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Asa cervical para los músculos pretiroideos PLEXO BRAQLJIAI (C5-T1) Ñervo frénico PARES CRANEALES Cranial Nerve Ñame I - Olfactory II- Optic III- Oculomotor IV- Trochlear V- Trigeminal VI - Abducens Vil - Facial VIII- Vestibulocochlear IX- Glossopharyngeal X- Vagus XI - Spinal Accessory XII - Hypoglossal > 31/05/2015

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RIII, III, root and nucleus of the oculomotor nerve; 12/08/2015

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This prolonged duration of the saccade in ASD relative to typical developing children is related to the caudal fastigial nucleus and the cerebellar vermal lobules VI and VII, where post-lesion resulted in increased duration of the saccade consistent with cerebellar impairment that altered the oculomotor system.87 Therefore, Mosconi et al57 measured defects in adaptation rate and amplitude variability in autism, by evaluating the performance on a traditional neuropsychological test of manual motor control in ASD compared to typical developing children. 02/12/2016


Primary and secondary ossification (skull, sternum and innominate bones) Auditory (CN VIII) and glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX) which is separated from the accessory nerve (CN XI), oculomotor (CN III), trigeminal (CN V), and hypoglossal nerve (XII), origin of the troclear nerve (IV), the cardiac plexus Attachments of the intercostal muscles, extrinsic muscles of ear, muscles of head and neck, muscle of mastication, muscle of the soft and hard palates Round and oval windows, scala vestibuli, semicircular canals, incudo-malleolar joint Ovaries, round ligament, clitoris, hymen, vagina and placenta Combined action of the oblique muscles and trochlea of superior oblique Primary dentition, follicle of tooth and development of secondary tooth Ileocecal valve Invention of names Cricoid Pyramidalis (Falloppian) Muscle Cochlea, labyrinthtympanum Vagina, placenta, Falloppian tubes Falloppian ileocecal valve Some authors attributed the discovered of the stape to Ingrassia (Kothary and Kothary, 1975). 08/01/2014