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The Use and Non Use of Articles 100%

The is used to refer to specific or particular nouns;


grammar 99%

Proper And Common Nouns  Definition  Nouns – words used to name a person, place, thing, object, quality, idea, concept, or an action.


English exam Correction I 2017 98%

English exam Correction I 2017 English exam(Correction) 2 Year/ 2016-2017 (ST (I)) English exam First Part 1-Nouns are divided into four different kinds:


English Correction II 2017 final 97%

English Correction II 2017 final (Correction) English exam Second Year/ 2016 -2017(ST (II)) English exam First Part 1-Oral expression and comprehension is the ability to convey wants, needs, thoughts, and ideas meaningfully 1-O True 2- O False 2-Nouns are divided into four different kinds:


Noun 96%



Dénombrable Countable nouns are easy to recognize.


Program Francais anglais 80% CONCOURS D’ENTREE A l’EAMAC PROGRAMME ANGLAIS - FRANCAIS Ingénieur, Technicien Supérieur et Technicien ANGLAIS I) PROGRAMME OF ENGLISH A) Nouns  Common / proper  Mass / collective nouns  Abstract / concrete  Countable / uncountable  Plural • zero plural • foreign words’ plural • plurals with different meanings  Concord  compound B) Articles  Indefinite / definite/ zero article C) Adjectives  Types of adjectives  Order of adjective if more than one  Comparative and superlative forms D) Adverbs 1  Types of adverbs (manner, place, degree, possessive, quantity, etc.)


fr2 80%

Nouns, Articles and Demonstratives 5.


Definite and indefinite articles 76%

Definite and indefinite articles What is an article?


X2NLA chapter5 73%

the majority of two-syllable nouns have stress on the first syllable, for example 'brother or 'courage.


English as a Second Language-QuickStudy 67%

English as a Second Language QuickStudy BarCharts, Inc.® WORLD’S #1 ACADEMIC OUTLINE Vocabulary, Popular Phrases and Expressions, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives &


Cours n°3 67%

Cours n°3 Cours n°3:


Fashion Victims 67%

S1 VOCABULARY ANG FASHION VICTIMS LAI S Décembre 2011 Nouns to be in fashion être à la mode Verbs to come into fashion rentrer dans la mode to afford avoir les moyens to be out of fashion to go out of fashion



SIGHTNOUNS SIGHT WORDS NOUNS apple baby back ball bear bed bell bird birthday boat box boy bread brother cake car cat chair chicken children Christmas coat corn cow day dog doll door duck egg eye farm farmer father feet fire


2nde -The Environment - Videos 65%

Nouns Verbs Adjectives a nuclear power plant (example to wake up = Nogent sur Seine) polluting =/= clean cooling towers (= to prevent explosions) to pollute carefree =/= worried, anxious wind power plant to drink tea pathetic / ridiculous in the background to be personified efficient =/= inefficient a hazard = a serious risk to look + adj / to look like + N to symbolize to crumble down (= to fall apart) to rise (rose / risen)