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Tirumantiram 100%

Lotus like, He, of gleaming matted locks, Golden in splendour, beyond the worlds, apart.


Golf Course Photos 94%

Your Augusta Golf National picture can be of its famous 13th hole—double-matted and framed in museum-quality wood moldings with brass title plate as are the rest of our prints such as TPC Sawgrass and TPC Woodlands.


TD n°2 - James Cooper 63%

exclaimed Hurry, doffing his cap and running his fingers through his handsome but matted curls, as if he would loosen his tangled ideas by the process.


14246517-Rhinox-Cavalry 54%

A protracted Rhinox leadership challenge will usually result in the death of the losing party, as even these badtempered hulks of muscle and matted hair can bleed to death.


waza5 40%

Her hair too was dirty and matted, the thick blonde locks now resembling ash.