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library project V1 100%

Project Common Library for Orphanages July 2012 - Common Library Project – Version 0.1 Executive Summary:


Available Education mission &intrenship in togo 89%

In orphanages, living conditions are Extremely shocking, see unbearable.


Mission Humanitarian Orphanage Local Health education 84%

In orphanages, living conditions are Extremely shocking, see unbearable.



In orphanages, living conditions are Extremely shocking, see unbearable.


GuideXenogears 60%

Xenogears A ma famille, mon foyer.


global problem of child abuse 57%

Studies of children in orphanages further support the significance of attachment in fostering mental health.


Face of adoption changing 53%

It all leaves prospective parents with a feeling that their access is shrinking.“The agency pool is getting smaller and smaller,” Some children left behind In some cases, children may languish in orphanages, but in others, stricter rules may prevent children from being separated from their parents in the first place.


Recycling water-Banks Food 50%

06 03 65 87 26 TOULON Le 2 Mai 2013 - It surplus of fresh produce will be directed towards hospitals, orphanages or why not worms of the schools of nursery school and primary education of small village.


Statement 1 June 2017 Children’s Day 50%

Even if many countries undergo a deinstitutionalization process, many children with physical, intellectual and psychosocial disabilities still live in States-run residential orphanages or in private institutions, sometimes without official license, and therefore without effective governmental control.


International Adoption Agencies 45%

We are dedicated to improving the physical and emotional well being of abandoned children living in orphanages in Eastern Europe in the countries of Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine.


All missions informations 41%

Binoculars, Camera, Backpack (for excursions and trips) Mobile phone according to your needs (the network is working), your donations to orphanages, medical and academic centers (optional) security A mission in Africa involves leaving for a destination often overlooked and whose rules for safety are very different from those you know !!