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609287 Hindawi Publishing Corporation International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences Volume 2011, Article ID 609287, 12 pages doi:10.1155/2011/609287 Research Article Duality Property for Positive Weak Dunford-Pettis Operators Belmesnaoui Aqzzouz,1 Khalid Bouras,2 and Mohammed Moussa2 1 D´epartement d’Economie, Facult´e des Sciences Economiques, Juridiques et Sociales, Universit´e Mohammed V-Souissi, BP 5295, Sala Al Jadida, Morocco 2 D´epartement de Math´ematiques, Facult´e des Sciences, Universit´e Ibn Tofail, BP 133, K´enitra, Morocco Correspondence should be addressed to Belmesnaoui Aqzzouz, Received 15 December 2010;


TelcosChallenges1 99%

TelcosChallenges1 15 Challenges for Telecoms Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa June 2017 Strategy &


College Painters Peterborough 93%

Alex brings with him 3 years of painting experience under one of our largest full time operators between his studies.


WOGLR - March 2014 pg 14 93%

WOGLR March 2014 pg 14 LIQUIDITY The importance of poker liquidity for regulated markets Poker business is collapsing in France, Spain and Italy Over the last five years, Italy, France, Denmark, Spain and Belgium have all regulated their gaming markets and allowed online poker operators to apply for a licence in order to offer their services to 190 million potential customers.


RatingTélécomsS-TOOR 90%

Telecoms Operators Operational Rating – 2018 01 INTRODUCTION La question de la performance synthétique qui permet d’évaluer la santé générale d’un opérateur télécoms sur le plan opérationnel est une préoccupation majeure des CEOs face à l’avalanche d’indicateurs de performance.


PhysRevA.84.023809 89%

We can use this terminology for linear operators acting in infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces [1].


Cours-Hubbad06 87%

 Statistics of Identical Particles  Assignment - 1  Creation and Annihilation Operators o Example:


Wyplay opens office Tunisia EN 80%

Marseille, September 12th 2017 — After Marseille, Montpellier, Sofia Antipolis and Sao Paulo last year, Wyplay, software solutions provider for major TV operators, sets up in Tunisia and opens an office in Tunis, the first in Africa, strengthening its expansion strategy.


club 0S001231AC-UK Unity+all catalogue x en x 22677 2 76%

IN THE GYM ON THE GO AT HOME UNITY™ UNITY™ is the first Android-based cardio platform in the market that enables gym users and operators to stay mutually connected via the mywellness® cloud.


040515 ADC Job Reservation Product-officer French-speaking 73%

rates) to tour operators and travel agencies and follow up until client has approved the program/quotation;


DXEngineering-Fall 2013 Catalog Complete Book 73%

2 When DX Engineering opened, our goal was to provide serious amateur radio operators with no-compromise antenna solutions.


13 73%

No wonder there’s a long line of operators who want to operate from K3LR in the big contests!



All telecommunications operators are obliged to comply with government regulations to enable the interception of any type of call, and most countries have adopted global lawful interception requirements and standards.