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rapport YAK AEROSIB version non définitive 100%

Trace gases (Co2,CO, CH4 and O3), black carbon and aerosols have been measured.


04 94%

From the study area, as a part of the observations, 4 measured sections involving Korudað, Keþan, Yenimuhacir Formations were taken and the mid and outer fan facies association deposits were found to be more common than the others.


pleine concscience et suivi post-chir baria 94%

We excluded patients with serious psychiatric illness measured by self-report of hospitalization for psychiatric reasons in the past year and medical record review, personality disorders assessed by medical record review, severe depression assessed by an adapted version of the PHQ-9, current alcohol or substance abuse, >1 weight loss surgery, and prior experience with meditation in the past six months or a regular meditation practice.


Un système de mesure à l'aide de nouveaux Pulse L 92%

The amplitude and frequency variation at each point measured on the tested subject’s wrist is an important symptom for some illness during the patient’s medical examinations in TCM clinical practice.



The fluorescence spectra were measured at 25 °C with a 1-cm path length cell, exciting at 295 nm.


Correspondance de la viscosité des huiles 91%

"Single-grade, or monograde motor oil For single-grade oils, the kinematic viscosity is measured at a reference temperature of 100°C (212°F) in units of mm²/s or the equivalent older non-SI units, centistokes (abbreviated cSt).


Visserie US 89%

Socket Flat Head Size Chart ® fastener shopping made easy www.b oltdep ols #2-56 1/4"-20 7/16"-14 #4-40 1/4"-24 7/16"-20 #6-32 5/16"-18 1/2"-13 #8-32 5/16"-24 1/2"-20 #10-24 3/8"-16 #10-32 5/8"-11 3/8"-24 Length #12-24 Fastener length is measured from where the material surface is assumed to be, to the end of the fastener.


thesis 2012 89%

Concerning the potential complementary and substitutive effect of internal governance and disclosure quality in deterring earnings management, result of the interaction terms revealed that there is a complementary relationship between audit committee quality and disclosure quality (measured using Investor Relation Magazine Award) in deterring earnings management.


papier A.Einstien 88%

and let its length be l as measured by a measuring-rod which is also stationary.


PhysRevA.84.025404 86%

In this work we have measured the PADs for photoionization of Ne and Ar over the full energy region between the 2 P3/2 and 2 P1/2 ionic states combining the high resolution of the gas-phase beamline at Elettra and the resolution and efficiency of a recently built VMI analyzer [13].


Rules of the game handball 86%

this line is parallel to the goal line and 6 meters away from it (measured from the rear edge of the goal line to the front edge of the goal-area line) ;


PhysRevA.84.023804 86%

By determining the laser-related phase of each streaked electron and using a transfer equation with linear corrections, an analytically quick method is proposed for precisely reconstructing the xuv pulse intensity (chirp) from one (two) measured PES(s) with a theoretical root-mean-square temporal (energy) difference of less than 1 attosecond (0.1 eV).


Bohlooly-05-Endocrinol 86%

In a separate experiment, ad libitum–fed 3-month-old male C57BL/6 mice (randomized by body weight) were ICV injected with vehicle (Ringer, n ⫽ 4), or bGH (0.6 ␮g, n ⫽ 5), and food intake was measured for 3 h postinjection as described above.


T4 Racket Coverings for BoD2015 85%

7.5 Colours for red top sheets are measured on a white background, as complete racket coverings, i.e.


Chapitre 2 Units 85%

2.54 cm o 1 foot = 12 inches o 1 yard = 3 feet o 1 fathom = 6 feet o 1 knot =15.43m o 1cable = 1/10 nm = 100 fathoms o 1 nautical mile = 1852 m o Shackle = 15 fathom = unit used to express the length of chain to be used when anchoring Baselines, international and national waters Baseline à partir d’où the territorial seas are measured (low water line :



measured values for 3-5 working standards analyzed simultaneously with your samples.


01549886 83%

Both predicted and measured results exhibit a good UWB passband with five transmission poles, maximum insertion loss of 0.5 dB, and maximum group delay variation of 0.30 ns within the entire UWB passband.


China self harm 83%

Page 3 of 10 Three types of childhood peer victimization were measured.


Promotion-MMT-3D-SMART MANUELLE-THOME 08 2015 83%

With the two speed adjusting drive can be measured easy even in small holes.


Coca Cola original recipe 82%

• Some ingredients are measured in fluid ounces, others are measured in ounces by weight.


SpecificationsWaterClock 82%

- Specify the time measured by writing or icon.


Caillaud et al 2008 sex selection morpho renc 81%

While some dimorphic traits such as body size or canine size can be measured in all primate species, certain others are restricted to a few taxa.


Lecture 10 81%

when it is measured in the population and "r"


AqualacVol5N2- Characerization of hardness 81%

Mg2+ concentrations ranging from 5.58 to 6.9 mg/L were measured in a private borehole.