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Gram Easy Emerald 95%

Gram Easy Emerald by Jeff R.


Sodexo at Vivatech - program day 1 90%

Sodexo at VivaTech - Program - Day 1:


press release 87%

We must not forget that everyone meets and also speaks:



• UL Listed, CSA Certified, and CE Marked • UL Listed for Group Motor Applications (for more details see page 7) • Overload relay — Class 10, ambient compensated (GV2, GV3) — Class 10, solid state (GV7) • Single phase sensitivity • Magnetic instantaneous short-circuit protection • Test trip mechanism • Provision for padlocking in the OFF position — Standard for GV2, GV3 — Requires attachment of rotary handle for GV7 • Fingersafe terminals (meets IP20 standards) • North American and European terminal markings ♣ For manual motor starters designed to meet NEMA standards refer to catalog 2510CT9701.


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