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Breakdown - Victor Pajot Showreel 2009 100%

FX, Character Modeling. ... Modeling. ... FX, Character Modeling.


CV 2012 V2 98%

realistic animal modeling skill : modeling, texturing • ODD THOMAS :


CV 2012 98%

SFX, VFX, particles scripting, compositing, lighting, modeling, texturing, layout • SUR LA PISTE DU MARSUPILAMI :


CV 2012 98%

SFX, VFX, particles scripting, compositing, lighting, modeling, texturing, layout • SUR LA PISTE DU MARSUPILAMI :


Mahmoud ZEMZAMI-CV 96%

Computational Intelligence in Hydrological Modeling.


Breakdown - Victor Pajot Showreel 2010 95%

FX, Character Modeling. ... Modeling. ... FX, Character Modeling.


Phdpresentationfinal 94%

Economic Statistics Modeling Laboratory (BESTMOD) Thesis submitted to The Department of Management Sciences In Fulfillment of The Requirements for The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy In Finance Financial and Statistical Modeling of Forward Risk Premia In Foreign Exchange Markets:


04 94%

Pierre has lectured on antennas and antenna modeling before many radio clubs.


Maxime Dreno portfolio 2014 93%

They cover a wide range of design-related disciplines such as sketching, 3D modeling and rendering.


today 93%

▪ 3D Modeling.


Microsoft PowerPoint - 1 RCM INTRODUCTION Final 93%

RESERVOIR CHARACTERIZATION AND MODELING Geological model vs Reservoir model • Vocabulary, Reservoir model:


courssystemC 91%

Félix Viallet - 38031 Grenoble Cedex France Polytech Grenoble Learning Objectives of Chapiter 1 This chapter provides background and general overview of modeling with SystemC Learning Objectives g Understand why C++ is inadequate and in general how SystemC addresses these inadequacies.


Brochure EN 91%

Pascal Giudicelli Mechanical Engineer, 3D modeling expert @ :


Nonoparticles modeling 90%

2- Processes at mesoscopic scale 1- Processes at microscopic scale A- Modeling of the surface potential:



72619232 Nombre Spectrasonics Trilian LA Scoring Strings LASS Vir2 Acoustic Legends HD Vir2 BASiS Vir2 Mojo Toontrack Ezdrummer Synthogy Ivory Alicia Keys Pack de Rhodes Native Instruments Elektrik Piano Fender Sonart Audio Rhodes MKI Fender Rhodes Piano Scarbee RSP 73 Fender Rhodes Piano Bass Westgate Studios Modular Series Completo Westgate Studios Modular Series Clarinet Westgate Studios Modular Series Flutes Westgate Studios Modular Series Oboes Westgate Studios Modular Series Timpani Native Instruments Funk Guitarist Native Instruments Session Strings Pack de Acordeon Best Service Accordions Sample Library Precisionsound Weltmeister Accordion Sonart Audio Deluxe Series Accordion Sonart Audio Trumpet M-AUDIO ProSessions Orchestral Brass Sample Modeling Completo The Sax Brothers Library Sample Modeling Mr.


NDAME Nicolas CV EN 88%

3D/VFX Artist at XXII Group - Suresnes, FRANCE Modeling and VFX for VR/AR apps, programs...


PORTFOLIO 2021 2022 88%

A-Level 3D CGI Artist «3D VISION» - Grésy Sur Aix [France] - CDD 3D CGI Artist «3DCOM RENAULT» - Le Plessis [France] - CDI 3D Artist «KISKA» - Anif-Salzburg [Austria] (job/internship 7 months) Realtime UNREAL Configurator and Rendering, shaders, lighting, 3D animation, Modeling/Sculpting Zbrush, rendering 3DSMAX/Corona, Post-Production, Suite ADOBE Modeling, rendering, shaders, lighting, ambient lighting, topology, optimisation, 3D animation, matte painting Anatomy, Rigging, Skinning, Skeleton, Controls, Car Physics, Shaders, Lighting, 3D Animation, Post Production Modeling 3DSMAX, Shaders Vray, Rendering, 3D Animation, Technical movie, Design Product and Watchmaking Rendering, shaders, realtime with PATCHWORK, 360° 3D animation, post-production, Web Configurator (models TALIS- KTM motorbike (Duke 1290 GT), internal comunication Rendering MAYA, lighting, texturing, mapping DIPLOMAS / EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 2011-2014 2005-2010 MASTER Digital Design Management, 3D Artist 2 years A-Level (Electro-technical – Mecanical/Contruction, Physics) University - North of France «Institut Supérieur de Design Rubika (ISD) » |France] Quantum physics / chemistry / thermodynamics / optics SOFTWARE / SKILLS REALTIME PAO SOFTWARE 3D SOFTWARE HOBBIES Production REALTIME UNREAL 3D CGI Artist VELLERAT ( JURA ) 3 Days - Meeting Preparation Modeling MAYA (Few parts) Shaders UNREAL / Photoshop Rendering UNREAL Texturing / Photoshop Cameras Technical movie Design Product Watchmaking Movie available here :


main 88%

Expected Results What the user sees We tried to build a simple 3D table model with the already existing 3D modeling software Blender, and then we estimated the time it should last with the Augmented Reality Drawing pen.


CV 2013 87%

realistic animal modeling and mapping • ODD THOMAS :



78-121 Select one of several options to satisfy your modeling preference.



Thank you for adding the TONEWORKS AX5G Modeling Signal Processor to your r ig.


ch15 85%

As the density of people in the scene increases, a significant degradation in the performance is usually observed in terms of object detection, tracking and event modeling, given that many existing methods depend on their ability to separate people from the background.


Catalogue Freeman 85%

Supplies Freeman Machinable Wax.........................................................................2 RenShape Modeling and Styling Boards..............................................


Dr Mohamed Laoucet Ayari 84%

Constitutive Modeling and Fracture Mechanics of Brittle Materials Testing:


CV IbH EN 83%

– MAPINFO PROFESSIONAL Experienced – SURPAC, SURFER Avanced – ARCGIS, AUTOCAD Intermediate Optimization of prospecting methods, Data management and modeling THEME: