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uncaring midwives 100%

Introduction When a pregnant woman arrives at a maternity ward she expects to be met by a midwife who will care for her, show her consideration, and encourage and help her so that she will not feel alone and abandoned.


resumeCDubois[2012] 92% Midwife STUDIES 2010 National Certificate of midwife (Besançon, France) Dissertation :


Assessing-progress 91%

Assessing progress through labour using midwifery wisdom Kathryn Gutteridge any years ago, whilst working with an experienced and well respected community midwife, I observed some of the key qualities that she possessed, which I would go on to develop in my own career.


Obstetrics-by-ear 82%

one lay midwife, and one obstetrics technician.


Better-Vaginal-Examinations 70%

• A knowledge of the patient helps guide the midwife in the use of VEs.


Purple-line-study 68%

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2010, 10:54 midwife throughout labour to reduce inter-observer variability and inaccuracy.


Evaluation 68%

With the patient in the left lateral position the midwife examined between the patient’s buttocks.


Purple-line-Michaelis 65%

In cervical dilation of ≤ 3cm, transverse diagonal of Michaelis sacral (two horizontal notches visible on skin surface) was measured by a trained midwife in the standing position by a disposable tape.


Mission Humanitarian Orphanage Local Health education 54%

-provides first aid materials in medical center - Ensure access to qualified personnel (doctor, nurse or midwife) - Provide prenatal care encompassing a range of quality health services.


Acoustical-analysis-labour-sounds 42%

For example, a nurse-midwife in describing how she relies on the sounds she hears when caring for women during-advanced labor said:


toçuchlines January 2013 27%

has spent over 40 years in nursing (she is a midwife) Viv, in conjunction with the Haute-Vienne, and in 2004 obtained her Cancer and Palliative Care is running a workshop on bereavement in the New Diploma.