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100% - IBHM 528 560

There are three measures of central tendency (or averages) which are presumed knowledge for this syllabus, the mean, median and mode. 07/06/2014


The new species is characterised by a high number of rows of granules on mobile (14 rows) and fixed fingers (13 rows), lateromedian carinae vestigial on metasomal segment IV, an interspace between median carina and each paramedian carina 1.2-1.7 times as wide as the paramedian carina on tergites IV-VI, and a rather high pectinal tooth count with 26-27 teeth in female. 05/07/2018

97% - art:10.1007/s10147 011 0275 6

The median OS following DEC was 17.8 months, and the median total time of chemotherapy holiday was 7.7 months (range 1.7–35.8). 05/12/2016

95% - Yritysesite Kokosome 280411

Haluatteko tietoa sosiaalisen median hyödyistä yhdistyksellenne? 29/04/2011

93% - 50 State Property Tax Comparison Study For Taxes Paid in 2015

Median Valued Homes ........................................................ ... Median Valued Homes, with Assessment Limits................ 20/08/2016

92% - Ultrasound does not shorten the duration

A significantly faster onset of sensory block for the radial, ulnar, median, musculocutaneous, and the four nerves considered together were observed. 11/10/2013

92% - Distress and pain

Distress associated with the pelvic examination was highest for women with prior sexual violence and posttraumatic stress disorder (median 5.49), next highest for women with sexual violence only (median 2.44), and lowest for women with neither (median 0), P ⴝ.015. 15/04/2015

91% - UK Gender pay gap report 2017 published March 2018

figures Our mean gender pay and median gender pay Mean gender pay gap 15% Within the target population within the UK, men earn on average 15% more than women. 04/04/2018

90% - joi150012

Patients with OAC-ICH had a mean (SD) age of 74.1 (9.2) years, a median initial ICH volume of 19.3 cm3 (interquartile range [IQR],6.9-52.8), and a median INR level at time of hospital admission of 2.77 (IQR, 2.28-3.50). 17/06/2015

88% - aime202005050 m200504

This work provides additional evidence for a median incubation period for COVID-19 of approximately 5 days, similar to SARS. 10/03/2020

87% - PSYC2020 A1

Find the mean and median for each condition (using the ungrouped data.) Is the grouped mean or the ungrouped mean more accurate, and why? 06/10/2013

87% - WARO Desk review mariage des enfants Rapport final 30 10 14

Burkina Faso – age median des femmes (20-49 ans) au premier mariage, rapport sexuel et accouchement ............................................................. 04/09/2015

87% - Bibliographie de la honte

Bibliographie de la honte Bibliographie de la honte : 11/04/2011

85% - pros23141

Overall, 50% decline in PSA was observed in 22% of patients and a median PSA-PFS of 2.9 months and a PFS of 3.6 months. 05/12/2016

84% - non elite journals

journals are sorted by their h5-index with ties being broken by their h5-median.1 These journals were considered as the elite journals for the 1 The h5-index of a publication is the largest number h such that at least h articles published in the last five complete calendar years in that publication were cited at least h times each. 25/10/2014

84% - cv academy6 kf

Les filtres Median (de médiane) et Average (de moyenne) sont efficaces pour stabiliser la détection des contours. 22/04/2009

82% - Lecture 5

example (2) Clippers Player Earl Boykins Keyon Dooling Jeff McInnis Quentin Richardson Corey Maggette Eric Piatkowski Elton Brand Harold Jamison Darius Miles Obinna Ekezie Sean Rooks Lamar Odom Michael Olowokandi 65 75 76 78 78 78 80 81 81 81 82 82 84 Inches(Y) 3rd quartile=81.5 median 1st quartile=77 n=13 Interquartile range: 12/10/2015

82% - Testing Theories of American Politics

the Average Citizen or “median voter,” Economic Elites, and Mass-based or Business-oriented Interest Groups or industries. 04/01/2018

82% - anatomy SEQ BDS 2007

What is the median plane? ... Median Plane: 12/08/2012

82% - FAST France Analysis EndPoint

SURVEY ANALYSIS Results by Mean and Median Figure 4: 15/04/2021