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100% - IJMET 04 03 021

5.7731 (Calculated by GISI) IJMET ©IAEME FEM BASED MODELLING OF AMB CONTROL SYSTEM Madhura.S†, Pradeep B Jyoti††, Dr.T.V.Govindaraju†††, † lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India †† Head of The Electrical Engineering Department, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India ††† Principal, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India ABSTRACT Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) sustains a rotor by magnetic attractive forces, exclusive of any mechanical contact. 05/02/2018

98% - Appendix1

A piece of iron can be converted into a magnet by a single nanosecond magnetic pulse. 02/01/2013

98% - Local Magnetic Properties MnFePSi

Local Magnetic Properties MnFePSi Local Magnetic Properties of MnFeP0.5Si0.5 and Mn1.4Fe0.6P0.3Si0.7 Piotr Fornal1, Jan Stanek2, Sonia Haj-Khlifa3, Ryszard Zach1, Patricia de Rango3 and Daniel Fruchart3 Institute of Physics, Technical University of Cracow, Podchorążych 1, 30-084 Cracow, Poland Marian Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Łojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Cracow, Poland 3 Institut Néel, CNRS, BP 166, 38042, Grenoble Cedex 9, France 1 2 Corresponding author: 28/01/2017

95% - NMR

NMR Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Applied for Medicine Introduction Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) was discovered in 1938 by American physicist Isidor Rabi, who was earned the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1944 for his discovery — only for strictly theoretical reasons — but now has many applications. 21/11/2017

95% - Charles Flynn disputing over unity

However the magnet layout when switched with an energised coil, can typically deliver a tripling of magnetic force over comparable conventional technology, for the same electric input. 06/08/2012

95% - Tutorial MagnetoStatics

Compute and display isovalues of the magnetic flux density on volume regions ........20 3.2.2. 03/05/2014

94% - eupen cable VMVB

Effective protection against 50 or 60 Hz magnetic fields is obtained through a very short length of twist ; 28/09/2010

93% - 3516iama 2

Then the models of the structure, based on the magnetic scalar potential formulation and on the magnetic vector potential formulation, are presented. 02/02/2014

92% - Magnetic Usb Cables from Shenzhen Top Star Industry,May 1

Magnetic Usb Cables from Shenzhen Top Star Industry,May 1 Shenzhen Top Star Industry Co., Ltd. 27/09/2016

92% - poster sedi

Introduction Linearization of the forward problem I We develop a Quasi-Geostrophic (QG) approach to model the fast dynamics inside the core (internal magnetic field and flow changes). 27/06/2012

91% - Yaw Gyro pour pilote auto Autohelm Raymarine English

the helmsman is keeping a constant visual alignment according to a mark on a coast, b- to a constant magnetic heading, the helmsman keeps the orientation of the ship according to the reading of a magnetic compass information, c- geodesic, the helmsman is keeping a route to a fixed land point according to the data he receives from a GPS, the track. 13/03/2018

91% - Kundel

Conventional electric motors employ the force applied to a current carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field. 02/01/2013

91% - canada

The 56th Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Conference will be held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Scottsdale, Arizona from 30 October–3 November 2011. 15/06/2011

90% - Gyrotrons THz Optimisations d'état et possible

For high harmonic operation, the special methods of mode selection needed, so the progress in gyrotrons frequency increasing is limited, first of all for fundamental operation, by possibility of realization of sufficiently strong magnetic fields. 26/07/2012

90% - Phys math help

(3) S ~ =∇ ~ × A(~ ~ x) B (4) ~ = −µ0 J~ ∆A (5) Coulomb gauge Magnetic moment m ~ = 1 2 Z ~ x0 )) d3 x0 (~x0 × J(~ (6) Density of magnetic moment 1 ~ ~ M(x) = (~x × J(x)) 2 (7) µ0 3~x(m~ ~ x) − m.~ ~ x2 ~ B(x) = 4π x5 (8) Torque in classical mechanics T~ = X ~ri × F~i (9) i Torque in magnetostatics ~ T~ ' m ~ ×B (10) Faraday induction law E =− with φ = R S ~ and E = ~ dS B. 01/06/2009

89% - onoochin On an Additional Magnetic Force Present in a System of Coaxial Solenoids Abstract In this short article we show by reasoning from the reciprocity relation that some electromagnetic force additional to the Lorentz force should exist in magnetocumulative generators (MCG). 12/08/2015

87% - 8a1cb239a4c557f28517eac5d12eb7b0

Magnetic data were used to show the variations between volcanic layer sequences and to locate subsurface structures, while resistivity measurements were used to delineate hydrostratigraphy. 09/08/2012

87% - Physical Geology concepts

Nickel “LIQUID”, earth’s magnetic field -‘Inner Core’; 09/05/2016

86% - Fakhim TiMoO2

This suggests that the Mo-doped TiO2 is a promising dilute magnetic semiconductor and may find applications in the field of spintronics. 20/12/2012

86% - PhysRevA.84.023818

Let us start by writing Maxwell’s equations for the linearly polarized electric E(z, t) and magnetic H (z, t) fields incident from vacuum on a slab of a nonmagnetic medium (H = B) without free charges and electric currents: 31/08/2011

86% - Sphinx Wireless accessories Catalogue November 2016

Sphinx Wireless accessories Catalogue November 2016 Accessories for Wireless Communication November 2016 1 SUMMARY Short Antennas Adhesive Mount Antennas Magnetic Mount Antennas Automotive Antennas Wallmount Antennas Rail Antennas InBuilding Antennas Multi Purpose Antennas Cables & 15/12/2016

86% - dw reels en

Rotor Rotor Body Axis Body Axis Water Conventional rotor construction MAG SEAL Water Axis Rotor Magnetic field In Japan the new CERTATE debuted with great success in March 2010 and was immediately well appreciated among Japanese specialists. 12/06/2011

85% - recherch & destroy

the cross-product of successive samples of the magnetic field vec- tor, !12ans' method, and the Maximum Entropy 14method of détermination of the Wave Distribution Function. 24/06/2014

83% - PhysRevA.84.023836

PhysRevA.84.023836 PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023836 (2011) Coupled states of electromagnetic fields with magnetic-dipolar-mode vortices: 29/08/2011

83% - 04277904

It is assumed in winding function analysis that the iron of the rotor and stator has infinite permeability and magnetic saturation is not considered. 28/02/2014