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WORLD Analysis - Palestinian Reconciliation. News on Sunday 13.5.11 100%

News on Sunday 13.5.11 WORLD NEWS News on Sunday, May 13 - 19, 2011 | 34 ANALYSIS The Arab Spring and Palestinian Reconciliation Each year Palestinians commemorate alNakba (or “the catastrophe”) on May 15th as a reminder of how hundreds of thousands of them were expelled from their homeland in 1948.


rapport 89%

rapport A/HRC/37/39 Advance Edited Version Distr.:


index.cfm 85%

index.cfm Pro-Aquifer Protecting Trans-boundary Groundwater Sources from Pollution:


La Nabka - Étude détaillée et cartes 84%

maps 2 Ten years of research into the 1947-49 war The expulsion of the Palestinians re-examined Fifty years ago the UN decided to partition Palestine into two states, one Arab, one Jewish.


pappe10mythologies 83%

Palestinians resorted to acts of terror against Jewish settlers prior to the creation of Israel........................................................................................................


humanitarian Snapshot 11July2014 oPt V1 82%

humanitarian Snapshot 11July2014 oPt V1 Occupied Palestinian Territory:


settlements map eng 81%

296,586 Number of Palestinians in the West Bank:


Une étoile jaune pour les Palestiniens 69%

Deport the Palestinians to where they came from – Israel.


The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe (2006) 67%

Anyone concerned with peace and justice for these two peoples needs to read and reflect upon this brave, honest, and illuminating exposure of the crimes committed against the Palestinians in the course of establishing the state of Israel in 1948, and since.' -Richard Falk, ProfessorofInternational Law and Practise, Princeton University 'This is an extraordinary book - a dazzling feat of scholarly synthesis and Biblical moral clarity and humaneness.' -Walid Khalidi, Former Senior Research Fellow Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University 'If there is to be real peace in Palestine/Israel, the moral vigour and intellectual clarity of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine will have been a major contributor to it.' -AhdafSoueif, author of The Map of Love 'Fresh insights into a world historic tragedy, related by a historian of genius.' -George Galloway MP 'Han Pappe is out to fight against Zionism, whose power of deletion has driven a whole nation not only out of its homeland but out of historic memory as well.


rapport israpartheid 58%

rapport israpartheid Palestine and the Israeli Occupation, Issue No.