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BIG IN SMALL THINGS PRODUCT CATALOGUE SCALE MODELLING 2019/20 INSPIRATION Fresh ideas – Made in Black Forest INDIVIDUALITY Creative and unique – Your hobby designed by yourself INNOVATION With technique and emotion – Installations full of life FALLER SCALE MODELLING 2019/20 Gebr.


0 bostonconsultinggroup 1 95%

Epidemic Projections COVID-19 response MARCH 26, 2020 Context • This document represents estimates as of 3/25/2020, based on BCG predictive modelling leveraging John Hopkins University data;


EPFM-17 95%

5TH ANNUAL ELECTRICITY PRICE MODELLING AND FORECASTING FORUM 14th – 15th December 2017 — Berlin, Germany VENUE FEATURED ƒƒ How to best tackle the issue of increasing price volatility in 2018 ƒƒ How to account for changing demand forecasting based on changing consumer needs ƒƒ How to account for new technologies and trends for the long-term SPEAKER PANEL Matthew Wittenstein Senior Electricity Analyst IEA Bayram Kaddour Project Manager EDF R&D EDF Brent Wanner Senior Energy Analyst IEA Erkan Kalayci Power Portfolio and Operations Manager EWE Turkey Ralph Renner Head of European Origination Sompo Global Weather Marten Tiddens General Manager Powerline Claus Huber Senior Economist Head of Long Term Modelling and Forecasting Axpo Iain Staffell Lecturer in Sustainable Energy Imperial College London Andre Estermann Project leader Common Grid Model Alignment ENTSO-E Claudio Dicembrino Head of Macroeconomic and Energy Analysis and Forecasting Enel Group Axel Bredenstein Lead Analyst Value Forecasting and Optimisation Vattenfall Energy Trading Gilles Etienne Product Manager - EU Market Integration Elia Petr Jonas Strategy Analyst CEZ DAY ONE 14th December 2017 08.30 Registration &


Da Silva Marin Book 93%

MARIN DA SILVA DEVIGNOT 3D GAME ARTIST MARIN DA SILVA DEVIGNOT 0635484506 Lyon, France 3D Artist Formation Game Artist 3D junior, je suis passionné de Character modelling, également interréssé dans la création de props et d’environnement 3D.


Rym BS 90%

increasing inputs Vs late foliar diseases (Septoria) The need for a reliable prediction of damages caused by the pathogen (Zymoseptoria tritici) The need for a solid knowledge of the effects of pathogens on crop functionning in a modelling scheme Joint use of experiments and modelling Collaboration Studying processes Rym Ben Slimane Pierre Bancal Marie-Odile Bancal Research • Decorrelation • Hierarchical classification •Integration in models Identification of key elements Experiments at a big scale Operational recommendations Integration in models Development Philippe Gate Modelling septoria damage Quantitative damage Qualitative damage Biomass loss/ yield loss Quality loss (protein content) Modelling in progress Published studies Lack of understanding Protein content :


jepretMagz-edisi01 86%

1 Modelling With Nova 3 The Cover :


m530562a Modelling Workshop - Empire 84%

EMPIRE MODELLING WORKSHOP Lords and Heroes You can really go to town with your characters, but don’t feel constrained to just using the Empire General kit, as there are plenty of options across the entire range.


these 2017 Modelisation spectro fluo uranium summary 84%

Development of innovative spectral modelling methods for the investigation of actinide-ligand interactions using time-resolved laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy Résumé Les interactions entre les actinides et des molécules organiques, utilisées comme extractants dans un solvant, font l’objet de nombreuses études sur la coordination et la stabilité des complexes formés.


2011 dlite fr en de nl 82%

advanced programmable features 5 Before you start / On-Off switch and fuse 6 Control panel 7 Reset the unit 8 Modelling lamp features &


First announcement ICM3E14 82%

Modelling and Simulation  Device modelling.


ICM3E Depliant 80%

Modelling and Simulation  Device modelling.


BioISI, Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute 80%

Modelling Multi/04046, with financial support provided by the FCT/MEC through National funds and co-funded by FEDER under the PT2020 agreement, when applicable, under the following conditions:


IJMET 04 03 021 79%

5.7731 (Calculated by GISI) IJMET ©IAEME FEM BASED MODELLING OF AMB CONTROL SYSTEM Madhura.S†, Pradeep B Jyoti††, Dr.T.V.Govindaraju†††, † lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Department, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India †† Head of The Electrical Engineering Department, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India ††† Principal, ShirdiSai Engineering College, Bangalore, India ABSTRACT Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) sustains a rotor by magnetic attractive forces, exclusive of any mechanical contact.


Michael portfolio 2016 web 78% Modeling / Texturing Characters Fox 3ds Max - Photoshop Fox 3ds Max Equilus Modelling 3ds Max - Texturing Photoshop Alien plant Modelling 3ds Max - Texturing Photoshop


CV 2016 ENG 78%

Maxican plants Chatellerault, FR 2014 - 1 year Dassault Systèmes 3D modelling software developer Product portfolio manager for 3D Printing Audit of CATIA solutions for 3D printing Supmeca Creation of a portfolio of 3D prints of the CATIA for creative designers service’s showroom projects Engineering school Engineer diplomas in general mechanic Vélizy, FR 2013 - 6 months Specialization in mechanical engineery modelling Saint Ouen, FR 2013 - 3 years Pierre Corneille high school Engineering school trials’ prep school Majors :


4-surveillance et détection 78%

Les groupes impliqués dans la modélisation des données pour la Géo-ingénierie


fatma aroua 78%

- Creation of logos - Design brochures and flyers and trademarks ( Branding ) - Creating animations in 2D Flash -3D modeling July 2014 - June 2015 Tunisia Stellar VFX,Maher Daaloul Modelling of characters 3D - Creation of the logo and the game menu.


control system theory and design 78%

Modelling and Multivariable Control of a Process Evapo173 rator 9.1 Evaporator Model .


Portfolio ENGLISH Reduce Size 77%

Design Agency House modelling, Project Manager assistant December 2012 // Vannes The British House // Concept Store Home furniture and decoration staging, Designing and Installing Christmas Windows Summer 2007-2008 // Shanghai and San Francisco Ubisoft Entertainment// Video Game company Market Research on Facebook games, 3D Character Modelling EDUCATION Since 2013 // Paris Strate // Industrial Design School Finishing third year - majoring in retail design 2012-2013 // Milan IED // Certificate in Interior Design Italian Contemporary Design and Trends 2012 // Paris ESAG Penninghen Foundation year in Graphic Design / Architecture 2011 // Paris Lycée Fenelon Baccalauréat in Science INTERESTS SKILLS Languages :


Handbook-PMT 74%

Winters – Insights – Kalman filters – KDD – K Means – KNN – Kohonen SOMs – Lift curve – Linear discriminant analysis – Links analysis – Logistic regression – Lognormal distribution – Market research – MBR – MultiLayer Perceptron – Multiple regression – Neural networks – Normalisation – OLAP – Outliers – Overfitting – PLS – Predictive modelling – Pre-processing – Price sensitivity meter – Random forest – Retail Audit – Ring leader – Robustness – ROC curve – Rule induction – Sampling error – Scoring – Skewness – Slicing and dicing – Snowball sampling – Stationarity – Statistical modelling – Statistical process control – Stepwise – Summarisation – Supervised learning – Support index – Survival analysis – SVM – Test sample – Times series – True positive – Unsupervised learning – Validation set – Voice of customer – Wavelets – White noise – Chapter 1 From Business Indicators to Business Intelligence Performance management in telecoms ➜ Business indicators ➜ Data-Information-Intelligence ➜ Quid Business Intelligence Putting analytics at the core of the business “Knowledge itself is power.” Francois Bacon 1


Abstract CMBBE 74%

Such approach appears promising for subject-specific FE modelling.


Article Futures et forward 73%

Further analysis considers the modelling of this difference using mean-reverting models.


Faller Katalog 2015 GB 73%

BIG IN SMALL THINGS Scale Modelling Virtuosic, playful, many-sided!


modélisation multispectrales 3D 70%

Chehbouni, 8th international Symposium in physical measurements and signatures in remote sensing, ISPRS, Aussois, France, janvier 2001 ƒ Modelling radiative transfer in heterogeneous 3-D vegetation canopies.


proposition article anglais 69%

a modelling of transportation system, urban growth and automobile usage.