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Zeitouni Karine Mousheimish Raef 1 Table of contents 1 Introduction 2 2 Multivariate time series 2 3 Multivariate shapelet extraction 3 4 Multivariate classi cation 3 5 Early classi cation of multivariate time series 5.1 5.2 5.3 Software architecture .



Multivariate Analysis, Principal Components Analysis, Regression Analysis, Model Selection, Transportation Research.


art%3A10.1007%2Fs10147-011-0275-6 71%

On multivariate analysis, serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) was an independent prognostic factor for OS (p = 0.007).


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A COPULA APPROACH F RANIA HENTATI* CES, Université Paris 1 PanthéonSorbonne JEAN-LUC PRIGENT** THEMA, Université de Cergy or the multivariate normal distribution, the wellknown correlation Pearson coefficient characterizes the dependency (or not) between two random variables.


Cognitive biases in decision making 66%

Process weight Process, analysis, andcarries industry variables explain decision-making effectiveness Process, analysis, and by industry variables Share of performance explained given element (based on multivariate regression analysis), % Process, analysis, and industry variables decision-making effectiveness explain explain decision-making effectiveness Share of performance explained by givenQuantity element and detail of analysis performed—eg, detailed financial (based regression analysis), % Share on of multivariate performance explained by given element modeling, sensitivity analysis, analysis of (based on multivariate regression analysis), % financial reaction of markets Quantity and detail of analysis performed—eg, detailed financial Quantity and detail of analysis 8 modeling, sensitivity analysis, analysis of performed—eg, detailed financial financial of markets modeling,reaction sensitivity analysis, analysisofofprocess to exploit Quality financial reaction of marketsanalysis and reach decision—eg, Industry/company variables—eg, 8 explicit exploration of major uncertainties, number of investment opportunities, 53 8 inclusion of perspectives that contradict 39 capital availability, predictability of Quality of process exploit senior leader’s point of to view, allowing consumer tastes, availability of resources analysisofand reach to decision—eg, Quality process exploit participation in discussion by skill and Industry/company variables—eg, to implement decision explicit exploration of major uncertainties, analysis and reach decision—eg, experience rather than by rank number of investment opportunities, 53 Industry/company variables—eg, inclusion of perspectives thatuncertainties, contradict explicit exploration of major 39 capital availability, predictability of number of investment opportunities, senior leader’s point of view, allowing 53 inclusion of perspectives that contradict 39 consumer tastes, availability of resources capital availability, predictability of participation in point discussion byallowing skill and senior leader’s of view, to implement decision consumer tastes, availability of resources experience than by rank participationrather in discussion by skill and to implement decision experience rather than by rank Note:


kinnish et al 2005 66%

Heterosexual, Bisexual, Gay) multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) was performed for the Total Change Lifespan (TCL) scores, with the three dimensions of sexual orientation (sexual fantasy, romantic attraction, and sexual behavior) serving as the dependent variables.


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Innovation English English Choose any course in the Finance/Law track or from the list below English / French Sustainable Finance + Psychology in Finance + La philanthropie et ses principaux Business enjeux juridiques Analysis + Environmental and Development Economics iTrek Startup + Time Series projects + European Competition Law + International Arbitration Real Estate Investment + Team Management + Wealth Management and law in practice + Droit Pénal Economique + Droit des sûretés + Planification du patrimoine + Multivariate Analysis MASTER THESIS OR INTERNSHIP THESIS (18 Credits) Learning to Teach Finance Curriculum 90 ECTS L AW T R ACK Duration:


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Pre-treatment PSA and EBI were significant predictors in multivariate model.


pros23141 61%

Prognostic univariate and multivariate Cox proportional hazard models were developed and assessed.


les mystères de l imagination 60%

Here, multivariate pattern analysis of functional MRI data reveals a widespread neural network that performs specific mental manipulations on the contents of visual imagery.


IdrissHassineRapport PFE 56%

1.3.5 Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Multivariate Binary Response Variables (sLDA-bin) .


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• • • • • • • Paid Search Management Search Re-targeting Affiliate Program Management Search Engine Optimization (Organic/Natural) Landing Page Conversion / Optimization (multivariate / AB etc.) Social Media Management (PRISM) Web Design &


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Cumulative incidence rates from the initial 5 years of the study period were compared with those from the final 5 years to assess temporal stability with the use of a conservative approach involving chi-square analysis to compare Poisson distributions of logtransformed event rates.21,22 Univariate and multivariate logistic-regression analyses were performed to identify factors associated with the outcome of cardiac arrest.


Séralini 2006 51%

Appropriate statistics were added, such as a multivariate analysis of the growth curves, and for biochemical parameters comparisons between GMO-treated rats and the controls fed with an equivalent normal diet, and separately with six reference diets with different compositions.


Kodovazenitis et al-2014-Journal of Periodontal Research 50%

We then constructed multivariate logistic regression models to explore the relationship between AMI and periodontitis.


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these values were entered into a multivariate GLM (SPSS version 21) to test for group differences, controlling for ICV.


RECO 583 0599 49%

More precisely, we use the Multivariate Portmanteau statistic of Hosking [1980] to jointly test the absence of autocorrelation in the vector of violation sequences for various coverage rates considered as relevant for the management of risks.


Lecture 10 49%

Index of Correlation Correlation !  !  !  !  measures and describes the strength and direction of the relationship between variables Bivariate techniques require values of two variables from the same individuals (dependent and independent variables) Multivariate when more than two independent variables (e.g effect of advertising and prices on sales) Variables must be ratio or interval scale Example (1) !  !  !  !  Example (1) People tend to marry other people of about the same age.


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No multivariate outliers of the CBS-S were identified (Mahalanobis distance:


Corrections 46%

Example 8.36 (MSEP in the multivariate ALR model), pages 303-306.


LES panniculitis 43%

Odds ratio (OR) of various antiphospholipid antibodies for thrombosis were calculated by univariate and multivariate analyses.


PDF-9545 41%

Multivariate comparisons of selected morphological characters between populations of V.


Acoustical-analysis-labour-sounds 41%

The multivariate comparison was significant, Pillais"


China self harm 41%

Multivariate logistic regression was used to explore the relationships between childhood adversity and different subtypes of adolescent SH.


ioi130047 39%

Table 1 reports the comparison of multivariate-adjusted risk of death for all vegetarians combined with that for nonvegetarians.