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100% - Peds0914 Hematuria

macroscopic hematuria (visible to the naked eye) and microscopic hematuria (> 29/09/2017

80% - liver

In such cases, depending on the problem, routine diagnostics may be supplemented with specific microscopic techniques, including electron microscopy, laser scanner microscopy, and laser microdissection techniques, in order to isolate single cells or cell groups. 16/07/2016

76% - Helbing SocialForceModel PedDynamics 1998

Recently, much attention has been attracted by ‘microscopic’ approaches for vehicular traffic [17–20]. 24/05/2011

75% - Nonoparticles modeling

In first, the interface or microscopic scale in which we study the process of aggregation and deposition of NPs in porous media. 26/05/2014


40 44 46 49 4 Dispersion and dissipation 4.1 Acoustic/elastic/electromagnetic response of materials due to their microscopic (electronic, molecular,...) properties . 07/09/2011

67% - RASOANAIVO AMPS related activities in Madagascar

(i) macroscopic, (ii) microscopic Origin and geographical distribution, ecological status Traditional uses Phytochemistry Pharmacology Toxicity Analytical data Clinical data Therapeutic uses References Main sources of data Flore de Madagascar et des Comores W3 TROPICOS Computerized ethnomedical data MBOI NAPRALERT HINARI Sci Finder Chapman & 26/11/2014

60% - protozoaires

To maximize recovery of cysts, stool samples in formalin, or other fixatives, should be concentrated prior to microscopic examination (e.g.,10 min at 500 × g when using the formalin-ethylacetate concentration procedure). 22/01/2017

58% - Microfocusing and polarization

In contrast, our studies show that on a microscopic scale, the local electric fields are disproportionately intense close to grain boundaries and rough surfaces due to strong focusing. 20/01/2012

53% - 7567

2. Microscopic appearance: 18/08/2012

50% - EVT 123 SVP Kamchatka Peninsula

2D view Sentinel 2A captured a natural-color image of a massive bloom of microscopic algae spreading green over the nearby waters of the eastern coast of Kamchatka, in the Pacific Ocean. 19/10/2017

50% - Clinicopathological features of nine cases of non cirrhotic portal hypertension

Non-cirrhotic portal hypertension The following method was used to assess the different hepatic vascular trees and microscopic lesions of the liver. 13/12/2011

50% - BaCO3CaO and Acid Leaching Technology

Microscopic observation analysis of element distribution in samples were Microscopic and analysis of element in samples conducted scanning by scanningobservation electron microscopy (SEM, VEGAdistribution III, TESCAN, Brno, were Czech Republic)byequipped electron microscopy (SEM, VEGA III, TESCAN, Brno, Czech Republic) equipped with energy disperse with energy disperse X-ray spectrometry (EDS or BEI, INCA Energy 350, Oxford Instruments). 25/07/2017

50% - Prone Position and

Dooney describes one case of sudden profound bradycardia and transient asystole during lumbar microscopic discectomy, which required initial CPR in the prone position [7]. 11/10/2013

48% - A case report of reninoma radiological and.30

Electron microscopic examination also revealed numerous electron-dense irregular dark granules typical of renin-secretion granules (Fig. 31/07/2015

44% - tx080200208p

The beauty would be more enhanced and its emotional appeal would be raised to a rational one if we would explore the microscopic structure, say the periodic arrangement of carbon atoms, which is actually responsible for the dazzling glaze caused by the effective refraction and reflection of light. 08/11/2013


Microscopic observations of Ras-Draâ phosphorites, added to geochemical results, establish that pellets are small bodies, allochtonous to their matrix and whose composition is independent of that of this matrix. 24/05/2012

43% - 2016 Delobel mendosus Thailande

After microscopic examination (Leitz Laborlux K), pieces were glued on a rectangular card in a drop of water-soluble resin (dimethyl hydantoin formaldehyde). 25/03/2017

41% - Discitis3

its microscopic anatomy and pathology. 14/04/2012

37% - Etude Clinique PLEXR

a clinical, histologic, and electron microscopic evaluation. 25/03/2015

37% - bentivoglio2005

These studies were paralleled by the demonstration of central monoaminergic neurons at the light microscopic level, which represents a milestone i n the history of the dopaminergic system, and of neuroscience in general. 12/08/2015

37% - proposition article anglais

microscopic so-called models that track the movement across the vehicle (in terms of speed, of accélération…) and on which we do we'll not and the so-called models macroscopic [4] in fact, systems based on three expressions. 29/10/2011

37% - Time dependent speckle in holographic optical coherence

Conventional microscopic imaging of these tumors finds two characteristic structural elements in the necrotic region of the tumor: 05/09/2011


Microscopic studies with three-dimensional reconstructions demonstrate that the narrowest parts are the proximal part of the labyrinthine portion and the middle part of the tympanic portion (Nakashima et al., 1993; 08/01/2014