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100% - PaulBriard 2012 DH Miami

The interferences between the waves generated by each particle can be recorded by a camera. 18/01/2015

99% - PaulBriard 2012 LS Lisbon

The spot at the center of the spectrum corresponds to the fringes with low spatial frequency formed by interference between the reflected and refracted light signal scattered by each particle. 18/01/2015

98% - PaulBriard 2011 Optics Express

Ray, “Effect of inter-particle interactions on evaporation of droplets in a linear array,” J. 18/01/2015

98% - PaulBriard 2012 Applied Optics

The analyses of these spots (in position and shape) potentially allow the measurement of particle characteristics (3D relative position, particle diameter and particle refractive index value). 18/01/2015

98% - Cours Hubbad06

Operators o The number operator o Many particle configurations o  Normal Ordering Convention Hubbard Model: 27/02/2012

97% - PhysRevA.84.023844

published 26 August 2011) By considering the interaction between whispering-gallery modes of a spherical resonator and a subwavelength polarizable particle, we demonstrate that spatial confinement of the electromagnetic field dramatically changes the character of the optical forces exerted. 31/08/2011

97% - ReportZ

ReportZ Abstract Continuous and discrete version of the classic particle swarm optimization algorithm are presented and compared. 13/09/2014

97% - Nouveau document texte (3)

Nouveau document texte (3) The Royal Swedish Academy of Science has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2013 to François Englert from Belgium and Peter W.Higges, Scotland for the theoretical discovery of a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles, and which recently was confirmed through the discovery of the predicted fundamental particle, by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. 05/04/2014

96% - 2017 Lifting options for BALLON stratospheric aerosol

Criteria for particle choice are discussed, including the need to minimize or prevent ozone destruction. 29/05/2017

93% - Reimagining space and the pilot wave

We could say that it has more particle movement per second in relation from outside the system. 24/12/2017

92% - Surgical masks Walid Negla

- Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) test : 02/04/2020

90% - sons par radars

2175 0195.927U96/12(~2175509,5010© 1996 Plenum Publishing Corporation 2176 Li Due to the interation between the EMW and the AW on the large numbers of particles and particle clouds in air supporting and on the interface of two mediums, such as window glass, rough surface, etc, the speech signals can be received without any monitor mounted in T H E ANY NEEDED M O N I T O R I A L PLACE. 19/09/2011

89% - Holographic Noise in Interferometers

energy particle energy ~1016 TeV Quantum particle size Particle confined to Planck volume makes its own black hole Craig Hogan, Purdue Colloquium, March 2010 3 Two ways to study small scales CERN and Fermilab particle colliders rip particles into tiny pieces —tiny, but not small enough Interferometers may sense nonlocal jitter from the wave character of spacetime Craig Hogan, Purdue Colloquium, March 2010 4 Quantum limits on measuring event positions Spacelike-separated event intervals can be defined with clocks and light But transverse position measured with frequency-bounded waves is uncertain by the diffraction limit, L" 05/09/2011

87% - RapportMD

Contents 1 Classic Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms 1.1 Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization . 12/09/2014

87% - Interchim Blog Halo2 Flyer ITM 0914

HALO 2 UHPLC columns have all of the advantages of sub-2 µm non-core particle columns and will deliver 300,000 plates per meter efficiency (higher than existing non-core sub-2 µm columns). 29/09/2014

86% - A scientific journey through Europe

In France there are a lot site to study particle physics. 13/02/2014

83% - final report

This method relies on the so called gradient force attracting particles toward the beam focal point if the particle has the higher refractive index than surrounding medium. 26/06/2017

82% - ギリシャ語 時制と相と態

分詞タイプ Particle Type (副詞と分詞のタイプは同一) 変化しない言葉 変化しない言葉は以下のフィールドを持っている: . 19/12/2013