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graph 100%

graph parameters=c(B0 = 200, C0 = 2, p = 6.3, a = 0.207, b = 0.063, f= 4, g = 25.2, k1 = 630,q = 1.8, n = 2 , e = 0.01, λ = 15, μ = 6.3 , m = 4, h1 = 1) state = c( C= 2, B= 200, X=0.1, Y=0.1 ) sysCont = function(t,state,parameters){ with(as.list(c(state,parameters)), { dC= e*(C0*λ/(1+h1*X^m)-μ*C) dB= e*(B0*λ/(1+h1*X^m)-μ*B) dX=p*a*(C-X)-b*X*(Y+f) dY=g*(B-Y)-(k1*Y*X^n)/(q^n+X^n) list(c(dC,dB,dX,dY)) }) } times = 1:120 sortie <- ode(y = state, times = times, func = sysCont, parms = parameters) X = out[, "X"] Y = out[, "Y"] plot(sortie, xlab = "time")


genetic-algorithm 88%

Nulliparous Abstract The objectives of this study were to provide new parameters to better understand labor curves, and to provide a model to predict the time to full cervical dilation (CD).


Kangaroo 86%

It automatically detects the direction, gain and system parameters of the attached motor and device.


ReportZ 84%

1.1.4 PSO parameters .


onduleur 5kva.PDF 83%

.12 º 300 Parameters . ... .13 301 Displaying Parameters .


The Mind Has No Firewall 80%

The Mind Has No Firewall PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 1998 The Mind Has No Firewall TIMOTHY L.


Effectiveness-of-the-MBT-shoe-in-terms-of-selected-joint-strain-parameters-in-overweight-persons 80%

Effectiveness of the MBT shoe in terms of selected joint strain parameters in overweight persons Effectiveness of the MBT shoe in terms of selected joint strain parameters in overweight persons while walking (Buchecker et al., 2010) Department of Sport Science and Kinesiology, University of Salzburg, Austria Authors:


French Market 80%

2 We also computed U and D parameters with the method of moments :



8 Selecting effects and adjusting the main parameters ................


DeKorvin systeme eval optique 2014 79%

– To determine the sensitivity and specificity of back surface topography parameters, with a view to detecting changes in the Cobb angle.


White Paper - Sleep 77%

PSG simultaneously and continuously records multiple physiological parameters throughout the night, giving clinicians an accurate sleep evaluation and diagnosis of sleep disorders (1).


Lidar topographie 71%

When using satellite images two parameters have to be considered:


how to estimate the VaR under incomlete information 71%

In the present contribution, we show how this is possible for the Value at Risk, by fixing only a small number of parameters of the underlying probability distribution.


mc68hc11e 71%

parameters can and do vary in different applications.



The obtained results show that parameters of removal efficiency were 97.69, 96, 90, 82.11 and 89.30 % of nitrate (NO3--N), dissolved chemical oxygen demand (COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), total phosphorus (TP-P) and total Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN-N) respectively when the system was operated at optimal conditions;


penguin 69%

The pressures involved can be approximated if the following parameters are known:


DxDiag 69%

DX Setup Parameters: User DPI Setting:


Tutorial8 68%

What dimensionless parameters would you use to organize these data?


Holpp CTF Research Agritechnica2011 Forum 66%

pflanzenbaulichen Parametern, Arbeits- und Betriebswirtschaft Harvester Spreader • Comparison of conventional and CTF no-till method Sprayer • Exact field trial • Standard track width, low tyre pressure • Examination of soil and plant parameters, work economics and economics


IJRET20140310020 66%

Parameters like return loss and insertion loss were considered as main parameters and then the designs were optimized to achieve the best possible return loss and insertion loss.


Microsoft PowerPoint - 1 RCM INTRODUCTION Final 66%

The key to production • Reservoir model definition (Why a reservoir model ?) • Example of history matching from a reservoir model • Specificity of reliable cellular models • Dynamic simulation to reduce reserves uncertainties • Simples rules modeling for optimal Cellular models • Example of geological model • Example of field • Image parameters an hydrocarbon field • Definition of a cellular model Objectives • Objectives of your company • The reservoir engineer’s job • Integrated reservoir studies:


PaulBriard-2012-MFTP-Agadir 65%

The analysis of the spots permits to measure particles parameters.


IUST-v10n4p324-en 65%

According to its nominal value operational point, necessary parameters for the generator is extracted.


Instructions 64%

Main  screen       Add a cam Control and alarm indicator for relevant camera Delete cam or update cams order Access to relevant cam configuration Snapshot (rounded corners) or Video (right corners) Touch image to go to video screen   Pull down to refresh if necessary Access to app general parameters Set alarm on for all