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Khodosevichet al 2009 100%

10.3389/neuro.02.007.2009 MOLECULAR NEUROSCIENCE Major signaling pathways in migrating neuroblasts Konstantin Khodosevich 1, Peter H.


Art2 Mito dyn lymphocytes JEM2006 95%

Our data substantiate a new role for mitochondrial dynamics and suggest that mitochondria redistribution is required to regulate the motor of migrating cells.


FLYER Om 74% Les Vivres de l'Art s'associent au projet Slowfest pour lutter contre la surconsommation 18H00 - 21H00 concerts acoustiques gratuits A Call At Nausicaa /// I Am Stramgram /// GUAKA /// David Carroll and The Migrating Fellows Dans l'intimité d'une yourte (100 places), dans les établissements bordant le Bassin à flot, (I.boat, Café Maritime...) qui retransmettent sur leur système son et image, le concert en simultané ou installé librement sur la plaque portuaire, avec votre smartphone connecté à Youtube, rassemblons-nous pour un moment calme, entre amis, en famille, entre voisins et habitants de la même planète que l'on malmène...


tango-with-django 69%

5.4 Creating and Migrating the Database 5.5 Django Models and the Shell .


2013 janvier - Vérizon - Sysadmin req System Engineering FreeIPA Intern 69%

The purpose of the internship is to help migrating our current set of Kerberos, LDAP, DNS and NTP servers into a smaller set of FreeIPA servers (


CIMUSET2018 Book 64%

Migrating Four Distinct Museum Websites Together Under One Name Lauren DiVito 14 A “slow museum” in the digital age?



The younger population ends up migrating to big cities, promises of a better future.


brmedj02298-0063c 54%

221 Migrating Intravenous Catheter Restoring Blood Volume G.


dh 4116707 52%

Transfer of data when migrating to a new software system .............................................42


Cloud Begins With Coal 51%

        Reduced  to  personal  terms,  although  charging  up  a  single  tablet  or  smart  phone  requires  a  negligible   amount  of  electricity,  using  either  to  watch  an  hour  of  video  weekly  consumes  annually  more   electricity  in  the  remote  networks  than  two  new  refrigerators  use  in  a  year.1    And  as  the  world   continues  to  electrify,  migrating  towards  one  refrigerator  per  household,  it  also  evolves  towards  several   smartphones  and  equivalent  per  person.


CMOcom-SocialMediaLandscape2011 49%

GenY is migrating to Tumblr to share opinions—if that demographic is important to your business, your Tumblr presence must be strong.


thrombus biatrial 43%

Free-floating thrombus in right heart and massive pulmonary embolism migrating into pulmonary artery.


Modern Infrastructure- April 2014 42%

Bluebird is now in the process of migrating 32 database instances from the first VPC into a new VPC with a Network Address Translation server between it and the Internet.


Andro switch instruction manual – placement and removal 41%

This means that the testicles might still have enough space and are thus not migrating into the inguinal sac.



4 This, left to itself, indicates that the Sheba Cycle was originally a Coptic document from Egypt translated into Arabic in 409 CE (Arabs had been migrating into Egypt since 539 BCE).


concrete to digital (1) 35%

This is a responsive work, it is the user who can determine the movement of the migrating letter material with the movement of her or his mouse.


Viral Bronchiolitis in Children 2016 (1) 32%

Bronchiolitis Bronchiole with narrowed lumen Debris (mucus, sloughed cells, fibrin) H O S PI T A LIZED CH I LD E PIT H E LIU M Intraluminal obstruction and air trapping Migrating white cells and sloughed cells Edema 3 Expanded alveoli with trapped air Obstruction Sloughing of RSV-infected epithelial cells into the lumen accelerates viral elimination but also contributes to obstruction of the airway Air trapping leading to localized atelectasis Obstruction LU NG S Edema, cellular infiltration compressing bronchiole 4 Collapsed alveoli Loss of integrity of alveoli Absorption of trapped air in the alveoli distal to the obstruction leads to localized atelectasis Improvement (hospital discharge) Worsening (ICU) n engl j med 374;1 January 7, 2016 The New England Journal of Medicine Downloaded from by SADEDDINE BENZIANE on February 8, 2017.


ch2 32%

He distinguished between primary centers, where the crop was first domesticated, and secondary centers, which developed from plants migrating from the primary center.


tigenix pdf 31%

The concept is that stem cells, by producing a variety of cytokines and enzymes (paracrine) and by migrating to sites of tissue damage, can damp down the immune system response to stimulate localised tissue repair.


Horizons 18%

Antoine MILIAN has given us an invasion of migrating birds: