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Table 5-1 shows the distribution of elevation angles on 40 and 80 meters for some typical DX paths, as does Fig 5-1 in graphical form. 21/04/2014

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It’s the story on 160 meters of a very good friend of mine, George Oliva, K2UO. 21/04/2014

98% - ARMA2WeaponRangingAndCorrectionGuide

2,000 times distance is equal to target size in mils This is a variation of the Mil-dot ranging formula with an estimated human target 2 meters tall and 50 centimeters wide at the shoulders. 12/09/2012

97% - Route to Cal Peguera 2018

  Entering  Figols  you  will  need  to  pass  the  small  church  on  your  left  hand  side  and  continue  the  road  for  approximately  100  meters  to   reach  the  point  indicated  in  the  map  with  1. 28/04/2018

97% - GreatPyramid ENGLISH

Now that we know the metric value of the Royal Cubit, we can calculate the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in meters. 05/01/2015

97% - All IN All TECH RIDER VANCOUVER september 2022.docx

­ Minimum stage size of 30 feet (9 meters) large by 25 feet (7.6 meters) deep is necessary for the performance. 22/09/2022

96% - EuroMag 1100 2200

EuroMag 1100 2200 EuroMag 1100/2200 Electromagnetic Flow Meter MAINS OR BATTERY POWERED DN25...2000mm / PN 16… PN40 Description The EuroMag electromagnetic Flow Meters have been designed for compliance with the Ministry of Environment and Regional Council water consent and data acquisition transfer requirements. 10/07/2011

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Test Report Format Basic Certificates Basic Certificates Basic Certificates Basic Certificates Basic Certificates Mesurage statique des liquides Jaugeurs automatiques pour réservoirs de stockage fixes R 85 - 1998 - Automatic level gauges for measuring the level of liquid in fixed storage tanks Basic Certificates Mesurage dynamique des liquides Compteurs d'eau R 49-1 - 2003 - Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water. 26/06/2015

94% - Rules of the game handball

There should be a safety zone surrounding the playing court, with a width of at least 1 meter along the side lines and 2 meters behind the goal lines. 24/01/2015

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This company offers solutions to engergy saving and about the implementation of energy efficiency strategies thanks to energy meters and others accessories developed and made in France. 16/04/2017

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A λ/2 80-meter dipole at 25 meters has a –3 dB forward-lobe beamwidth of 124° at an elevation angle of 45°. 21/04/2014

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In Belgium we had just been allocated local neighbors and avid contesters, there are two more 160 meters and I really lived and slept on the low bands. 21/04/2014

91% - guidenumbers

• Guide numbers are usually given for both feet and meters so be sure you use the right one in your calculations. 02/06/2011

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The DX bug bit hard as soon as he made his first DX contact on 15 meters, and he went on to become the first US Novice Class licensee to achieve DXCC. 21/04/2014

89% - 330 Quartzite Brazil Athenes2005.paper PDF

All the surface of these area shows numerous lapiaz and tsingy deeper than several meters. 30/07/2013

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The geography prevailing in the area has permeated Guardalavaca and other beaches in northern Holguín, characteristics that differentiate them from most other islands Guardalavaca, in particular, is a shell-shaped beach 1700 meters long and 50 meters wide, with fine white sand and crystal clear waters, flanked by a coral reef on the north and south. 18/04/2019

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74.95 f sin α (Eq 8-2) where H1 = height antenna in meters f = frequency, MHz α = vertical angle for which the antenna height is sought. 21/04/2014

86% - MedKeysHabitatsSymposium RamogeDeepSeaCoopération

The main objective of the RAMOGE_Expto_2015 campaign was to explore the depth range 50 400 meters in order to study some relevant sites to establishing an inventory of habitats, protected and commercial species and anthropogenic pressures. 17/01/2019

86% - The young life of hawks

in a quiet place with a small path in 5 meters of the nest. 15/03/2014

85% - Robe.Dress sweet lolita Part 1

Matériel → You need → Du tissu noir (coton de préférence ) 4m Black fabric ( préferably coton ) 4 meters ( You have to convert ) Un autre tissus n'importe si tu veux faire 2 couleurs- 3m An other fabric if you want to make the dress with 2 colors- 3 meters (You have to convert ) Du ruban 5m Ruban 5 meters ( You have to convert ) Une fermeture éclair A Zipper (Matériel de couture) Dentelle ou Pressions Lace or pressions I / Le Corset I / The Corset Il faut Couper les 3 parties de tissu que vous voyez à droite en double (Il faut le côté droit ET gauche) sachant que du haut au bas ça fait la longueur Du dessus de poitrine jusqu'au bas du ventre. 23/07/2010


o White - 660 yards/604 meters. 23/06/2017

84% - Antennes MaCo

Vertical/Horizontal Beams for 10/11 Meters MaCo Y-Quad® Switchable Polarity Y-Quad Beam Using a Quad reflector with a Yagi driven element, the Y-Quad combines the advantages of both designs to give the best performing lightweight antenna available, with switchable polarity. 12/05/2013

84% - PLSED106016EN web

PLSED106016EN web Gain energy insight and control with PowerLogic™ PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 power and energy meters Features High visibility, multilingual, IEC/IEEE configurable display Financial management including accounting and billing Choice of displays, including a large, backlit LCD integral display or a separately mounted color touchscreen display. 07/08/2012

83% - MedKeysHabitatsSymposium RamogeDeepSeaCoopération

The main objective of the RAMOGE_Explo_2015 campaign was to explore the depth range 50 - 400 meters in order to study some relevant sites to establishing an inventory of habitats, protected and commercial species and anthropogenic pressures. 17/01/2019

83% - nouveau reglement 2016

walking backward 2-5 meters (6 - 15 steps) is included Old: 13/12/2014