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92% - Mycotoxin inhibitor

Mycotoxin inhibitor Natural product as mycotoxin inhibitor VITAMYCO In animal feed for poultry Composition: 06/01/2016

84% - Vitalac 4p bovins GB

Vitalac 4p bovins GB Vitalac-4p-bovins-GB_VITALAC-4pages 12/04/10 16:52 Page1 The ruminant range Mineral supplements In molassed powder, micropearl, granule and pellet form In big bags, 25 kg bags, bulk, bucket licks Energy supplement • Independent and private company • Established in Brittany in the heart of the most productive area in animal productions • Specialist in animal nutrition and health • 30 years of experiences and know-how • A technical force of nutritionists, zootechnicians, veterinarian and bio-chemists • 40% of activity abroad Protected fat, glucose precursors, drenching solutions Curative supplement Liver conditionners, vitamins, trace-elements Calves nutrition Milk powders, starter feed, complete feed Other products Mycotoxin binders, silage preservatives, litter conditionner, foot hygien solutions Services farm audits, training, follow up analysis Formulation softwares Expert in nutrition and health 48 rue Principale - 22160 Carnoët - France Tel : 06/01/2016

63% - Cours Sub Nat

Cours Sub Nat Master spécialisé : 19/03/2013

50% - Brochure Universal Lab

Brochure Universal Lab Nos activités OFFR DE SERVICE 1. 27/11/2017