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LC2196 100%

Special Abbreviations S2kp2 (slip 2, k1, p2sso) = Slip next 2 sts together knitwise to right needle;


ABREV ENGLISH explication tricot 99%

(voir ce terme) bl Back loop Brin arrière d'une maille blo Back loop only Par le brin arrière seulement Bo Bind off (américain) Rabattre glisser 1m sur une aiguille à torsade Slip next st to cable needle and placée derrièrel'ouvrage, tric à l'endroit les C3BP hold to back of work;


20152904PatterncabledS-XL 98%

75 m (82 yards) Recommended needle size:


bandeau CabledHeadbandEarwarmer 98%

 Worsted weight yarn (Hobby Lobby “I Love This Yarn” in Royal)  Size 8 Needles  Cable Needle (or 1 Double-Pointed Needle) Abbreviations:


LW3850 98%

6.5mm [US 10.5] 36” long and 8mm [US 11] 32” long Stitch markers, yarn needle GAUGE:


2Chiara English Single Sheet Hi-res 98%

Remove marker, slip last st back onto LH needle, replace marker.


Feather Lace Cowl V2 28Sept2014 (1) 97%

• 3.5 mm (US size 4) circular needle, 80 cm/ 32 in long • st marker • scrap yarn • 3.5 mm (US size E) crochet hook for provisional CO © Ewelina Murach 2012-14.


tinyscarecrow-knitdoll-biscuitbrothers 97%

locking/removable stitch markers, two black buttons of slightly under 1/2 inch for eyes (or if toy is being given to a small child, felt circles in same size), black sewing thread, white sewing thread, sewing needle, large tapestry needle, measuring tape, polyfil stuffing IMPORTANT NOTE:


A tale of 2 rivers 97%

- 4,5 skeins of Pingouin “Le Yarn 3 chiné” – one pair of needles n° 5 (US 8) – one pair of needles n° 5,5 (US 9) – one cable needle (CN) – one tapestry needle Gauge :


OwlPostv.12018 97%

yellow, white, and red - Black embroidery floss for eyes and breast - A length of black dk wool for the beak, around 30cm/12 inches long - Two 4mm black beads for eyes (or pupils can be embroidered if preferred), OR if preferred, you can use 8mm yellow safety eyes - Fabric glue (I use Gutermann HT2) - Polyester toy stuffing - stitch marker to mark beginning of round, if desired - wool or darning needle - fine, sharp sewing needle - sharp scissors for cutting felt (e.g.



[MC] Shreveport, 5 skeins [CC] Ebi, 3 skeins Recommended needle size [always use a needle size that gives you the gauge listed below -- every knitter's gauge is unique] US #5/3.75mm needles for working in the round 16-inch US #5/3.75mm circular needle (optional;


russian terms 97%

all - все alt – alternate - попеременно(alt K2, P2 - резинка2*2) approx - approximate (ly) - приблизительно armhole - пройма assembly - сборка beg –begin (beginning) - начать, указываетнаначаловязания bet - between - между BP dc - back post dc - столбикснакидомпровязанныйснизу BLO - back loop only - толькоизнаночнаяпетля BO - bind off - закрытьпетлидругнадруга cable - cable - косичка ch - chain - воздушнаяпетля cluster – группа(столбиковсоднойвершиной) cn - cable needle - петледержательдляпетелеккосички CC - contrasting color - контрастныйцвет CO - cast on - набрать(петли) Cuff - манжета dc - double crochet - столбикснакидом dec(s) - decrease(s) - убавка DP or dpn - double-pointed needle - обоюдоостраяспица dtr - double treble crochet - столбикс3 накидами edge - edge - борт edge st - edge stitch - кромочнаяпетля elastic - резинка every - каждое, каждую inc - increase - прибавка FP dc - front post dc - столбикснакидомпровязанныйсверху Front - перед g or gr - grams - граммы garter st - garter stitch - вязкаврубчик- рядизнаночный, рядлицевой hdc - half double crochet - полустолбиксоднимнакидом K - knit – лицевая- Лиц k1p1 - knit one, purl one – одналицевая, однаизнаночная K2tog - knit two (2) stitches together - провязатьдвепетливместекаклицевыеЛиц2вместе kwise - knitwise - каклицевую LH - left hand needle - леваяспица lp(s) - loop(s) - петля MC - main color - главныйцвет M1 - make one - делайтеодин Oz - ounce(s) - барс(ы) P - purl - изнаночная- Изн P2tog - purl two (2) stitches together - провязатьдвепетливместекакизнаночныеИзн2вместе patt(s) - pattern(s) - узор, раппорт p - picot - пико pm - place marker - поместитемаркер prev - previous - предыдущий psso - pass slip stitch over - снимитесоспицснятую непровязанную петлю (снять скользящую петлю над) p-wise - purl-wise, or as though to purl - какизнаночную puff stitch - пышный столбик rem - remain(ing) - остаток rep - repeat(ing) - повторять, раппорт rev st st - reverse stockinette stitch - изнаночнаячулочнаявязка- изнан.


Strawberry Shortcake Shoes 96%

K=knit P=purl St(s)=stitch(es) alt=alternate Beg=beginning cont=continue Inc=increase dec=decrease Gst=every row knit patt=pattern Rem=remaining rep=repeat Sl=slip tog=together RS=right side WS=wrong side Yrn=yarn round needle Yfwd=yarn forward St-st=stocking st 9 (right side knit, wrong side purl) Approx=approximately K2tog=knit 2 sts together K3tog=knit 3 sts together P2tog=purl 2 sts together M1=make 1 st by picking up and working into the back of the loop that lies between previous st and next st.


LC3858 96%

5½” wide x 60” long [14 cm x 152 cm] SPECIAL STITCHES Slip 1 Kni-twise = slip a stitch knit-wise PSSO = pass the slipped stitch over YO = yarn over needle LC3858 NOTES 1.


OwlPostPrinterFriendlyv.1Feb2018 96%

If you are a tight knitter like me, Materials and Equipment going down to a 2.25mm or even 2mm needle.


Tabitha A Toy Cat 95%

(12.7cm) doll needle, 2.5"


Leaf lace cotton cuff ENG 2.0 95%

1 ball green and 1 ball brown Needle:


1112MOD396 96205 95%

MAGIC + Sizes Quality MAGIC + Brebis 23308 I N T E R M E D I AT E Needle sizes:


patons-royal-baby-dress-pattern-update 95%

Milward stitch holder or spare needle X5 Milward buttons 0359 Tension 28 sts and 36 rows to 10cm (stocking st) on 3.25mm needles and 20 sts and 40 rows to 10cm (lace patt on Centre Triangular Sections on Shawl, before blocking) on 4.5mm needles or size needed to achieve correct tension.


Good Night 95%

Add1 = Make an extra stitch by picking up the horizontal strand of yarn lying between the stitch you have just knitted and the next st on the left hand needle placing it on the left hand needle and knit into the back of it.



Tapestry needle.


poncho-hugo eng 95%

One size pm – place marker, sm – slip marker, rm – remove marker m1 (make 1) – make 1 knit on the strand between the last knitted stitch and the first stitch on the left needle Cable A (over 4 stitches):


MXer50 cap 05 (alimentazione) 95%

FUEL SYSTEM MX’er 50 Remove the jet needle by removing the needle clip.


High Top Sneaker Slippers update Dec 2013 95%

High  Top  Sneaker  Slippers   Adjustable  sizing  for  Youths  to  Adults   Pattern  inspiration  from  Converse-­‐style  baby  booties   Sharon  Elizabeth  Designs         Materials   Bernat  Softee  Chunky  Super  Bulky  Yarn  100  g  ball  –  White  (Gauge  11  sts  =  4”)   Bernat  Softee  Chunky  Bulky  Yarn  100g  ball  –colour  of  choice  (for  sole  and  body  of   slipper)  (Gauge  15  sts  =  4”)   Scrap  yarn  worsted  weight  –  Black  (for  pinstripe  around  slipper  edge)   Scrap  of  worsted  weight  yarn  –  White  (for  ankle  “patch”)   6mm  needles   6mm  round  needles   Crochet  hook  4mm  and  6.5mm   Darning  Needle     Slipper  Sole     Measure  foot  length  and  subtract  ¾  of  an  inch  to  allow  for  the  slipper  to  stretch  fit.