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poster 100%


Active light shift stabilization in modulated CPT clocks 80%

In this technique, a servo is used to control the local oscillator power level in such a way that the optical spectrum generates no net light shift.


Mutable Instruments Braids v1.5 79%

This parameter controls the main evolution and motion of the timbre – for example pulse width for a square oscillator or modulation index for a FM model.


PLL HB[1] 76%

British Channels * The PLL for FM Use - A Basic Crystal Synthesizer - Equivalent PLL Synthesizer - Elements ofThe PLL System - Reference Oscillator &


qeg-user-manual-3-25-14 68%

An effective way to understand the operating principle of the QEG is to think of it as a high-powered, selfresonant oscillator (a power tank circuit), which generates high-voltage AC (15 to 25kV).


Paper Stability and morphology-dependence of Sc3ions 67%

Zinc oxide Scandium Optical properties Single oscillator model Urbach tailing Dielectric constant Amlouk–Boubaker opto-thermal expansivity ψAB


PhysRevA.84.023834 53%

In the bottom-up situation the mechanical oscillator(s) are comprised of collective momentum modes of the trapped gas, excited via photon recoil [9–13].


Direct Digital Sampling Synthesizer in 28nm ULP 53%

 A PCell description of a differential ring-oscillator (use as a reference into the design) must be provided.


Postdoc 53%

The proposed project aims at understanding the interplay between the dynamics of the cell cycle oscillator and cellular behavior, in particular in the context of networks of communicating cells.


PhysRevA.84.021801 52%

Our technique is similar to heterodyne detection with the coherent background playing the role of the local oscillator field.


LTC1799 CV Control 48%

LTC1799 CV Control Controlling a LTC1799 Oscillator Without A Pot (Part 1) Some weeks before we had a discussion in Facebook how to controll a LTC1799 with a signal, eg.