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96% - Cryotechnic1

Cryotechnic1 Cryotechnics Since 1987, the 'Laboratoire de Chimie industrielle' has had contractual and research activities in the space field and especially with the manipulation of liquid oxygen often used in rocket propulsion. 18/02/2013

95% - High Flow oxygen therapy bronchiolitis

High Flow oxygen therapy bronchiolitis The n e w e ng l a n d j o u r na l of m e dic i n e Original Article A Randomized Trial of High-Flow Oxygen Therapy in Infants with Bronchiolitis Donna Franklin, B.N., M.B.A., Franz E. 06/04/2018

94% - smart phone remote data extraction

smart phone remote data extraction Mobile forensic  analysis for  smar012ones ISS World Europe 200/ (C) Oxygen Software, 2000-2008 Purposes of phone forensics Extracting complete and unaltered information from  cell phones, smartphones, PDA etc. 02/07/2013

94% - Cooper Medical Supplies

We carry everything from easy to use and read finger pulse oximeters for spot oxygen checks (SPO2). 19/12/2014

93% - Paléotempérature Lécolle

Paleotemperatures of continental realms calculated from the oxygen-18 contents of landsnail shells. 02/04/2017

91% - Genetic code quantum analysis

Thus, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen and Phosphorus are the only elements of DNA (and RNA) the coding structure of the genetic code. 15/09/2020

91% - Oxygène

OXYGEN, COMPRESSED : 2.2 : : 200 : 31/07/2013

90% - The universal ratio 3 by 2

Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen are with even number of quantum shells; 12/10/2020


-éaction_triple_alpha Then the formation of nitrogen and oxygen. 06/03/2018

90% - Circulation splanchnique

Circulation splanchnique Circulation splanchnique et états de choc Pr Pierre Asfar Laboratoire HIFIH Département de Réanimation Médicale CHU-Angers Analogy For Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation Oxygen Uptake LOADING STATION CaO2 = (Hb . 14/02/2016

89% - Bulletin n°1 NOX

Bulletin n°1 NOX La politique municipale : 27/11/2012

89% - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning In Children

Although the mainstay of treatment is 100% oxygen, the current evidence and controversies in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in pediatric patients are reviewed, along with its possible benefit in preventing delayed neurologic sequelae. 15/09/2017