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100% - AMFEIX March Report

Table 3 Expected Values of Returns for AMFEIX Possible Outcomes Probability (1) Returns (2) Pessimistic Most likely Optimistic 0.25 0.50 0.25 3.00% 18.00% 35.00% Weighted Value [(1) x (2)] (3) 0.75% 9.00% 8.75% Expected Return: 27/04/2019

97% - Pres BCO mgt FR 112009

c – financière • Tel soutien est considéré comme aide n • Ministre de la tutelle fera l’introduction du dossier de notification auprès de la o i s s la fin de l’année Commission Européenne avant u c s i d sont d’accord que la filialisation est la seule solution pour • Tous les partis concernés n sauver l’activité freteau sein de la SNCB B C N≠ privatisation • Filialisation S s n iosociété de droit commun • Mais t i s o op r P Scénarios de volumes 70 60 Evolution of volumes Million ton Evolution of Revenues EUR million s o op r P Resulting evolution of B-Cargo share of rail in Belgium Percent 62 57 50 40 0 2008 450 400 354 350 300 250 0 2008 B C N S s n o i it 100 93.9% 90 40 09* en 10 s s u c dis ion – n e id f n o 11 c 10 89.3% 12 Optimistic Pessimistic 13 2014 440 382 Optimistic Base Case 296 283 11 55 42 361 273 09* 12 63 Base Case 417 Pessimistic 13 86.1% 81.5% 75.0% 80 70 0 2008 – l ti41e 53 11 / 23 9 0 0 /2 2014 84.0% 78.0% Optimistic 70.0% Base Case Pessimistic 09* 10 11 12 13 2014 5 30/11/2009

83% - TPP

But especially given the overly-optimistic record of the ITC in predicting trade balances (see this analysis by Public Citizen), this is another reason to cast a jaundiced eye on these predictions. 11/06/2016

72% - Malaysian Grand Prix

The favourites were there, so was Alonso, despite being a bit too optimistic, which cost him a few points. 10/08/2010

72% - Austin Melting Pot or Salad Bowl

Here’s what can make us more optimistic with the track’s future if the project remains as promising as it is now once built. 01/09/2010

72% - CV MarieThiery

Blog and Newsletters Optimistic communication MANAGER GALLIA PARIS - 8 months - 2012/2013 Love to work in a team Global marketing and communication strategy / Digital communication / Graphic design / Event planning Quick learner Project manager and digital strategist Proactive AGENCE PPM - 5 months - 2011/2012 Project management for multiple clients / Digital Strategy / Event Planning marketing ASSISTANT SKILLS : 18/08/2015

71% - Les curseurs en sqlserver

READ_ONLY ______________________________________________________________ 4 SCROLL_LOCKS ___________________________________________________________ 4 OPTIMISTIC _______________________________________________________________ 4 1.5. 18/04/2011

68% - Justine Resume

Justine Resume Justine Taffarello 4107 Kaplan Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606 (919) 637 5084 Optimistic and team-oriented individual seeking opportunities in wine and food industries. 18/02/2016

66% - Steer davies study on 4th railway Package

optimistic scenario ...................................... 199 Summary ............................................................................................ 202 8 CONCLUSIONS .................................................................................... 23/06/2016

64% - Spa, Thermal and Thermic City

He wasn't the only one because Schumacher himself was a little bit too optimistic when he hit his teammate to overtake the latter. 01/09/2010

63% - Limousine Hire Northern Beaches

About Us Being a human being having grand dreams to attain big goals is such an optimistic thing. 22/12/2016

62% - AMECA2016 Program

Soltani was very helpful, optimistic and championed the cause of development of Community and Preventive Medicine in Tunisia. 25/11/2016

56% - 1050 shelters en FINAL

“Optimistic by nature, I always thought we would get there, but it required considerable resources. 21/12/2011

55% - Assignement 1 final PDF

Secondly, the crisis appeared after years of housing prices increase, in part due to low credit rates thanks to the FED policy, and to high and optimistic expectations about housing prices from professionals and bankers. 23/01/2018

54% - un portrait un espoir a portrait of hope

I am optimistic and convinced that this research will bring an end to cancer. 25/11/2011

54% - autonomous building

But as you can see, the required surface is huge, and this case was optimistic... 26/06/2018

53% - Culture an answer to delinquency

It seems difficult to be optimistic when it comes to the results of the students when the tools that are supposed to help them are regularly changed, and therefore the teachers, and more generally the whole educational system, lose their credibility. 25/04/2016

53% - FORUMv3i3

It is, as Marc Frilet points out in his largely optimistic assessment of its achievements to date, a working reality, fulfilling a need made urgent by the failure of national legal systems, up until now, to develop a sufficiently certain legal framework for business transactions. 28/11/2016


Maoz (2013), though our method provides a more optimistic integration time as the fitting routine takes into consideration shape information in addition to photon count statistics. 29/07/2014

50% - Cloud Begins With Coal

The Cloud, Illumination, and EVs   The global ICT ecosystem uses as much electricity as global lighting did circa 1985, and in two decades will likely use triple the energy of all EVs in the world by then, assuming an optimistic 200 million EV forecast. 21/08/2013

50% - NPC Diagnostic Overview

We are optimistic that South Africa has the capability to tackle these challenges, but it will require leadership and the support and determination of all South Africans and sectors of society. 10/06/2011

50% - biblio covid19 2

In the most effective mitigation strategy examined,….the surge limits for both general ward and ICU beds would be exceeded by at least 8-fold under the more optimistic scenario for critical care requirements that we examined. 26/03/2020

49% -

The opposite of good = bon Bad = mauvais La fiche a été conçue et rédigée par Elisabeth AURIAT 84 adjectifs anglais pour décrire quelqu'un en anglais en français 1 The opposite of confident = confiant Worried, anxious PRÉOCCUPE 2 The opposite of satisfied = satisfait Dissatisfied INSATISFAIT 3 4 The opposite of funny = drôle The opposite of hilarious = hilarant TRISTE PATHÉTIQUE 5 6 The opposite of hopeful = plein d’espoir The opposite of pleasant = agréable Sad Upsetting, distressing, pathetic Hopeless, desperate Unpleasant 7 8 The opposite of optimistic = optimiste The opposite of hopeful = optimiste Pessimistic, downhearted Desperate PESSIMISTE, DÉCOURAGE DÉSESPÉRÉ 9 10 11 12 13 The opposite of self-satisfied= suffisant The opposite of ashamed = honteux The opposite of aged = âgé The opposite of guilty = coupable The opposite of selfish = égoïste Humble Unashamed, shameless Young Innocent Generous HUMBLE ÉHONTÉ, EFFRONTÉ JEUNE INNOCENT GÉNÉREUX 14 The opposite of reserved = réservé Exuberant EXUBÉRANT 15 16 Merciless, pitiless, Ruthless SANS MERCI, SANS PITIÉ, IMPITOYABLE 17 The opposite of merciful = miséricordieux The opposite of benevolent = bienveillant (bénévole = volunteer) The opposite of approving = approbateur Disapproving DÉSAPPROBATEUR 18 19 The opposite of enthusiast = enthousiaste The opposite of tolerant = tolérant Indifferent, Intolerant INDIFFÉRENT, GRINCHEUX INTOLÉRANT 20 21 22 23 24 The opposite of smiling= souriant The opposite of sensitive = sensible The opposite of shy, timid = timide The opposite of self-confident= confiant, The opposite of stressed = stréssé Tearful Insensitive Daring, bold, reckless Self-conscious Casual LARMOYANT INSENSIBLE AUDACIEUX GÊNE, COMPLEXÉ DÉSINVOLTE 25 The opposite of painstaking = minutieux, Careless NÉGLIGEANT 26 27 The opposite of furious, = furieux The opposite of fascinating = fascinant Calm, quiet, cool Uninteresting CALME, POSE ININTÉRESSANT 28 29 30 31 The opposite of affectionate= affectueux The opposite of trustworthy = de confiance The opposite of kind, nice= gentil The opposite of attractive = attirant Cold Deceptive Nasty Repulsive FROID TROMPEUR MÉCHANT RÉPUGNANT 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 The opposite of terrific = genial The opposite of hard-working = travailleur The opposite of tall = grand The opposite of slim = mince, svelte The opposite of thin = fin The opposite of skinny = maigre The opposite of pleasant= plaisant The opposite of agreeable = agreeable The opposite of delighted = ravi The opposite of satisfying = satisfaisant The opposite of jovial = jovial Worthless, useless, Lazy Short, little Big Thick Fat Unpleasant, Disagreeable Indignant Dissatisfying Grumpy, bad-tempered NUL, SANS INTÉRÊT PARESSEUX PETIT GROS ÉPAIS GRAS DÉPLAISANT DÉSAGRÉABLE INDIGNÉ INSATISFAISANT GRINCHEUX La fiche a été conçue et rédigée par Elisabeth AURIAT SANS ESPOIR DÉPLAISANT La fiche a été conçue et rédigée par Elisabeth AURIAT 10/09/2015

48% -

This paper shows that existing worst-case response time analysis of hard real-time tasks under FPDS, arbitrary phasing and relative deadlines at most equal to periods is pessimistic and/or optimistic. 12/06/2013

43% - Nothing new between dunes

The ones who think that Alonso’s victory is an optimistic one should look at the best race times. 06/08/2010