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100% - TC list 1 11

Journalist and Commentator, Paris Urban Ahlin, Member of the Swedish Parliament and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Stockholm Esko Aho, Executive Vice President, Nokia, Helsinki; 17/01/2011

97% - Digital Playbook Trade Associations

Digital Playbook Trade Associations The Ingeniux Digital Playbook for Member Associations Key capabilities and strategies to build modern member association websites and experiences Table of Contents Introduction.............................................................................................................................. 12/04/2016

95% - Summary SERAC 10 decembre

Adoption of the agenda of the meeting [AG11EN03] One of the Member States asked to add to the agenda an update of the state of play of the review of Annex VII. 06/01/2017

94% - iil presentation

The Council and the governments of all the Member States which submitted observations to the Court1 assert that the EU cannot conclude the agreement by itself because certain parts of the agreement fall within a competence shared between the EU and the Member States, or even within the exclusive competence of the Member States. 17/12/2020

94% - Final Proposal Cross Campus Rebuilding Europe

Due to the Member States’ financial situation, we cannot count on Greece being as productive and contributively as other Member States. 07/01/2016

93% - Dr Mohamed Laoucet Ayari

  Member of the BATC Structural Engineering Nastran Group Panel Discussion, 2004-2005 Member of the BATC Controls/Structures Development Working Group, 2005  ISO9000 Implementation Committee, Structural & 24/04/2011

92% - 2012 06 06 ACE PQD final

To assist Member Organisations in lobbying the EU Council of Ministers and the EU Parliament, who co-legislate with the EU Commission (COM) in amending and adopting the COM Legislative Proposal; 04/10/2015

92% - prf pdf

member of ITI team, and European Association for Osteo-integration International Board Member of IGOR (International Team for Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation DDS Monastir University, Tunisia Implantology Residency New York University, USA Chairman of PADI (Palestinian Association of Dental Implantology) International Board Member of SENAME (Mediterranean Society of Implantology and Modern Dentistry) International Board Member of IGOR (International Team for Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation) BDs Jordan University of Science and Technology MSc Periodontology/ University of Science and Technology Jordan Clinical training Periodontology_Implantology / University of California Los Angeles UCLA Participates in several workshops and conferences as lecturer International Board Member of IGOR (International Team for Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation Bachelor of Dental Surgery. 24/09/2013

91% - Recommandation on ODD

We urge the EU and its Member States to lead the way in taking urgent action to put itself on a low carbon development trajectory. 13/10/2015

91% - amendement 2006

(o) Inspector General of Forests or an officer of the equivalent rank having at least ten years experience in a tiger reserve or wildlife management, who shall be the Member-Secretary, to be notified by the Central Government, in the Official Gazette. 25/02/2014

91% - plan 2016 028 cash restrictions en

Several Member States have in place prohibitions for cash payments above a specific threshold." 30/01/2017

90% - Stacking the Dell Force10 MXL Switch Networking Whitepaper

17 Un-stacking (removing member units) ......................................................................... 04/06/2015


Interamerican Society of Hypertension. (Board of Trustees Member, 1988­ 1989) International Lipid Information Bureau Procardias Foundation, Uruguay, (Honorary Member) Peruvian Society of Cardiology, (Honorary Member) Ecuatorian Society of Cardiology, (Honorary Member) Venezuelan Society of Hypertensions, (Honorary Member) Investigation Council, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Honorary Member) Distinctions: 28/04/2016

90% - Java6Samenvatting

Package statement apply to all classes in the file A file can have more than one nonpublic class Files with no public classes can have a name that does not match any of the classes in the file Member variable, Instance variable, Property A Class can have different members 1) a member variable 2) a static member variable 3) a member method 4) a static member method 5) an inner class Note: 31/03/2012

89% - Dolomiti trophy 2012

Participation in the International Adult Figure Skating Competition 2012 is open to all skaters who belong to an ISU Member, as per Rule 107, paragraph 9 and 12, Rule 109, paragraph 1, and qualify with regard to eligibility, according to Rule 102, provided their ages fall within the limits specified in this Announcement and they meet the participation requirements. 17/11/2011

89% - MaggieGorse

She is a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. 29/10/2014

89% - 2016 Hestal Catalogue EN (2)

2016 Hestal Catalogue EN (2) Member of the BPW Group Your competent partner for components, truck and trailer kits and transport solutions MASTHEAD F. 29/01/2019

89% - La theorie des systemes

Member of the Executive Committee of the International University of Sustainable Development UIDD. 09/02/2013

89% - gpf activity report

Partner of SOLIDAR member Norwegian People’s Aid; 28/02/2017

89% - ECG Newsletter m0311 4

ECG Newsletter m0311 4 The Emirates Culinary Guild A Member of the World Association of Chefs’ Societies NEWSLETTER March 2011 (0311) Results of the 14th Annual Emirates Salon Culinaire 2011 Dubai UAE, held from the 27th of February till the 2nd of March at the Dubai World Trade Center. 11/06/2011

88% - changes in modus operandi of is in terrorist attacks (2)

changes in modus operandi of is in terrorist attacks (2) Europol Public Information Changes in modus operandi of Islamic State terrorist attacks Review held by experts from Member States and Europol on 29 November and 1 December 2015 The Hague, 18 January 2016 Page 1 of 8 EUROPOL PUBLIC INFORMATION Europol Public Information TABLE OF CONTENTS KEY JUDGMENTS ........................................................................................................... 27/01/2016


Portal and Intranet of the Computer Engineering branch of ENSAT - Study, design and realization of a Desktop application for managing IT projects (Java, Hibernate, Socket) - Study and modeling of information system of the company BOUY AUSARE MAROC (Merise) - Study, design and realization of a conference management application(MVC, PHP \ MYSQL, JavaScript, ArgoUML) - Coordinator of Students office (BDE) 2010/2011 - Jury Member of the first edition of the CRJP (Regional Competition for Young Programmers) - Participation in the PMC (Programing Moroccan Chalenge) - Class Delegate in first year engineering - Vice President of CSC (Computer Science Club) in 2009 / 2010 - Supervisor of the Web & 13/09/2011

88% - ppb latest edition 201109

ppb latest edition 201109 Latest Edition E-news bulletin of the Editors’ Association of Canada–Prairie Provinces Branch September-October 2011 A day in the life of an in-house Matrix editor by Tara Holmwood (EAC–PPB member) Edit document. 29/11/2011

88% - Rebhi Fadwa CV

- IEEE ENSI Student Branch member. Junior Entreprise member (ENSI). 19/08/2013