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99% - Future Earth RFP for Regional Offiche

Regional Committees will be aligned with Future Earth Regional Centres and Regional Offices, which form a part of the globally-distributed Executive Secretariat. 29/09/2015

99% - undt 2016 002

On 1 and 2 May 2013, the Head of CAS held a coordination meeting with the Chiefs of Regional Offices within MINUSTAH, which the Applicant attended. 13/02/2016

99% - Business Center Delhi

Private offices Private offices that can accommodate from 1-4 persons are available in our facility. 16/10/2015

98% - La bureautique

La bureautique Qu’est-ce que la bureautique ? 18/04/2013

98% - 2012 05 22 Circular updatepractice rules

2012 05 22 Circular updatepractice rules OFFICE FOR HARMONIZATION IN THE INTERNAL MARKET (TRADE MARKS AND DESIGNS)   Alicante, 18 May 2012  008‐2012‐03‐10‐N‐ICLAD‐LP‐Consultation Users Manual‐JL.doc        Note for the attention of the EU National IP Offices and the users’ associations      Subject: The process for updating the OHIM’s trade marks and designs practice    1. VISION  Currently, the practice of the Office is reflected in the Manual on Trade Mark Practice and  the Manual on Registered Designs practice. These manuals are working documents, two  dynamically changing practical guides which are revised on a regular basis.  The Office also has its Guidelines. However these texts have not been revised on a regular  basis. They were last updated in 2007 (trade marks) and 2008 (designs). This was due to a  fairly cumbersome process for adopting them.  The Office wants to merge these two documents and provide them in all the official  languages of the European Union while implementing a cyclical and agile process which  takes into consideration the feedback of our internal and external stakeholders, particularly,  the users and the EU national offices.  The goal, as spelled out in the Office’s strategic plan, is to improve the consistency of OHIM’s  decisions, in particular, between the first instance and appeal decisions (Key Initiative 23). In  order to achieve consistency, the prevailing practice of the Boards of Appeal has to be  included in the Manuals/Guidelines. To do so we will be looking at the Boards’ and the  Court’s case‐law on a regular yearly basis ‐ a shorter time span would neither ensure the  necessary continuity in practice nor give a complete picture of developing trends.  Avenida de Europa, 4 • E - 03008 Alicante • Spain Tel. 08/06/2012

97% - Tutoriel Office 365

Tutoriel Office 365 Qu’est-ce que office 365 ? 06/11/2020

97% - Cours4 2diapos

Cours4 2diapos Cours N°4 Libre Office 3.4: 18/10/2015

97% - References EN

References EN Références AZERBAIJAN IVORY COAST Maritime Administration of the State of Azerbaijan / Ministry of Finance e-Passports // Passports for sailors // Foreigner residence cards // Excise stamps // Visas Ministry of Defense, Social Security Fund Military census // Veteran census // Pensioners’ census BELGIUM Banks, Embassies, Ministries, Universities, Airports, Prisons Biometric access verification and security system // Production of badges for events ETHIOPIA Department of Post Offices Postal stamps FRANCE REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs Border Control Information System (PAF) // OFPRA (French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons) biometric verification Ministry of Transports Driving license GABON -D.G.D.I. 18/11/2014

96% - DHEC company profile 2020

Vehicles – Office vehicles comprise 2 X 4X4 Double Cabs, and 2 X Saloon cars Staffing and Premises – Situated along Leopards Hill Road in the NAPSA Complex, staffing as per Staff Organogram attached Project Gallery Kitwe Garden Court Hotel and Convention Centre DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Stand 226A, NAPSA Complex, Nyumba Yanga, Off Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia 2 DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Kitwe Garden Court Hotel, Offices and Convention Centre Napsa Offices Kitwe DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Stand 226A, NAPSA Complex, Nyumba Yanga, Off Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia 3 DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Medical Stores Ltd – Distribution Warehouse Choma Luwingu Service Station DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Stand 226A, NAPSA Complex, Nyumba Yanga, Off Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia 4 DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS National Milling New Mill and Office Complex, Lilayi Fire Fighting Installation Total Depot, Lusaka DH ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Stand 226A, NAPSA Complex, Nyumba Yanga, Off Leopards Hill Road, Lusaka, Zambia 5 10/08/2020