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Macrolides dans les pneumonies communautaires 100%

Twenty-eight observational studies (no randomized control trials) were included.


Guidelines for the Perioperative Management SAOS 95%

Category A evidence represents results obtained from randomized controlled trials (RCTs), and Category B evidence represents observational results obtained from nonrandomized study designs or RCTs without pertinent controls.


major trauma coagulopathy guidelines 90%

In the absence of such evidence, case-control studies, observational studies and case reports were considered.


RASOANAIVO efficacity of herbal antimalarial 89%

Philippe Rasoanaivo Head of malaria projects, IMRA Head of RITAM pre-clinical group There is a great potential of antimalarial treatments in different components of biodiversity BIODIVERSITY Ecosystem diversity Ecochemistry Species diversity Chemodiversity Antimalarial treatments Culture diversity Ethnobotany Critical evaluation of the present state of knowledge Lack of clinical observational studies on the effectiveness of reputed antimalarial treatments Insufficient work dedicated to the antiplasmodial screening of plants as well as bioassay-guided fractionations of active extracts Lack of antimalarial screening on the hepatic stage of malaria parasites The way forward Strengthening the search for active constituents of antimalarial plants in the erythrocytic stage Extending antiplasmodial screening to other endemic plants to encompass large structure diversity Extending the screening of antimalarial plants to the hepatic stage Performing clinical observational studies on reputed antimalarial plants for home management of malaria (HMM) in community-based approach World malaria distribution and occurrence of antimalarials Artemisinin Quinine ?


N2O-Derm-Surg-518 88%

of Patients) Type of Study Procedure Performed Pain Outcomes Fink and colleagues8 (n = 71) Prospective, singlecenter, controlled, observational Photodynamic therapy for actinic keratoses Paracka and colleagues9 (n = 13) Open-label, observational, intraindividual Botulinum toxin injections for Significant reduction in injection site pain with All patients insisted that subsequent treatments include N2O.


major bleeding trauma 87%

In the absence of high-quality scientific support, case reports, observational studies and case control studies were also considered and the literature support for each recommendation graded accordingly.


article 84%

Improved X-ray data have expanded the mass range down to galaxy groups, whereas SZ surveys have opened a new observational window on the intracluster medium.


Post Cardiac Arrest Syndrome 81%

Oxygenation and Ventilation Although 100% oxygen is commonly used during initial resuscitation, both animal models and observational studies highlight the potential harm of oxygen toxicity.19,20 In a multicenter cohort study of 6326 patients admitted to intensive care after OHCA, arterial hyperoxia (Pa O 2 ⬎300 mm Hg) was independently associated with increased in-hospital mortality compared with patients with normoxia or hypoxia.20 Accordingly, until there are further data from prospective, controlled clinical trials, it seems reasonable to recommend that both hyperoxia and hypoxia after ROSC be avoided.


PCT Peritonite Crit Care 75%

Methods This single ICU, observational study included patients with perioperative septic shocks secondary to intra-abdominal infection.


LithiumToxicity 74%

Methods We undertook a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials and observational studies.


information-flyerechelle sac 74%

Results of a Multicenter Observational Study.


Caesar 2018 Nature (1) 72%

The median trend of the subpolar gyre region is located at the third percentile of all trends in the observational data, and at the first percentile in the model.


20200402-analyse-chloroquine-MO 71%

an observational study (non publié).


Vascular Access in Pediatric Patients 70%

(Prospective observational study; ... (Retrospective observational study;


anglais 70%

Pongnapang, faculty of Medical Technology, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand Irène Ouvrard UE 5.1 - Semestre 5 - promotion 2015-2018 IFMEM Xavier Arnozan Keywords ● Computed radiography ● Image quality ● Image processing ● Quality control Why I chose this article ● Global view on radiographer problematics ● Gives recommended practices ● Teamwork Methodology ● Observational survey ● Search in a data base ● Literature search Results ● Exposure technique ;


FEX-54-Web FEB-2017 dossier R4NUT 67%

Action Against Hunger research department has a multidisciplinary team and currently has a portfolio of six RCTs and seven observational studies recently completed/in progress.


Nephrol. Dial. Transplant.-2015--ii1-ii142 67%

Determine final grade for quality of evidence Randomized trials = high Observational studies = low Risk of bias − 1 Serious − 2 Very serious Inconsistency − 1 Serious − 2 Very serious Indirectness − 1 Serious − 2 Very serious Imprecision − 1 Serious − 2 Very serious Publication Bias − 1 Likely − 2 Very likely Large effect + 1 Large + 2 Very large Dose–response + 1 Evidence of a gradient All plausible confounding + 1 Would reduce a demonstrated effect + 1 Would suggest a spurious effect when results show no effect High (four plus:


CRE Combination versus monotherapy 66%

Recent findings Evidence supporting the use of combination therapy for the treatment of CRE remains limited to in-vitro experiments and observational studies with considerable risk of bias.


biblio covid19 8 66%

an observational study Of chloroquine and COVID-19 Could chloroquine /HCQ be be harmful in Ne vous avais-je pas promis la suite ?


Diagnosis and management of Raynaud's Sd 65%

We review observational studies, randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, and guidelines to provide an overview of the clinical presentation of Raynaud’s phenomenon, its risk factors, its diagnosis, and the current and potential treatments.


Nutrition for critically ill patients 62%

Severe skeletal-muscle wasting and weakness occurring during critical illness are associated with a prolonged need for mechanical ventilation and rehabilitation.2 In many studies, the degree of energy deficit accumulating in critically ill patients is strongly associated with the duration of stay in the ICU, which, in turn, is associated with an increased incidence of infectious complications and risk of death.1 Until recently, however, the causality of these associations remained unclear, since the majority of studies that formed the basis of published recommendations for feeding ICU patients were either observational or small interventional studies.3,4 Recently, the field of critical care nutrition has been revived by the findings of several randomized, controlled trials, which have opened a new debate on nutritional practice in the ICU.


PhD thesis satellites 60%

We propose a thesis based on numerical modeling and whose aim is to compel the formation conditions of Jupiter's moons via the supply of observational tests that will be measurable via mass spectrometry aboard JUICE.


Press Kit - Whole 'Nother Level - Short Film Corner 59%

Bruce was one of six college students from 500 nationwide to participate in observational research at Columbia Pictures Studios.


Vit D Levels in Recurrent Respiratory Chronic cough 59%

Methods This prospective observational study was performed by comparing serum vitamin D levels in children with recurrent respiratory infections, chronic cough and healthy children.