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Sophrology birth and motherhood 100%

Before I got pregnant myself, I'd worked with many expectant mums helping them stay calm and relaxed during pregnancy and throughout labour.


Love Heals 92%

Love Heals by Martin Brofman When I decided to heal myself of terminal cancer in 1976, I heard the idea that “love heals.” Everyone seemed to know this, and since healing myself was now a matter of life and death for me, I decided it would be a really good idea to add this to my self-healing arsenal.


john rose 90%

I realize, during more lucid moments, that I’ve convinced myself I’m a walking daguerreotype of some embellished breed of Timeless Man, that woodsman that lives outside of town in the novel, who gives the sissy city characters valuable transcendental insight regarding the infinitely universal weight of their petty problems, that is, on the off-chance that they should find themselves in his company, perhaps out on a walk or at the General Store in town.


Délires I 87%

I’ll tattoo myself, I long to be hideous as a Mongol:


Empire - Chronological 86%

Only Call them the Usurpers of Rome … and it is Still Generous to call them like that … Because We are the Church of Rome … Rome is the Church of the Christ … Caesar is the Church of the Christ … Nobody Else … Just to Hear myself call them the Church of Rome … I Just Disgust myself … They were my Camerlingo while my Absence … they were supposed to … according to those Damned … When they Heard about my Return … they have chosen to Kill me again … to Hide the Truth about Rome, to Hide the Truth about the Very Holy Roman and to Hide the Truth about the Eternal Goodness of Caesar … by any manner that it has been useful to hide their Crimes and Perversion … And to Hide the Truth about my New Child Resurrection has been their Weapon … and they Used Everything Around me for that … They knew about the church and its Lie … and they knew about the Holy Child which have been sent in the World to Live with the Men … And they Hypocritically tried to put Him to Death by the Side Band … They Always ALL Knew … Always and ALL … They will Say that they Did NoT know what to do with my New Coming … I Say that when you do NoT, you do NoT Interfere with the Affair … Much, and Much again, People having chosen that Holy Blessing Way to stay away from this Situation … I Call That '' Abnegation '' … And it was, in my Opinion … maybe the Very Holy and Only Way to Chose … as the Blessing Jewish 2000 Years ago … You do Not Know so you Do NoT Do … As my Very Holy Blessing Jewish have Chose to … The Real Jewish people ...


CL-Europass-20171010-Renauld-EN 86%

My objective in applying to this position is getting myself familiar with the English language as well as the desire to have an intercultural experience.


Brasil story 84%

I decided to become an entrepreneur because I believe working for myself brings me independence and the course showed me that.


The Harry Quebert Affair 84%

I told myself that inspiration would return tomorrow, or the day after, or perhaps the day after that.


Alex 82%

I was also giving lesson at the same time to be able to sustain myself.


Vision - Chronological 1 81%

have made Potential Murderer of MySelf ...'' ...


free download snatched from the corridors of hell PDF 81%

1 The story of a transformed life 2 I have thought about it for a long time before taking the decision of writing my story, for the simple reason that it would take me back into a past I just wanted to forget, but I finally realised that I couldn’t keep for myself this extraordinary and unique experience I had lived, and that I had to share it in order to help he or she who was living in appalling distress.


CV-ChristopheCabrol 80%

CLIQUEZ SUR LE LIEN +222 44 185 501 Nouakchott, Mauritanie Français, 33 ans, 13 ans d’expérience Marié, 1 enfant FORMATIONS 5 ADJECTIFS 2001 BTS Communication des entreprises CFSA de l’AFTEC (45) 1998 Baccalauréat ES option mathématiques Lycée Saint Paul (45) EXPÉRIENCES PROFESSIONNELLES DIRECTEUR ARTISTIQUE PHOTOGRAPHE 308 Production Nouakchott, Mauritanie DEPUIS MARS 2011 Photomontage Retouche AUTODIDACTE CRÉATIF CURIEUX PASSIONNÉ TRAVAILLEUR COMPÉTENCES PHOTOGRAPHE Océan Ogilvy Abdijan, Côte d’Ivoire MARS 2010 - MARS 2011 Photographie Direction artistique Photographie Retouche photo Conception rédaction Matte painting Illustration Edition/mise en page Identité visuelle DA/GRAPHISTE FREELANCE Me, myself &


CV Maxime MICHEL English 80%

Light, a game entirely created by myself during the 31st Ludum Dare ( a 2 days Game Jam ), a top view 2D game based on a light system.


Erasmus+ Dream Job LAURA HEILER 80%

I'm a little bit workaholic, I'm proactive, I try to be fair in my job and I consider myself to have two main qualities, i.e.


résultat prix spéciaux 2017 80%

NOM DU PRIX PRIX SEMBENE OUSMANE (5 millions FCFA + l’effigie en bronze de Sembene Ousmane) Lauréats WULU de Daouda COULIBALY (mali) PRIX DE LA CHANCE (2 millions FCFA + trophée) A PLACE FOR MYSELF de Marie Clementine DUSABEJAMBO (Rwanda) PRIX DE LA VILLE DE OUAGA (3 millions FCFA + trophée) La rue n’est pas ma mère de Jerome Nabonswende YAMEOGO (Burkina Faso) PRIX SANTE ET SECURITE AU TRAVAIL (2 millions FCFA + trophée + diplôme) Bons baisers de Moruroa de Larbi BENCHIHA (Algérie) PRIX WATER AID POUR L’EAU POTABLE, L’HYGIENE ET L’ASSAINISSEMENT (5 millions + 1 trophée) PRIX THOMAS SANKARA (3 millions FCFA + attestations) Le puits de Latfi BOUCHAICHI ( Algérie) PRIX SIGNIS (2 millions + trophée + certificat) The lucky specials de Réa RANGAKA ( Afrique du Sud) PRIX DE LA CRITIQUE CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE AFRICAINE (un diplôme) A mile in my shoes / un mile dans mes chaussures de Said KHALLAL (Benin) PRIX SPECIAL ASSEMBLEE NATIONALE DU BURKINA FASO (7 000 000 FCFA + trophée ) L’orage Africain sous l’influence de Sylvestre AWOUSSOU (Benin) PRIX UNICEF POUR LES DROITS DE L’ENFANT (7 millions FCFA + trophée) La rue n’est pas ma mère de Jerome Nabonswende YAMEOGO (Burkina Faso) PRIX CEDEAO DE L’INTEGRATION (15 millions) Frontières de Appoline Waye TRAORE (Burina faso) PRIX FELIX HOUPHOUET – BOIGNY (10 millions + 1 trophée) Frontières de Appoline Waye TRAORE (Burina faso) A PLACE FOR MYSELF de Marie Clementine DUSABEJAMBO (Rwanda)


book Fabrice Tayeau 80%

I see myself as an image maker at large.


Hal's Affirmations 79%

  I’m   an   excellent   writer   when   I   don’t   worry   about   being   perfect,   focus   on   being  authentic,  and  open  myself  up  to  the  source  of  IW  from  which  my  brilliance  and  wisdom  flows.


Trillion Digital Novel 05 79%

2 “Th-The hell?!” “Grooooooooooh!” I soon find myself getting up close and personal to the ceiling.


Trillion Digital Novel 01 78%

It’s difficult, but I bring myself to nod my head slightly in response to Brother’s words.


Team Host Presentation EN 78%

After my career in the mounted games, I realized 10 years ago that I was more interested in the organization of competitions rather than being a team member myself.


2 (1) 77%

me/ mine / myself my finger healed.


persepctiva postmodernista 77%

The Project My interest in women's reconstruction of self after divorce began a number of years ago when I got divorced myself Actually, it began even before this when I lost my first husband through an early death.


Chapter 2 77%

A depressed person, and indeed myself during a long period of my life, will try to isolate him or herself from people by having a different lifestyle.


Gege Blog 10.1 -Starter Engine A (f).PDF 75%

(G VG ) The carcass is so clean that it's a shame to paint it, I console myself by telling myself that like that it would rust quickly!


calendrier 75%

Dans le cadre du Festival Sens Interdits Sanja Mitrović - Cie Stand Up Tall Productions Dès 14 ans Du 24 au 26 octobre 2015 - Les Ateliers FESTIVAL MICRO MONDES Du 24 au 29 novembre 2015 L’Arbre Luisant d’escargopolis Cie 2 rien merci Dès 4 ans Du 24 au 29 novembre 2015 - Au TNG Danbé Cie (Mic)zzaj Dès 14 ans Le 24 novembre 2015 - Au Toboggan, Décines Dans la Forêt Milimbo Dès 5 ans Du 24 au 29 novembre 2015 - Au TNG contes et sentiers Milimbo Dès 5 ans Du 25 au 29 novembre 2015 - Au TNG A Game of You Ontroerend Goed Dès 16 ans Du 25 au 29 novembre 2015 - Les Ateliers NOVEMBRE Tartuffe d’après Tartuffe d’après Tartuffe d’après Molière Guillaume Bailliart - Groupe Fantômas Dès 14 ans Du 3 au 10 Novembre 2015 - Les Ateliers Hiatus (titre provisoire) Denis Mariotte Dès 15 ans Du 25 au 29 novembre 2015 - Les Ateliers l.I.R (Livre in room) Cie Haut et Court Du 24 au 29 novembre - Au TNG DÉCEMBRE KAIROS Bruno Meyssat – Théâtres du Shaman Dès 15 ans Du 14 au 18 décembre 2015 - Les Ateliers JANVIER Hikikomori - le refuge Joris Mathieu Dès 8 ans Du 8 au 12 janvier 2016 - Au TNG Orestie (une comédie organique ?) Orestea (una commedia organica ?) D’après Eschyle De Romeo Castellucci Du 20 au 27 janvier 2016 Dès 16 ans La Terre des Lombrics Chiara Guidi - Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio Dès 8 ans Du 29 mars au 2 avril 2016 - Au TNG AVRIL ÉCRIS-MOI UN MOUTON De Sébastien Joanniez Émilie Flacher - Cie Arnica Dès 12 ans Du 26 au 30 avril 2016 - Les Ateliers MAI Mon frère, ma princesse Aux Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon De Catherine Zambon Émilie Le Roux - les veilleurs [compagnie théâtrale] Dès 8 ans FÉVRIER Du 19 au 22 mai 2016 - Au TNG Richard III Myself upon Myself, loyaulté me lie (d’après William Shakespeare) JUIN Par Jean Lambert-wild, Lorenzo Malaguerra, Stéphane Blanquet, Gérald Garutti et Jean-Luc Therminarias Dès 15 ans Du 3 au 6 février - Au TNG MARS UN BEAU TÉNÉBREUX De Julien Gracq, adapté et mis en scène par Matthieu Cruciani - Cie The Party Dès 15 ans Du 10 au 13 mars 2016 - Les Ateliers OCTAÉDRITE Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves , Lara Morciano et José Miguel Fernandez Dès 15 ans Du 3 au 5 mars 2016 - Les Ateliers MERLIN De Tankred Dorst L’APRÈS-MIDI D’UN FOEHN Phia Ménard Dans le cadre du festival Les Utopistes Dès 4 ans Du 9 au 18 juin 2016 - Au TNG VORTEX Phia Ménard Dans le cadre du festival Les Utopistes Dès 15 ans Du 9 au 18 juin 2016 - Au TNG SOMNIUM De Juan Ignacio Tula &