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… This is a full, final and entire withdrawal, including on the merits, with no right of reinstatement.






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Before dealing with the merits of the Application, the President would wish to clarify the purport of the motion of the Applicant.


wp442 bank based or market based financial system what is be 75%

For over a century, economists and policy makers have debated the relative merits of bank-based versus market-based financial systems.


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The appropriateness of an application for summary judgment was discussed in Cooke UNDT/2011/216, wherein the Tribunal indicated that if the receivability of a case is being challenged, the Tribunal cannot determine the facts of the application on the merits or even consider whether such facts are common cause or contested, highlighting that summary judgment is a judgment on the merits and a party cannot ask for it if the full facts have not been pleaded.


110 Hadith Qudsi AR-ENG 72%

61 according to what he was doing in the state of health One who is deprived of his eyesight and remains patient, Allah's reward for him will be Paradise 61 Intimidation against committing suicide 62 63 Sin of the one who murders unjustly 64 Superiority of Dhikr and becoming close to Allah 67 Superiority of the company of pious people Continuous inducement for repentance and seeking Allah's forgiveness 69 71 Sign of Allah's love for His slave Exhortation for developing mutual love and mercy among the Muslims 73 Superiority of the one who granted a grave period to an insolvent 74 75 Merit of love for the sake of Allah The merits of one who accepts the Will of Allah at the death of one's son or a brother..


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