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Growth of each type of organism was quantified as light if it was noted in the first quadrant, moderate if it was noted in the second or third quadrant, and heavy if growth was noted in all quadrants.


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Genetic, informational molecule in every organism, including viruses (which appear to be molecular fragments of DNA/RNA capable of “living” in host cells) 2.


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Figure 6 Levels of biomimicry The organism level refers to a specific organism like a plant or an animal and may involve mimicking part of or the whole organism.


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Each centromere in this organism, originally identified in a DNA region of 40 to 110 kb, is organized symmetrically in a 10-to-15-kb CENP-A-rich chromatin that is flanked by an ⬃10-to-60-kb pericentric heterochromatin (119, 124, 138) (Fig.


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For he was gradually led to realize that because gold has no relationship with oxygen, the breath of life, it has a quite specific effect when it is introduced in a certain dosage into the human organism.


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To tell the truth, the question did not even arise, a virus not being regarded as a living organism .


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22/03/10 From Unicellular Organisms…..


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A city that imports is considered a sick organism.


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Phytoplankton are all the organism of plankton which belong to Plantae kingdom.


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Province Sud Projet de délibération portant diverses modifications du code de l'environnement de la province Sud Texte modifié Texte en vigueur Article Dispositions relatives aux institutions e t organism es (Livre I, T itre II) A rticle 122-3 APS A rticle 124-1 A PS Le com ité se réunit une fois par mois sur convocation de son président.


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Distribution, average net charge and amino acid contents of bacteriocins by organism grouping in the BACTIBASE database.


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In addition, each entry contains general data such as peptide name, sequence, class, microbial data (producer organism, taxonomy and target bacterial organisms) and relevant references in Swiss protein database.


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The imprinting disorders together with the emerging role of epigenetics in nutritional genomics, environment-organism interaction studies and in some other fields are also mentioned.