe CNC Mehrspindel Drehautomat 28 Tour CNC par apprentissage CNC Teach-in Lathe CNC Zyklendrehmaschine 28 Rectifieuse double face Double face Grinder Zwei-Seiten Schleifmaschine 28 Groupe Froid Cooling device Kühlgerät 28 Aleseuse Boring machine Bohrmaschine 29 Machine de Distillation Vacuum Distillation Machine Vacuum Distillation Machine 29 Mortaiseuse Slotting machine Stossmaschine 29 Transfert Vertical Transfert Vertical Vertikal Transfer 29 Divers Accessoires Machine Various Machine Accesories Verschiedene Maschinen Zubehören 30 Lunette de centrage Centering rest Zentrieren Lünette 30 Colonne de mesure Measuring column Mess-Säule 31 Laminoir Rolling mill Walzwerk 31 Appointeuse de barre Bar pointing/chamfering machine Stangen Anspitzmaschine 31 Equilibreuse Balancing machine Auswuchtmaschinen 31 Rectifieuse de filets Thread grinding machine Gewindeschleifmaschine 32 Ebavureuse thermique Thermal deburring machine Thermische Entgratmaschine 32 RD Machine-outils :


richter frank 69%

Hamfler to whom a special note of appreciation is dedicated for machining specimens from glass blocks and bizarre talk • Prof.


Moto training Brochure Web 64%

Motorcycle Theory II • Engines Powerflow and Precision Measuring • Suspension and Chassis Systems • Machining Operations and Precision Measuring • Electrical Design and Operation • Vehicle Maintenance • Engine Troubleshooting and Noise Diagnosis • Performance Review Testing • Service Department Operations • Advanced Electrical Testing • Drivability/Performance Testing After you complete the Motorcycle Technician Program, you must select a minimum of one manufacturer-specific elective to qualify for graduation.


Poster Alstom 60%

Steam turbine machining workshop Alternator EPR Flamanville The 1750 MWe ARABELLE™ turbine generator is the world’s largest engine.


machining 615367 - EN 60%

Request for quotes in Machining Swiss company specialized in the development and manufacture of high-performance, hi-tech modular equipment Our company has a highly qualified, dedicated workforce and benefits from a local network of technical skills, which is among the most concentrated in Switzerland.


617329 617390 617158 617153 617061 EN 60%

Dear Sales Manager, We are currently looking for new suppliers in machining, casting and molding injection for one of our buyers (French company with 200 employees specialized in security solution, with revenues over 30 millions €uro) The Suppliers we usually work with seem to be no longer able to take any additional charge.


TP Catia part1 60%

Utilisation du module Usinage de Catia V5 Section Surface Machining !


ZOUID Hamdi 60%

VITALAIT Assistant engineer internship From July Till August 2012 Mahdia - Tunisia Assistant engineer internship - Central VITALAIT dairy Mahdia Programming and implementation of programmable controllers PLC Siemens S7 300.Realization of the machining, the contract phase and program CNC machine for a worn shaft of a pump.


Book2017HD 60%

Open Houses Création d’une invitation pour l’ouverture officielle d’un centre d’éducation technique Haas en Grèce (cover, intétrieur, back cover) Société américaine fabricante de machines-outils (Zaventem) Création d’une invitation pour «les journées techniques» d’un distributeur en Allemagne (cover, intérieur, back cover) Création d’une Open House en Grèce (cover, intétrieur, back cover) Haas Automation Europe Magazines et brochures Société américaine fabricante de machines-outils (Zaventem) Création et finition de la mise en page du magazine mensuel CNC Machining ppour l’Europe.


LS1 Rods 59%

Each rod is shot peened after machining and magnafluxed.


Gege Blog 7.1 - Dismantling engine B (f).PDF 58%

Bad machining after casting, and the crankcase is crooked.